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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
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May you all find what you have been looking for!

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  • hey Miki, 

    i swear i am not playing hard to get or anything. maybe subconsciously i am not ready to share that stuff thats why i keep delaying it. I know i shouldnt have put it out there. 

    What do you want to manifest? maybe i can help you with that. message me

  • Good afternoon world! Today is going to beautiful! No work, ALL PLAY!!!
  • Thanks for welcome. And by the way, LULZ, I'm asuming is as in the word lull, it means to be quiet or peaceful. The word lullaby comes from the same word.
  • A drunk driver wrecked into my yard last night! I ran outside and called the police. He was very drunk but wasn't too hurt -It shook me up a little, but, here is the weird part.....!!! THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THAT A DRUNK DRIVER HAS CRASHED INTO MY YARD IN JUST TWO YEARS TIME!!! I am a recovering addict and alcoholic (clean for 4 years) so it seems this is some strange ways of the universe. OF course it seems to be the whole LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" rule. SUCH a BIG SHAKE to my core! NOT sure what to think. JUST INTERESTING!!
  • lulz.
  • welcome to the community Mary. you will love it here,
  • Hello, Hello! I'm new and glad to find this cool community! I've been inerested in changing my life for awhile now and just started to truely "get" the laws of the universe. ITS ABOUT TIME.... right?!! I've changed most everything about my life recently and I seem to be rapidly evolving into this sort of "all knowing" person lately! Pretty cool for me!!! Excited to meet some interesting people here! Thanks for having me!!
  • yes it would. but then you would think how beautiful you used to look then and it will make you more depressed and angry . But if you could print that picture in your mind and start believing that this is how you look now , without the wrinkles, like your old self. and feel happy.  you will get what you want . 


    either way you'r gonna have to stop thinking and start appreciating. but if you beleive you have what you want. You will definately get it. 

  • digger, you hit the nail on the head ;)  thats what I do, look in the mirror, but I cant help it, even though i know i am doing the wrong thing.  And i do spend money on creams, serums, etc.  as strangely enough I beleive that there is some kind of magic potion out there that will remove my lines.  does looking at a picture of a younger me help?? (my flawless face about 10 years ago) :)

    Or shall i stop it altogether for now and just appreciate and be greatful?


  • yes miki i am 100% sure. 

    you know what you are doing wrong fundamental. You are looking yourself in the mirror alot and that means you dont believe you already have it. you have to believe and let go and rest assured it will happen. 

    you always look to see any change and when you dont you get depressed. 


    let me explain to you this way 

    you know what hair loss is? its simply negative energy you are giving to your hair that makes it fall. When ever a person thinks his hair is falling. he/she starts thinking about it alot and is always concerned that its happening. after a while it becomes a part of his subconscious mind and it is the subconscious mind that makes every thing happen for you . So without realizing he makes it happen for himself. 

    Now a question. why doesnt a person completely go bald. His baldness always stops when a person gets pissed and starts to think that its the most bald he can get . He cant look any worse. so he/she subconsciously lets it go. Now c what changes here. he stops supplying negative energy to his hair. 


    Now if you apply it to any other part of your body. lets say your skin. you start applying negative energy to it, it will get worse. By negative energy i mean negative thaughts. 

    Not just thought but sound is also a form of energy. So whenever you say anything bad your are transmitting negative energy.


    I will get into the concept of energy more and explain in to you somewhat mathematically.  

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