Inspired by Ruby Lopez's recent thread, thought this might be a good idea.

Part of the reason why physical change is often hard (though it's achievable, there are many success stories on this site alone) is lack of support. This thread will help remedy that! Plus it should get rid of that fear some people have, as you'll have someone focusing on your change without fear (and giving you support).

Post the physical change you want. Others will quote and focus their thoughts on it happening. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't work on the change yourself too, just you'll have someone helping you! Plus it'll give your extra motivation to continue, knowing someone else is trying for you too. You could also visualise that person you are helping to post success.

In order for this to work, I think you should describe what you want in sufficient detail. And the person helping you should ideally keep it up too every day. For a period of a month maybe, that sounds good? Guess it is up to you, but I would think it better for it to be every day for a significant time period. Doesn't need to be a long time to focus on it. I'd also recommend doing a few at a time too, e.g. maybe five. Though obviously not so many you can't handle.

In summary

- Post your desired physical change. Be specific so easier for someone else to imagine it

- Quote others that you will help you manifest it (I'd suggest maybe 5 at a time? Could go higher or lower)

- Work on manifesting (aligning your thoughts, visualising it) every day for a chosen time period (a month or maybe a few weeks to start off). For both your physical change, and for others

- Post success when it happens!

So yeah, let's start! :)

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  • I support you in this I used to be 5 feet 9 and wanted to be taller am now 5 feet 10
  • I want to change myself completely to look just like Kianna Lynnae. I have to change my skin tone, face shape, nose, eyes, lips, hair texture. Eveerything. I want to look exactly like her. I know it might take a long time, but im willing to wait.

  • I want to lose all my weight and become physically fit. 

  • You so are!!!! Gosh I love your height!!!! Jellyyyy

    • riche777,

      you have grown an inch with LOA just be consistent, if others did it we can too girlie

  • Rizhe, 

    same here I would love to be 5'8 heck I am 5'8 in my vibrational reality ...

  • Awesome idea!
  • Ok I will say my physical change. I'm a guy and I'm 5'7 and would like to be 5'11. I've also been visualising growing slowly, i.e. growing an inch first, so maybe focus on that. I also aim to see change in a month from now.

  • Awesome first Participant! I will take you up.

    Say whether you're a girl or guy perhaps, will make it easier to visualise. So Rizne777, I will visualise you as taller (and you should do also at the same time).

    • I support you in this as I have belief in this as I grew 1 inch
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