What are some successful changes you've had?

Doesn't matter if they were changes that would have happened anyways.

1. When I was a kid I had blonde eyebrows. I wanted darker ones. They did darken. 

2. I also wanted bigger boobs. They're now the perfect size for me. Big enough to be kind of above average and easy to amp up, but small enough not to cause back problems or attract too many creeps. 

3. My cheeks are also hollowing out. Seems like the subliminald are working. 

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    • i was 17. i'm working on getting even taller now :-)
  • This was very helpful and encouraging. Thanks, maees!
    • <3!!!
  • Sounds similar to my goals, how long did it take?
    • can't say, i didn't really notice the results until someone pointed them out or until i actually studied my face.

      i kind of just forgot about it. probably a few months? i listened to subliminals on and off. 

  • What technique did you use for each?
    • i did subliminals for a good few months and then i used exercise as a "placebo". it got me into the "doing" feeling so it didn't feel like i was just sitting around all day doing nothing.

      for height i just stretched ever morning and afternoon and i told myself, "these stretches will make my spine longer, stretch out my legs, etc" over and over as i did them.

      whenever i ate i told myself this was exercising my face muscles and sculpting me better.

      for the nose idk it kinda just happened? i forgot about it for a while after wanting it badly and i just looked at old photos and realize my nose has gotten slimmer, and longer, more upturned too. 

  • i got a thinner nose and cheekbones! i also grew from 4'11 to 5'3 lmao 

  • Hi currently I am using a subliminal to clear my skin andso far my skin is  supers mooth and it is not braking out anymore what subliminals did you use

  • i love reading this stuff because it makes it makes me realize that this is all real and hat im not just crazy and full of wishful thinking haha

    my most recent manifestations were not related to my body.

    my mom likes a certain kind of health cookie, but walmart is always out of it. a couple of nights ago, i played the "wouldn't it be nice" game that abrahim hicks talks about, and kept imaging how it feels to give my mom what she wants, and was just expecting to find something that would make me end my night feeling grateful. lo and behold, not only was the walmart i went to full of those cookies, but the next one i went to had them as well, plus her preferred health muffins. i basically emptied out the stores' stocks haha.

    secondly, i keep getting directed to aspects of LOA that i am thinking about. for example, if i am thinking about intention, i will randomly find someone posting a video on that, without searching for it.

    i have been thinking about teaching english online, but only took it seriously a couple of days ago. that same morning, i find an add looking for teachers, then my ex tells me randomly that i should teach english online, then she tells me about a certification that i need to take that the advertisement that i had found also needed - a certification hat she herself had actually taken herself and so could give me advice on. then i was wishing that i could do it online, and she then tells me that actually it is done online anyways. all that lined up for me in a span of like 5 hours. 

    im new to driving because i just never needed a car, and so i am working on my confidence. however the night that i was buying those cookies and working myself into a state of gratitude, i was driving so easily and confidently. 

    i am working on physical stuff now, and feel like it is working, and am looking forward to impressing you guys with the success stories :D

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