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Hi guys, I spend a lot of time on one conspiracy site, Abovetopsecret. Yesterday one thread appeared. Very interesting one.One guys supposedly offended some person (witch) by saying that magic is not real at all. That person proved him that he was wrong in return and turned him into woman.

There are other 2 people who have experience with witchcraft, and they provided him with two techniques for changing physical appearance. It pretty much cooperates with everything we've learned here so far.

Check this topic out:


Here is first one:



Sit in a place you will not be disturbed, close your eyes if it helps.
Direct your attention to the parts on your skin which have hair, and the parts that do not. There will be a very subtle difference between how they each feel. (and how each type of hair feels if you really start to pay attention)
Once you have the feeling of 'hairy', paint it where you want it to go. Don't try and force it, be gentle.
Ask you body how 'more hairy' feels (on your head ONLY) and it will show you. Trust it, it is here to help you.
If there is any resistance, ask your body what this is...and it WILL tell you where it is coming from by bringing a memory / song / thought (or even a sodding hair care advert sometimes) to the forefront of your mind. This will lead you to the belief that is holding you back (and in all likelihood what caused your hair to receed in the first place).
The beliefs you hold onto define your world inside and out. These beliefs can come from outside as well...the aforementioned advert for example, or a doctors affirmations that the placebo you just took is real.
Once you conciously look at this belief you can decide whether it is true or not FOR YOU. If it is no longer true then just acknowledge that you once held it as true but it no longer is and let it fade away.
Now, paint away and repeat until you get the results you want... smile.gif

--> Finish<--

There is just one warning, please practice on somewhere small first, a patch on your arm or chest. Once you can repeatedly get results there only then move onto your head. Coz if you go at it like a bull in a china shop and make a mistake you could turn completely bald (which may not be a problem depnding on your current state).


Second one:

from Frank Herbert's Children of Dune
"To learn patience in the Bene
Gesserit Way, you must begin by recognizing the essential, raw instability of
our universe. We call nature -- meaning this totality in all of its
manifestations -- the Ultimate Non-Absolute. To free your vision and permit you
to recognize this conditional nature's changing ways, you will hold your two
hands at arm's length in front of you. Stare at your extended hands, first the
palms and then the backs. Examine the fingers, front and back. Do it."
Farad'n complied, but he felt foolish. These were his own hands. He knew
"Imagine your hands aging," Jessica said. "They must grow very old in your
eyes. Very, very old. Notice how dry the skin . . ."
"My hands don't change," he said. He already could feel the muscles of his
upper arms trembling.
"Continue to stare at your hands. Make them old, as old as you can imagine.
It may take time. But when you see them age, reverse the process. Make your
hands young again -- as young as you can make them. Strive to take them from
infancy to great age at will, back and forth, back and forth."
"They don't change!" he protested. His shoulders ached.
"If you demand it of your senses, your hands will change," she said.
"Concentrate upon visualizing the flow of time which you desire: infancy to age,
age to infancy. It may take you hours, days, months. But it can be achieved.
Reversing that change-flow will teach you to see every system as something
spinning in relative stability . . . only relative."
"I thought I was learning patience." She heard anger in his voice, an edge
of frustration.
"And relative stability," she said. "This is the perspective which you
create with your own belief, and beliefs can be manipulated by imagination.
You've learned only a limited way of looking at the universe. Now you must make
the universe your own creation. This will permit you to harness any relative
stability to your own uses, to whatever uses you are capable of imagining."

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  • Wow great i would like to regrow my hair as well . i have been loosing hair as well . want to get them back
  • I tried .... she just said she'll make a new thread when she's certain the technique is effective and won't harm people. Honestly, Shipra/Guiding Ray is much more helpful.


  • Has anyone attempted to contact KayA1, the person who offered help to manturnedintogirl?  I can't pm her, as I am new to ATS.  If she really can help, she would be a great person to get in touch with.  Too bad ATS is so bent on making sure only people with a lot of activity can contact each other..  It sure makes things hard :(
  • Yes, she did turn him into lady.

    No, it was other person who was experiencing hair loss.

    Well, this may not have anything to do with LOA :). But it is very similar. LOA does not cooperate with Chi. Magick/chakras/etc. all cooperate with force Chi, which is a natural energy force within us. What that witch did was that she/he used chi force to alter one's appearance. Many call it biokinesis, Biokinesis is using Chi force to alter others and yourself. It may be used to heal yourself or others, or to makes changes in your body. Apparently it works for altering other people's appearance as well.

    • I know it's possible, but isn't our plane of existence a bit dense to be able to do that? It would require massive amounts of energy.
    • I like one sentence from that thread:

      and i do not charge anything for this information (and my help if requested) as i believe it is something that has been hidden in an attempt to make humanity small....and that just pisses me off.












      sorry, message messed up.

      I believe we have high potential and big power, but our power has been forgotten over many thousands of years. IMO it was rediscovered by TPTB but hidden from us, so they could be in control over us. They are constantly dumbing us down through media. Also, major religions played big role in controlling people, since they were calling these things dangerous. satanistic,etc.  For example christianity is against meditation, or yoga,which have many benefits for our body and spirit, not to mention that meditation unlocks our powers.

      Anyways, person that changed that guy into girl may have had many years practice of doing magick. He may be able to regulate his Chi, and gain as much as he needs to perform such things.

      And to your question: Dont forget that everything is an illusion.

    • But is really the media to blame? Or religion? I don't think people would let themselves be led behind the light if they didn't, on some level, allow themselves to be. The majority of people seem content on having certain structures ready for them and information "fed" to them so that they wont have to reflect on it themselves, which would take some time and soul-searching and there's just no time for that..

      Some christian fundamentalists are against yoga for the same reason some hinduistic leaders has spoken out against christians teaching yoga, because it's part of the hinduistic faith. So stupid, if you ask me.. Prayer, meditation, call it what you will.. it's exactly the same concept! :/

    • You would be surprised how easy it is to be deceived. People can be very trusting, because they don't expect to be lied to. I've also found myself to believe certain things simply because someone I see as an authority figure told me that's the way it is. You have to be very aware all of the time not to fall for the lies, which can be difficult.


      It's true that it's comfortable for some people to not know. As they say, ignorance is bliss. I think that if it's part of your journey, you will find out the truth eventually. We all have different goals to achieve in our lifetime. Some simply aren't ready to know.


      Religion often starts out with good intentions, but it gets twisted and misunderstood over time. You can do whatever you want to, God won't hate you, because God can't hate you. 

    • Well put! :)
This reply was deleted.