The Opposite of Progress

I'm back again and with no good news to report. Nothing regarding my physical appearance has changed in a positive way. If anything, the changes I've seen are the opposite of what I want. My chin looks even larger now, not smaller; the same can be said for my nose. My cheekbones have shrank instead of becoming more prominent and larger. My face has more fatty deposits instead of less, and it's becoming narrower instead of rounder.  My legs look shorter and thicker, not longer and thinner like I want. My breasts are smaller...I could go on...I swear that my body is changing to be even uglier and the very opposite of what I want. 

I'm incredibly frustrated, but I'm still trying my usual methods (cell talk, looking at photographs of how I desire to look, and attempting to dream of my desired self through nighttime repetitions). 

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  • Lovely, and certainly much needed, advice. Thank you. 

  • You are what you feel. Regardless of what’s currently going on. Can you go beyond your analytical mind and respect your imagination as creative power? Until you can, you won’t see results. You are what you are, what you feel. Don’t worry so much about the details. Close your eyes and feel the world from the perspective of being the person you want to be.
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