Hey I know this isn’t all to do with changing ones appearance, but it ties in – if you have perfect confidence in your self, you could achieve anything because there would be no blocks or doubts.


I’m just wondering if anyone has had positive experiences from doing chakra healing work. I have got into it this year and found some amazing results. I use crystals, essential oils and binaural beats for meditation, focusing on one chakra per session. For example if I am working on my root chakra, I will use grounding crystals, listen to a meditation track of the chakra frequency and use an essential oil associated with that chakra. I’m only working on the first 5 chakras, I think my third eye/crown are activated enough for now!  Also apparently if you go to the higher chakras before grounding yourself, you might create a disastrous kundalini awakening gone wrong.  I found that even something as small as putting red jasper, black onyx and hematite under my pillow and using patchouli oil on my wrists every night has had a huge impact. I’m so much calmer, my OCD is almost diminished and I’ve been super motivated these past couple of months.


I would like to further work on my confidence, my self esteem is very low (mainly due to not liking my appearance and being shy) and my anxiety holds me back a lot. I want to become really confident (in a good way, not arrogant) and not worry about what other people think of me. It would be great to have the confidence to approach anyone and initiate conversation (I have got a bit better at this, but my mind goes blank often and I’m not always good at keeping conversations going especially if the other person has an overpowering aura).


I love acting and I am confident with screen acting (I would like to become even more so) now I want to get confident at theatre as well and be able to sing passionately without any inhibitions. When I try and sing by myself, with no one else there, I feel ashamed that my voice sounds so awful to me and I’m kind of scared of singing to myself haha.


With regards to my appearance, I can see in my head how to create positive changes, I just struggle sticking to them and I find positive affirmations hard, as my brain just argues against them and wins. I tried the feelings method and being present which worked amazingly well. I didn’t change in the mirror but I got people approaching me the same day I tried it and said that I looked like how I wanted to look. Maybe some people can tune into another persons vibration or maybe it was a synchronicity (I get loads of these on a daily basis so hard to distinguish lol)!


I have a habit of putting things off until I have time, but the truth is there is no time and I have to make time!


So, sorry for the massive message, how have people found ways of improving their confidence in themselves and removing doubt/fear/limiting beliefs. x

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  • When you realize there's nothing you have to do and that the universe does it all.
    Just distract yourself with fun.
  • I forgot to add about the link to personalities and chakras, eg someone withdrawn and anxious like me might have a closed/under active solar plexus and throat chakra. 

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