Sounds like a bulletproof "method" to me!

Last week I asked my spirit guides during meditation to guide me through the easiest way to manifest bodily changes. I slowly started realizing stuff, and yesterday everything suddenly clicked for me (I have no doubt my prayers were answered!)

First, I realized the famous act as if method is just a tool not meant for everyone because it makes us so attached to the outcome, and that you don't necessarily have to look in the mirror! In fact, don't look at all or ignore/don't give a f about what's in there! Why would you pay minimal attention to something you no longer represent on a vibrational level?? Same with your thoughts!!! You don't have to deny/replace them every time your old body comes to mind!!! Just ignore them and say I don't care! It's like ignoring the pieces of what used to be, and allowing that new mental image to come to life! Can you imagine replacing your thoughts every time?? That would be exhausting and would be like trying to take control of your manifestation when that's not your job! Although it IS your job to be aware every time your mind goes into negative thinking about whatever, so you don't get dragged down by it! Do you understand the difference? Mental images of your old body is like looking into a mirror, you feel neutral about it/ignore it! Positive/negative thinking is what aligns you with your desired reality! Because THAT is the fuel you need to be a vibrational match! Feeling good and becoming a match is your ONLY job!!! But understand you don't need to feel happy all the time, I'm just saying don't fall into negative cycles and let happiness and relaxation flow naurally to you. It's all about flowing, you don't force anything. And here goes the second part..

Second, If all you need to manifest your desires is to be a vibrational match, why would you need to be reminding the universe every single time of what you want? (when thinking, NO, I'm not this, I'm this!!) The universe knows EXACTLY what you desire in perfect detail (if you are not clear on what you want then you need to work on that) Do you know exactly how you want your body to be? As I've read, this is extremely powerful as it is just ready to go from the invisible to visible! 

Now, how would YOU feel once you have it? If all those body changes will make you feel confident, generally happy about life and more social, then practice those feelings! You don't need to brainwash yourself to make you believe you're a certain way, believing you can do it and aligning is ENOUGH! When practicing those feelings, don't think you're feeling that way about your old body, you're already ignoring that! Just recreate those feelings without having a mental image! Think about it, if you really had what you want you wouldn't be saying every time "I have the body I want!" NO! You would be just generally happy and confident! This is being a vibrational match! That's why other things we've manifested without putting much attention have felt so efortless. If you feel manifesting is hard, you're doing it wrong! The only difficult part in my opinion is getting rid of deep rooted beliefs and "big" blocks, which is actually a stage before manifestation! 

Third, I'm pretty sure this is optional, but you can practice the feeling of having what you desire when you feel good, just ocassionally, when you feel like it. Maybe just picture in your mind what you want and feel how great it is to be that person, say it confidently with no doubt in mind. It's the feeling that matters, not the mental image. Visualization during a meditative state plays a role here too.

Yesterday I applied this for the first time and i felt incredibly CALM! And just generally happy. I felt sooo relaxed I cannot express it! I went through several pages on this group yesterday and found several stories that were basically what I explained! Manifesting deliberately shouldn't be hard!

I'd love to hear about what you think!

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    • If I may join in c:

      Go meditate for a bit. Just few deep breaths. Trust me this is important. Try to clear your mind, but don't worry if you can't. 

      Then, imagine yourself in all the situations your flirtatious friend was. Feel like him. Explore that feeling. Let go of your ego and your current state, embrace purely that feeling. 

      That's it :D 

    • YES!! It's exactly that, YOU interpret the feeling according to your imagination. 

    • I get that, but what I don't get is what I mentioned above. Everyone is like "To get what you want, you must feel like you already have it." How can I know what it feels like if I never had it or experienced it? That's been one of the most confusing things I see on almost daily basis since I got into LoA. I can try imagining what it feels like, but it may end up feeling completely different. If you never tried some certain food or haven't heard from anyone what it tastes like, you could only guess what it tastes like and you may think it's sweet but it's actually sour or bitter. When I was a kid, I didn't know what a grapefruit is, I just saw it as orange's big brother and thought it's as sweet as orange. And guess what it felt like to just take a massive slice of it and eat it whole in one bite. And in my imagination it tasted sweet. Get my point. I really don't want to be a party pooper, but that's one of the things that just didn't seem to fit in right for me ^-^'

    • You can also try Lucid dreaming. Or regular dream control.

    • The Awesome Bass 

      "I don't get is what I mentioned above. Everyone is like "To get what you want, you must feel like you already have it." How can I know what it feels like if I never had it or experienced it?"

      I was confused with this as well but with some further research into this I realized what they mean. When they say you must feel like you already have it, they mean what would you do and how would you act given that you already acquired your desire, in other words that feeling is generated after . Its way to general just focus on "feeling" , the more practical way would be, the feeling behind the feeling.For example fake it till you make it, means you act as if and focus on the feeling. Like if if you like playing tennis, imagine you already look the way you look and observe if your actions change...see if you feel more powerful, stronger, confident, what does that attribute awaken in you. 

  • Does this work for personality traits too? I used to know a guy that was a magnet for women, sex and all stuff related to that, pure natural walking sex and talent for women and all that kind of stuff, there would be too much to explain if I started. Anyway, I just know that I want to be/have even better than he is/has. What would be the process for that and how fast do you think it could manifest?

    Thanks in advance, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

  • I love your views bro! Keep at it!

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