As others are doing I'm trying to grow taller. But I'm stuck in finding a way to do it and stick with it. I feel when I engage in a routine.

I have these three things at my disposal, a short subliminal, a longer hypnosis track, and a bar to hang on.

I find when I meditate and imagine myself taller I find it hard to stick with it every day. Because it often makes me more miserable, I'm aware of my current state and it plays more on my mind. Thus it's incredibly hard to keep the practice up. The longer the meditation generally the more effective i can visualise but long meditation periods are hard for me, they make me restless, and as I said if I keep doing them repeatedly, it takes a toll and sinks me into a bad mood until I eventually stop.

Any advice?

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  • Cease the long meditation periods for now. Instead, gradually increase the length of your meditations until they are as long as you'd like without them taking too great a toll on you.


    Evelyn Black

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