smaller feet,how?

Hello my dear people, I've been on this forum for several months now and I really appreciate the nice people here and I always feel encouraged after visiting this group. I know,a lot of techniques are presented in this group and I've read almost every single posts here but I still struggle a bit. I have the desire to shrink my feet which is very hard for me cause I hate them very much. I am tall, but very slender, so they look huuuge on me and like duck feet :( has anyone around here shrunken their feet, if yes, how?

I'm always trying to hide them and don't go swimming because of them cause I have the impression they'd destroy my whole figure.

It feels good to finally admit I am hating my feet, I usually never talk to someone about them^^

Lots of love


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  • Thanks a lot for your advice! I will try to do so :)
  •    You gotta change your mindset about your feet. Every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about them you got to believe your feet look nice. Once you truly believe this everything will fall into place.

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