I'm growing taller but I'm having a few problems

I've set out a goal to grow taller. While I can meditate and go deep, and control the energy through my body to feel like I'm growing taller, I'm having trouble with a few things.

I'm finding it difficult to visualise the taller body. And to keep my attention on it. While I can visualise myself in detail, it's hard to keep the size in my visualisation constant (which is my purpose).

The other issue is that when I'm in public, I do tend to get disheartened that I'm not as tall as I'd like to be. It's difficult to ignore as it's right in front of me, difficult to block out or not get disheartened from. This also tends to mess up my motivation for a while, which isn't helpful.

Anyone suggest any ideas or advice? I'd like to hear people's thoughts and opinions on this.

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    • what kind of stretchings are you doing? I also suggest jumping and hanging on a chin-up bar. 

    • Cycling, elliptical.

      Also a bit of light weights to correct my posture.

  • try wearing shoes that are heeled or maybe try putting lifts inside your standard shoes--creating the illusion that you're taller so you'll start believing it! 

  • I am a bit taller recently, maybe an inch or so (or just over half an inch, not a lot), but honestly I just think that was from stretching, as I upped by exercise recently, and corrected my posture a bit. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes my legs hurt, and they feel stretched. Still, it's early days with this routine, I spent quite a lot of time reading up and researching till I've found something I'm happy with.

    • My english is not good but I want to say this: Don't do stretching exercises, because are not permanent. If you stop them you lose your height increase. Also, stretching exercises don't increase arms and legs. Only increase your back.

      Also, I Want to say this: When We wake up, we are one or two inches higher and then lose those inches. You must measure yourself at night before sleep.

    • I wanted to say this exacly like John Martin, though one thing is not true,

      You should not measure YOURSELF After you wake or, AND BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP!

      You want to be measuering bemiddle of the day, i wouls say 3 hours after you wake up.

      The reason you should not measure before sleep is because when your up all day, the spine will be compressed, which is not your real height.

    • Yeah I know that, I've been measuring at the same time at night :). Whatever time I measure, just best to be consistent and I've chosen the night. I don't think I've added height via my legs, that's just how it feels when I meditate and after. In order to achieve my goal, I'll have to add height in my legs, and adding in my legs is easier to visualise than taking the body as a whole.

      I don't do stretching exercises to build height, I did them to correct my posture (which probably makes sense the change has happened in my back). The increasing height part is done via meditation and visualisation. I don't think doing stretching exercises along side are harmful. If anything they do give a feeling of being taller in the actual physical world. Though still this pales in comparison what I'm able to feel during the meditation.

    • One thing I would say is the way I'm trying to go about it is pretty practical. Meditating every day, visualising. Exercise and correcting posture is a good way to get yourself in the state to grow taller. Keeps you balanced, allows your body to be focused on physical action. Also it's often easier to meditate when you're exercising regularly. Even meditation after exercise and/or shower is easier.

      I'm not so much into the gratitude thing as much as most are on this forum. I just don't find it natural to be grateful about everything in my life. Find it weird, and it eventually irritates me. Instead I try to be balanced and calm. Accept things, don't get too attached, and focus on improvement. I visualise my body growing taller and at the height that I will be. To get into that state you need to relax, slow down your breathing and make it deep. And then naturally when you get into such a relaxed state and you can feel the sensations of growing or feeling taller, you're happy anyway, in a calm, relaxed way.

    • What is your age?

  • I feel exactly the same way.....have you gained anything so far?

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