Success Story From 'Holographic Universe'

Couldn't post this in The comments due to the 4000 words limit so.... lolTumors That Melt Like Snowballs on a Hot StoveUnderstanding the role such factors play in a placebo’s effectiveness is important, for it shows how our ability to control the body holographic is molded by our beliefs.Our minds have the power to get rid of warts, to clear our bronchial tubes, and to mimic the painkilling ability of morphine, but because we are unaware that we possess the power, we must be fooled into using it.This might almost be comic if it were not for the tragedies that often result from our ignorance of our own power.No incident better illustrates this than a now famous case reported by psychologist Bruno Klopfer. Klopfer was treating a man named Wright who had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. All standard treatments had been exhausted, and Wright appeared to have little time left. His neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin were filled with tumors the size of oranges, and his spleen and liver were so enlarged that two quarts of milky fluid had to be drained out of his chest every day.But Wright did not want to die. He had heard about an exciting new drug called Krebiozen, and he begged his doctor to let him try it. At first his doctor refused because the drug was only being tried on people with a life expectancy of at least three months. But Wright was so unrelenting in his entreaties, his doctor finally gave in.He gave Wright an injection of Krebiozen on Friday, but in his heart of hearts he did not expect Wright to last the weekend. Then the doctor went home.To his surprise, on the following Monday he found Wright out of bed and walking around. Klopfer reported that his tumors had “melted like snowballs on a hot stove” and were half their original size.This was a far more rapid decrease in size than even the strongest X-ray treatments could have accomplished. Ten days after Wright’s first Krebiozen treatment, he left the hospital and was, as far as his doctors could tell, cancer free. When he had entered the hospital he had needed an oxygen mask to breathe, but when he left he was well enough to fly his own plane at 12,000 feet with no discomfort.Wright remained well for about two months, but then articles began to appear asserting that Krebiozen actually had no effect on cancer of the lymph nodes. Wright, who was rigidly logical and scientific in his thinking, became very depressed, suffered a relapse, and was readmitted to the hospital. This time his physician decided to try an experiment. He told Wright that Krebiozen was every bit as effective as it had seemed, but that some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping. He explained, however, that he had a new highly concentrated version of the drug and could treat Wright with this.Of course the physician did not have a new version of the drug and intended to inject Wright with plain water. To create the proper atmosphere he even went through an elaborate procedure before injecting Wright with the placebo.Again the results were dramatic. Tumor masses melted, chest fluid vanished, and Wright was quickly back on his feet and feeling great. He remained symptom-free for another two months, but then the American Medical Association announced that a nationwide study of Krebiozen had found the drug worthless in the treatment of cancer. This time Wright’s faith was completely shattered.His cancer blossomed anew and he died two days later.24Wright’s story is tragic, but it contains a powerful message: When we are fortunate enough to bypass our disbelief and tap the healing forces within us, we can cause tumors to melt away overnight.In the case of Krebiozen only one person was involved, but there are similar cases involving many more people. Take a chemotherapeutic agent called cis-platinum. When cis-platinum first became available it, too, was touted as a wonder drug, and 75 percent of the people who received it benefited from the treatment. But after the initial wave of excitement and the use of cis-platinum became more routine, its rate of effectiveness dropped to about 25 to 30 percent.Apparently most of the benefit obtained from cis-platinum was due to the placebo effect.25

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  • Theses Physicists , if are the same i think already proved that matter is an illusion (is energy) and that mind can affect this energy and thus are making the "reality". But look what the stablishment are teaching in schools today yet , newtonian physics wich is the most outdated physics that "exist" ( my opinion)


    The entire system is a house of cards bases and biased in newton thinking ...wich is based in "external world" and matrealism. This is the reason why folks come here asking for proofs , because this is what are teached to them ,,,to look the outside words for proofs .


    The real moder physics in another hand ," teach"..."you see what you want to see". Wich is you believe , then you see what you believe .

    Last , when i say that "they" dont care  this "they", im talking about are who control the Science , wich control the usefull information and give us the useless.





    • I totally love your way of thinking. I can relate to it! YOU  are Awesome jota!

  • Why do you think that Science WANT it ? why do you think they care ?


    Science is business too my friend.


  • What is the name of the book?

    • Holografic Universe - Michael Talbot

    • Thanks!

  • The story I like most of the book is about Sathya Sai Baba, who talks about the materialization of objects and food, teleportation and healing.

  • How horrible and tragic

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