Getting those killer face cuts or Plumping up a Gaunt face

some people think you only have to loose fat from your face to get face cuts like movie stars. While thats true but sometimes it results in gaunt face that aint that attractive. 


To get those cuts you need to have proper distribution of fat on your face. Its really surprising how much a person can change his looks like this. Take my word on it. It also depends on your features how you want to fill up your face. If you have a big nose, fill up your face enough it will make your nose look smaller. if you have sharp features you need to burn that fat on your face in  a proper way to get cuts.


Its really not that big a deal. FOCUS is the key here. You need to focus strongly on your cheeks and in few seconds or maybe a minute or so you can start feeling that tingling sensation. Now once you are certain you are feeling it its upto you where you want to take it. Be certain it will happen. It depends on your thinking. If you connect this tingling sensation to plumping , your face will become fuller and vice versa. 


You can make yourself look cute or hot or hot and cute at the same time. depends on how you manage to fill your face. 


If your focus is strong you can do it in hours. 


People with gaunt faces i assure you this is the solution to your problem. you just need to stay positive and not being concerned about your face as its your deep concern and constant checking your self thats creating problem for you . You are simply chanelling negative energy and you need to convert that into positive. i declare this with 100% certainty. You do not need silicon fillings or anything.


if you have any questions , any doubts. feel free to ask me .. 


For chubby people who cant reduce it from their face. I assure you , you just have to do the opposite of what people with gaunt faces are doing.


You need face cuts you need to distribute fat on your face properly. Its upto your imagination how you want it and do it. 


Similarly for girls. they can grow their boobs bigger the same way and for male gynecomastia sufferers, they can reduce it.


Since this is spot gain and spot reduction. you can do it to any other part of your body aswell .. 


have fun... 


Oh and yes i have done it .. no question about it ..









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    • I mean it's the thing secret always says... Whatever you believe is what will happen...
    • Very true :)

  • Could this work with anything? Say if I connect the tingling with bone reshaping of sorts. Or if I was focusing on my eyes and connected it to eye color change would it work?

  • Oh man... I killed the ease.. I should delete my comments now ;) Kidding.

  • Chris, you know it man.


    you are right about the nose thing, but since fat is easier to burn or bring and it seems much plausible to starters that why i mentioned it. 


    Also it was a hint of how you can play with your face ;)

  • you said to make nose smaller make fill up your face, I think the same thing works for nose, no? just concentrate on nose and reduce it?

  • This is so true, I remember doing this even before you posted this thing here. You do feel tingling, I wanted cheekbones to be higher and there was indeed slight change, even though I did it just once... I guess this is genuine key to everything, you have to move energy like that and it will work. E=MC^2 ;)

  • it must. (i am not sure if there is fat in lips, if there is then it simply must)

    try doing it after you have eaten something coz that way you know it has to go somewhere and instead of going straight on your belly focus it coming on the lips. although there is no connection between the two. its only to speed up the process for you pyschologically.


    the only thing standing between it being permanent or not is your belief. If someone says its not lasting. its because he/she is always fearful its going to return to that previous stage. 


    Think of it like this. You always had plump lips. something happened and they were less plumpier and you did that through your thinking. Now you have to return to your original state i.e plump lips. In other words you were applying LOA in a negative way and now you have to apply it in a positive way. 

    Negative way= Less plump lips

    Positive way= plump lips



  • Hey thanks for posting this :)
    So if i wanted plump lips do i focus on my lips or the place where i want the fat to be directed FROM?And is this permanent?once-off?
This reply was deleted.