Reversing baldness

Hi guys, I have been reading about changing physical appearance quite a lot. What I am aiming for is fading my facial scar and regrowing hair back. This discussion however is going to be about stopping hair loss and regrowing hair back.

Can you suggest any methods on how could I regrow my hair back? There were people on the internet who had some kind of success in regrowing hair back, one using shamanism (I do not remember the forum name), another one on ABE forum, just by putting his intention, and another one by visualizing. Do you know any more specific detials, perhaps, on how could I achieve that? How would you regrow hair? Ou, and do you know about any other alternative methods, perhaps from East (Asia) on regrowing hair back? I read about nails rubbing,but heard it is fraud. Also about some yoga breathing exercises.


What are your thoughts?

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  • Thanks for your advices guys :).

    GR: I have problems visualizing, mainly constantnly and also feeling it. My problem is, that once something changes on me, I have a hard time remembering how I used to look like, even one day ago. It is kind of a brain block, or something :(.

    Miki: Aye, shampoos have sodium lauryl sulfte, which is known for irritating scalp. It damages hair focciles and causes hair loss. But I do not know if washing my hair more would get rid of the substance.

    Pansy: That is a cool book :), it is very encouraging. Mind really has a power over body. Unfortunately, if you look everywhere around you, you will see that everything is about profit. Even when restoring hair this way is possible, not many people know about this, and are mainly very sceptical about it, because of massmedia programming. Government would make way much more money through products than hypnosis, actually, if people knew about hypnosis (or meditation) and restoring hair/changing appearance that way, they would be doing it at home. It is a sad world we live in.

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