I'm growing taller but I'm having a few problems

I've set out a goal to grow taller. While I can meditate and go deep, and control the energy through my body to feel like I'm growing taller, I'm having trouble with a few things.

I'm finding it difficult to visualise the taller body. And to keep my attention on it. While I can visualise myself in detail, it's hard to keep the size in my visualisation constant (which is my purpose).

The other issue is that when I'm in public, I do tend to get disheartened that I'm not as tall as I'd like to be. It's difficult to ignore as it's right in front of me, difficult to block out or not get disheartened from. This also tends to mess up my motivation for a while, which isn't helpful.

Anyone suggest any ideas or advice? I'd like to hear people's thoughts and opinions on this.

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  • Ella 

    I've been listening to Abraham for over a year continuously...I know I am obsessed with what is.....or what ism as she likes to call it but I have sooo much resistance built in me..because its my biggest desire..so i think I most definitely need to work on acceptance first and then shift my energy on feeling tall. because quite honestly every time I try get into the vibration of feeling tall and I see someone taller I feel like I get thrown back in my short body like a punch in the face

    • I kind of know what you mean. I see myself in the mirror sometimes, and it completely throws my energy off. I repeat Abra in my head when that happens. "It's not about the reality" Just because you can't see it yet doesn't mean it's not there.

      If this is happening and you're not shifting your thoughts to knowing where you are vibrationally...perhaps you do need to work on acceptance..perhaps then it won't have such an emotional effect. Perhaps read short people appreciation posts. That helps me feel better. Perhaps, first, focus on looking in the mirror everyday, or when you feel your shortests, and say "I love my height." < I did that, too.I would always repeat "

      all that stuff basically..."I am okay..my body is fine...I love and appreciate it."was able to cure a lot of my feelings. like Kahu says, build another habit. switch your frame to believe that growth spurts are normal and common and can happen to you and will...because it's always natural. that's all I've got...hope I've helped a little.

    • YEs, 

      according to Abraham you have got to make piece with where you are right now..even Bashar says you have to acknowledge your current beliefs because they are part of you...by gently acknowledging them you neutralize them. watch his brick wall beliefs videos. so I think you need to work on acceptance as well ...because I feel like you are not okay with where you are right now. I find that it helps to write down what you love about yourself and also come up with reasons as to why its good to be short like...for example I look much younger than I actually am..or that you look extra feminent ...I love Scarlet Johanson and shes only 5'3 so there you go 

  • I think everybody should listen to Abraham Hicks. When I first heard of this person, I thought they were just a sham, spouting a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but honestly Abra has given the most helpful advice lately.

    Tell the story that you want to be true. (when you say "this is hard" "I have a block here" that is what you're manifesting. do your best to just focus on feeling good)

    Do not focus on reality, now or in the future. Don't worry about being tall. Focus on feeling tall, that is all. The vibration is what matters.

    It's hard to explain this to you so you fully understand. I didn't understand until I had some more experience. Knowledge can't be gifted; it has to be earned.

    I'm no expert. this here ^ is more of just try it maybe....see if it works...maybe it could

  • Didn't karma do this?
  • So do these thoughts just automatically go away with time. I've found these thoughts to be the hardest thing to get over. Not only does it sort of disrupt your regular meditation procedure, but when you do it when you've had those discouraging thoughts (i.e. you feel short), it disrupts with the meditation, makes me frustrated and in that state very hard to do the meditation properly.

    The image visualising I guess gets better with practice, but I'm finding it difficult. I can feel myself  growing taller when I meditate. My body sort of expands, it feels very real. Even my legs feel elongated and I feel a bit wobbly getting up and walking straight after meditating as a result (until I readjust). But when that's happening, find it difficult to keep a clear image of what I want to be in my head and keep it there.

  • everyone feel it in the beginning, it's normal, you will need to deal with it.

  • Hard to do as a guy though with the heels part. I'd feel a little embarrassed if I wore heels or lifts (I'd worry about someone noticing). Silly perhaps, but I would be lying if I said I was comfortable with it.

    I do walk around in slippers (that have a base) in my room a bit though to get that feeling sometimes.

    • have you tried dr martens? boots or the one that come up to your ankles have heels that don't look like pumps. it adds at least an inch to your height.

    • haha I remember this from a seinfeld episode when George Costanza used them to compensate for his height. I guess I could give it a try. My shoes that I wear for sport are a bit higher as they're cushioned, so I guess I could try wearing those in public a bit.

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