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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
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  • You are sure my skpectic friend...peoples alredy put put pictures here , and i know that you will say some excuse...its you job make it happens , i know that im doing dont perceive that you will not see before beieleve...


    Do researchs and see for have a long path because you only demand proofs...when you will work in believe??


    I tell you...even if you see , you will say that its not true...youre not the first ...

  • Yes! I believe this is very true! Thanks for that explanation! Even though we may now something to be true, it never hurts to hear it again! I have read many books over and over till they are embedded into my brain! Thanks for reminding me of that lesson!
  • Other thing that i liked , its when you talked about how gurus sometimes look like that have limiting beliefs and pass it to your pupils...i have the same impression...sometimes i see that there are prejudices about some deires and others not...what strikes me like a supreme contradiction...

  • Hey Digger...i was a atheist and hating when peoples talk about Jesus in the past...but now , well im not more atheist , im too not believe in a personalized i think that peoples like Jesus are simple like us...evidently , he know how use this power...recently i read a book wheres the author talk about it ,,,that even Jesus say that we can do more than what he i agree with what you are talking about all theses incredible things that humans can do , but dont know that can.

  • This is my understanding of the LOA.

    Mathematical proof of LOA

    E=mc2 (einsteins theory of relativity)


    c=speed of light

    m=mass of an object

    e= energy

    It says if you throw any object at twice the speed of light it converts into energy. So basically mass and energy are the same thing.

    It means we are made of energy. I think people here already know this. Not just us everything around us is made of energy. We human beings are the superior of all beings and have been given the joystick to channel this energy "Our Mind".All men are created equal and every person possesses this power to control energy.


    By this definition we can effect other objects with our mind. We can move them we affect their appearance, we can make it rain, we can counter natural disasters like tsunamis. We only need to know how to channel this energy and our mind is the key to it.





  • My bad about the lulz...I thought I was being smart! Oh well! I have found it really helps to fill your time with positive things. And fill your head as well! I have a four year old daughter and I never loved myself until she came around! Not sure if life would have ever made much sense without her. Good luck to u! I sent a friend request to u (jack)
  • the hardest part is pretending it's not there, being happy with "what is", so what WILL BE can make itself known..
  • hahahah you and me both Mary... been sober for nearly 8mo now =]

    uhhh lulz is like saying lols or lolz, pronounced "lul zzzzzzz" :)


    lulz. ;P

  • Digger ,start a thread and write something...i feel good when i read your posts :)
  • Yes, Digger, share it, and help me. something that I can or SHOULDNT do other than what we talked about.
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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

Few days ago I was looking for new info about Joseph Pierce Farrell's techniques (Manifesting Michelangelo) and I saw new videos on his website. The cases on the videos took from 45 minutes to 3 days (probably for few hours a day for 3 days). Most of the results are really visible, not just some blurish before/after photos. Some of the claims are even that you can see the changes in real time.This is the 45 minute change video:This is the 3 days change video:Maybe it doesn't give the best…

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Success in growing taller and increasing size

I have had some success over the last two months in changing my physical appearance to be taller and larger all around. I have been trying to do this for a while but haven't had any success until the last two months. I had trouble convincing myself I was taller when it was obvious I wasn't.Two months ago I tried something new. I started with the idea that I was still growing. While I haven't grown in a long time, I'm only 18 so it was much easier to believe I am still growing. Some guys don't…

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