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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
  • Trolls and those who make negative posts and comments (disagree with the essence of what this group is about) will be given the cyber boot.
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  • Can we all just be friends? :)

  • Changes may come from within. nothing happens to us without reason. We are all a part of a bigger plan . We all play our rolle. But, who has created this plans ? Only positive thinking can change /alter this CHANGES . We are not to Give Up this posive thinking, under any circumstance !!!! think of how the warmth of the sun makes us feel ... good, positive . We should act as such !!!! Changes do show up when needed . Our faith is most important .

  • I know...i woud like help others too...its a lifestyle...its not pointless because i dont want save you , but i know that there are others that can read it and become curioos and maybe have a open mind to well , when i write i have sometimes good insights that help me too.


    You can become good looking using your mind , there are two way , trhough perception alone , i mean you can "delude" yourself , you can love yourself soo much , that this confidence become atractive , you interpret positively the way peoples react to you works wonderfully...its the usual way


    And you can use the power that everyone have , but dont know beceuse they believe in nonsense that others say , like "its impossible"...or "i never see it" friend the mind is awesome , you have a atomic bomb in you head and dont know,,,


    Peoples frequently ask "why change appearance with the mind?? you think that you will be happy that way??" good looking its not wrong , its not superficial..beisdes..its a power , its can be very usefull...and let me say exist..if you dont use it , its not my concer in the very beggin was "how i discover for myself if this its true??"...


    You like science wright,,,when youre stressed , you look like old, you become tired , its your mind that make it woman a time receice a diagnostic... that she are HIV positive , she suffer like a crazy with this diagnostic...she lost weigh fast , she lost hair, she are almost dying when she solve take a new test...the test this time say she have nothing.


    More tests again and again , and nothing...the hospital finally say that the first test are wrong because they make a confusion and give to her a test thar are other patient(sorry my english)


    She enter in justice to receive indenization etc...but whats the point?? why i saying it?? she believe that are with disease , she have all the simptoms ...but its al in the head , she never was with this dieases...


    The same with peoples that have phanton pregnancies...the same with somatics pain dont take my your will find it all over the places...


    The mind can do the bad , but cant do the good?? nope , we can do it(the good)


    What we do here its only deliberatelly use this natural power tha in my opinion isnothing supernatural..its a thing that we have and dont use due our poor information about ourselves...


    Dont worry..there are others peoples that like read it...when i write i write to many peoples not to convince who dont want be convinced :) :)


    And i like wrigh , this make feel good and its not personal after all :)


    Good Luck

  • Miki...i have no idea what youre talking about...see...its a prejudice that you say that want a more rational way , the appearance group when appear that first time have a idea...change the body trhough Loa , mind , peoples that appear talking about diet , or rational ways become pissed of because almost nobody wanted that way...peoples wanted change with mind power...

    Mnay peoples claim that already changed...i only read and tried imagine myself a couple of times...but in this time i dont even believe in Loa...but i dont demanded proof because i already have read about subconscious and know that many things are possible.

    The first group end up , this appear , but i already read many good things in the first group...

    I dont have doubts ...if i can travel to moon with this power i do it..i dont think , you dont need it...just look for rational ways because youre yet afraid things that , in my opinion will make you waste you time...

    Its a lifestyle...if you have all theses just dont need enter in this world...

    Take care.

  • Okay Miki, here is something for you to believe in. 


    There is a condition called gynecomastia, its enlargement of breast tissue in men. it affects men in there teen.

    If you ask any doctor he will tell you to wait till your teenage is over coz it disappears in some people itself. They can never tell you how or why it disappears. Simply they dont know or if they cant explain anything they start blaming the genes. 


    Now lemme tell you what it is. those people who cant get rid of it becomes conscious and are always thinking about this. Its very humiliating for men. Now you can guess what they are doing wrong here . 


    for whom it disappears they are the one who arent concerned about this. they dont keep a picture of this in their mind. 


    You can very well guess how law of attraction is applied here. 

    See how people are bringing physical change in themselves, only before v had no explaination for this.




  • Hey Miki ...this atitude just make bad to peoples that believe and are seeing results for themsellves not...that being said...i dont know what you want change , but you can use the common way...hard work to losse weight , plastic surgery etc...

    You dont need really believe it ...just do some action to solve what you want...


    The knowlegde we use here will become maisntream a day...but i think that will take some decades to everyone believe because the religion and science that make all be more difficult to spread it to all popualtion...but is natural that everybody will have it..


    Good luck :)

  • We are spiritual beings on a human journey not human beings on a spiritual journey.


    Figure out where you stand.

  • Youre in trouble...because , you have to wait till it become know for all peoples know , till this become part of unsconscious of population(my english dont help here) ...

    Youre are the close mind skepict...its more difficult to you...i believe evolution...who know if we are soon the new xmen guys :) ;) ;)

    Miki...peoples dont have to prove it , you have to prove it to yourself...looks that im joking to you , but its not...i was a skepitic too..but a bit more curious and open mind...

    Loa give you what you focus in doubts all the least suspend disbelief to see something

    Good luck
  • Try do experiments as well...

  • thank you jota. i couldnt have said it more humbly. 

    do you believe in evolution jota?

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