Re-create your body using your inner power

Hello darlings. At least, the ebook "Re-create your body" is done. You can pre=order the ebook here: 

Pre-order Re-create your body using your inner power

Is almost free! Only 0.99 $ until 10 august. I make this because I wish to reach hundred of people around the world. Is priceless! Adir, my twin flame who is from Pleiades, helped me so much to understand life and understand me better. You can find out about your body and step by step how to re-create it. 

The ebook have exercises, tehniques, meditations, statements. 

I wish this ebook will change your life and your perspective about your body. Is a gift we receive from life. 

This ebook is unique in the world and with your help, in a short time maybe we will see this in bookstores, in paperback or softcover. 

I wish that! From the bottom of my heart! 

But I need to get at least 100.000 sales. 

Thank you very much! 

P.S. I let you here the cover and a short excerpt. 

Love you all! 6254016882?profile=originalRCYB-v01-pg%207-27front.pdf

RCYB-v01-pg 7-27front.pdf


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  • I didn't receive any emails... :(

  • I got an email saying within 48 hours I'd get sent the book.

    • Is that after you'd emailed them first? I don't believe i'd made an account though, so curious as to how they will send it too.

  • My order has been received and payment confirmed too. When will I get the copy of the book?

  • me too. 'on hold' on my account... when tge ebook will be available to download?
  • I haven't got my book yet. It says I don't have any pre orders but my account on that website and my PayPal said it went through it also says "on hold" .Any one else have similar issues? I've tried contacting their website but haven't heard anything yet.

    • I also bought it, and got a confirmation email, but I forgot to make an account. I just rebought it (99 cents isn't too much of a bother for me), made an account, but it says "On Hold" as well.

      ETA: the email I got says "Your order is on-hold until we confirm payment has been received. " I'm going to assume that this will fix itself during regular work hours. I'm gonna give it a day or so.
  • Will those who purchased the book get it as a pdf file?
  • When will he ebook be on amazon? Finally got a gift card
  • You will receive the ebook on 20 August 2016 if you make now the pre=order. 

This reply was deleted.