Dears, i want to give you a surprise, now when this year is over. The first chapter from the book i wrote about the transformations of our bodies. The book's title is "Re-create your body with the power of your mind. How to transform your body in 30 days" and the author is Adir, my twin flame from Pleiades. Will appear in January and you can buy it. Will be in ebook first and if the book will be a succes then I will wrote to a foreign publishing house to make it paperback or hardcover. Thank you all, i love you and i wish you all the best, 2016 is the best year for everyone! 

Here we go. 

ADIR, I want to discuss about our physical body. I have a few questions for you. What is the physical body?

Physical body is your vehicle. You receive it when you incarnate on Earth. It`s like a layer that exists inside your soul. When you are born and receive this body you know all of this, but in time you forget and you torture it. The body is also energy. An extraordinary powerful energy and if you use it with great love and thrust it can offer you an extraordinary life also. The energy of your body is interconnected with the mind and it gives you precisely what you are thinking. Physical body is matter. You can transform your physical body the way that you want. This is also the reason for getting old. Because you know that you are going to get old. How would it be if you didn`t know this? How would it be if you forget this? Children doesn`t know that they are growing old and they become so beautiful. But you keep telling that they will grow old. Until they are teenagers they know only one thing. They know they are growing. Adults know that they are getting old. They expect it. And the body listens what the mind says.

So we are function on the basis of what we know. This is very interesting. Then we should know nothing.

Now you understand why it`s better not to know your previous lives? You knew to much and have nothing to discover. This is why you came to earth to discover yourselves. To find out who you are. Yes, you are functioning on the basis of what you know. The mind says that it knows everything. And maybe it`s true in some way. But it knows everything in an absurd way. The mind knows that humans are growing up, they become adults and then they are growing old. Soul knows that he always grows. He`s never gets old. He is immortal. This is why he is enjoying every experience. The mind knows that at some point will dye. It cannot find joy rather then what it serves it. It will be wonderful if you try to not know what you know. To be one with your Soul. You know that something may be impossible? What it would be like, if you didn`t know this and try to do that thing. The same thing is with the physical body. How would it be if you knew that he is in a continuous transformation? For example, you want to experience health. Or a different body. You want to be beautiful. Green eyes. Blondes, brunette etc. Do you think something may not work?

Well, we were taught that God gave us a body and we cannot change it. And I think it`s impossible to change something that`s coordinated by someone else.

So you think that this body is being coordinated by God?

So I learned. Society told us so. That God leads our lives so by default he has power over our body.

If so, how do you explain the fact that the children are growing and the adults are getting old? You don`t say to a child that he is getting old. He only grows. But adults are saying they are getting old because it`s the human nature. Take a look at animals. They only live. Even if they are getting old they doesn`t look old. Except that their vital energy is getting low. Otherwise everything is perfect. Dear ones, God does not leads your body. You are. You are poisoning yourselves. It`s your property. As you take care of your things, it`s important to take care of your body. You have this body so you can experience life on Earth. He loves you a lot. But most of the time you don`t listen. Although He`s alive, He speaks. Your internal and external organs can wait to talk to you. Hoping that maybe some day you will listen. Your senses always speaks to you. Defending yourself from danger. It protects you. But you don`t listen, you ignore it. You are not pleased at all. You always complain about your body.

So we are the owners of our body.

Yes. And you don`t even know about the treasures you have inside you. Your body is a treasure! Through your physical body you can travel, you can do your job or business, you can exist here on Earth. And he only asks to take care of him. Sometimes he cries because you are exhausting him. He loses vitality when you don`t care about him. He cries like every being.

But why we don`t care about him? What would be the reason? I don`t understand. There are many who are struggling. They struggle with their bodies and with their life. Why do we do so?

From being unconscious. Because you don`t know. Here you don`t know this things. It`s interesting that you accept the fact that you are growing old, you know that you are getting old, it`s the human nature, but you don`t know that your body needs your attention. You don`t know this things until you get sick. Only then you start to pay attention to your body and take care of his needs. Untill then you act like he is a stranger. As if it`s not yours. You always look at others and judge their appearances, but when it comes to your body you do nothing. People that comes in your way and you don`t like, are a sign that you have to pay more attention to you body. If you are complaining about a person`s body it`s a sign that you don`t love your body.

This is very important to know! Instead of knowing that you are getting old it`s better to know that you have a body that needs your attention, your caring and love.

Say to yourself this words everyday: “I love my body, it`s wonderful and perfect as it is. I liste to it`s needs and I know what I have to do in this matter. I`m pouring infinite and pure love into my dear body and I am hi`s best friend.

Our body speaks to us through it`s simptomes. This is why we are getting ill.

That`s right. Illness is lack of enery. When you get sick your vital energy decreases. It doesn`t flow through you anymore. You stop the energy. Through your thoughts, feelings and words. It`s very important to know that you could have a very good health, if you take care of yourselves. First of all if you give vital energy to your body. Then food, that also transforms into energy. Then purifying the body (washing your body). Then rest, could be relaxation of the body or sleep. You could also meditate every day and exercise. Offer good thoughts and love to your body (positive emotions).

I want to ask you about sleep. Why is it so important?

Sleep means charging the physical body with energy. This is vital energy. In 3rd and 4th dimension you need to sleep in order to charge your battery or your physical bodies with vital energy. But starting from 5th dimension you could recharge yourseves completely in 2 hours. You won`t sleep so much. One or two hours will be enough. Here on Earth you need to sleep because of the mental and physical activities that you do. Beacause of the stress. You lose a lot of energy when you have negative thoughts and emotions and you become extremely tired. If you live in joy and happiness you wouldn`t lose so much energy. Because positive energy remains in your physical body. And it flows continuously. But the negative energy is destructive, that`s why when you are angry, nervous, fearful, having a bad mood, you lose a lot of positive energy. The negative energy simply covers your body and you become tired and stressed.

I would like talk about the needs of the physical body from the energetic point of view. First of all you said that we need vital energy. Can you please detail.

You are Divine beings in a material form. You need vital energy. Only so you can live in a material form. As long as this vital energy flows through you and it`s not being stopt by your physical mind you are healty and you feel good. But when you start to worry, to get upset, to feel bad you turn off the vital energy to flow through you. It simply stops. Then you begin to feel pain. To feel bad. And you physical and mental state is down. Then you wonder why you are so tired.

How can we access this vital energy?

Through awareness. Know that just like breathing air, you also breathe vital energy. Begin to breathe. You can also absorb this energy through meditation. Meditate at least one time on a day and feel the flowing of the vital energy through your body. You will feel much better. Revitalized. More healthy.

Your vital energy si permanently available. Just like the air you breathe. Be aware of this. When you are upset, stop and ask yourseves: what is the point? Anyway I am a Divine beaing and I have vital energy non-stop. I can create anything. I can trtansform anything. I can transform this sadness into joy.” You can close your eyes and visualize how vital energy flows through your body. It is that easy and true.

You said something about food. It becomes energy too. So how should we feed?

The food that you eat is just as you perceive it to be. You`ve been told from the shop that it`s fool of chemicals and it`s bad for your body and you are still going to eat it, althought you know it`s bag for you. But you think you don`t have other option. Or you like to eat like that.  The truth is that the food is just as you perceive it to be. When you eat, try not to think that it`s fool of chemicals. Just feel what you are feeling. If you feel better emotionally when you eat it, it`s good for you. If not, then it`s bad for you. You can make a list with the food that you eat, and see what is good for you and what is badfor you. It doesn`t make any sense to eat the food that makes you feel bad, because the energy from that food will transform into a negative energy for you. Some people are saying that meat is bad, because is from a living being. Others are saying that is good, having proteins and it`s healthy. You are all right. If you are saying that meat is bad for you and you`r still going to eat it you will have an inner conflict. So, you know that is bad for you but you still eat it, just beacause you like the taste. Or you start to change your percepsion about it. Or you stop eating it. The point is that you have to feel good when you are eating. To enjoy your food. To be present in that moment. And that food will transform into positive energy.

So there is no such thing as good or bad food. It all depends on how you perceive it to be.

That`s right! That`s why there are people who feels good when they are eating certain food and there are people who feel bad eating the same food. It all depends on the perception that you have about the food. If you feel bad about the meat when you are eating it, you will experience the same feeling, bad. It`s not necessary to feel your stomach ill after every meal that you think it`s bad for you. But you can feel tired, nervous, stressed. This thing happens because of the energy you gave the food when you are chewing it. You can change that if you are changing the perception about the food. If you like the taste, enjoy it. If you think about the chemicals, that is bad for you, that others says that is bad, it`s affecting your body.

Now let`s turn to the purification of the physical body. You said that washing the body is purifying it. Can you give us a few detalies about it.

That`s right. When you wash yourselves you purify your physical body. Water is a great purifier. On a dailey base you have moments when you stop the vital energy,  and you fill yourselves with negative energies or energies from other people. Some people can draw your energy without you even realize it. And they do it unconsciosly. For example, when you are fighting with someone you lose your vital energy. Everytime you get mad you lose vital energy, and so on. Everytime you are using negative emotion you also lose vital energy. It simply stops and doesn`t go on. So it`s very important to purify your body everyday. When you are taking a shower you can imagine how the water is purifying all the negative emotions and revitalize your body. It`s important for the body to clear negative emotions. Beside the physical body you also have an etheric body. This body contains 7 chakras, I`m sure that you heard or read about it. The etheric body is close connected to physical body. That`s why any disease or dysfunction starts on the etheric body. Where the positive energy is missing. And you have a lot af negative energy.

A sick body part can heal through love? How can we feel the love?

Of course it can! You can heal everything through love. How do you feel it? By having a tremendous joy. You can feel the love and you can share it. When you feel the love, you feel hudge waves of warmth  in your body, euphoric. You feel like hugging. You whant to share. Words, messages, kisses, hugs. Anything. That is love. When you are sick you can heal yourself by sending love to the sick body part. Feel that you love so much that part of the sick body. You can talk to your sick body. You can say how much you love it. You can say beautiful words. Also pay attention to what you are feeling. Be aware. Surley you`ll be able to heal.

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  • Hello madam Please publish Your book in AMAZON kindle 


  • Hello madam Please publish Your book in AMAZON kindle 


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