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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
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  • fundamental you are damn right about the genes thing. We can change it. I know a guy. well i dont really know him, i only met him once. he quite a popular personality. 

    He is really into mind power and stuff. guy is at a MUCH superior level than us. He family has a history of heart diseases.  His father , mother , brother, grandmother, grandfather all died of heart atttack.


    Guess what. he doesnt have it!! True Story. 


    since we are on the subject. There are certain feelings and pain that we dont understand. Its because they never happened to us. They are forwarded through our genes.


    Through hypnotism. those pain and feelings can be completely removed.

    I dont think you can find out about this pain yourself. other person has to hypnotize you to find out. 

  • Jota, would be interesting to see petitecherise pics, please message me and give me the address of the abe forum, so i can get a direct link.  thank you!!

    ~ReVamp, thanks for telling me about the group.

  • OK guys thank you I appreciate our input!! Jota, I know what you mean, I have to beleive, but my mind comes in, and whatever i would be doing i stop cos I look in the mirror in the morning, and I cant help it.
    NOW, I stumbled across a website and in it there is a mention of a book called the Biology of Belief, so I am reading that. It talks about that we can influence our cells by the way we react towards our body and treat our body. It also talks about genes and that we are not stuck with the same genes forever and can influence them by being 'nice' to our body. Anyway i just started reading this book, and hopefully, through this scientific approach I will be able to stick to what i am doing and beleive more, without my mind getting in the way and telling me its all b***sh**. In the meantime i took note of the other book you told me about so i can read it too! Thank You! Lets share info guys...
  • Unfortunatelly when miki delete your acount he delete the blowing mind pics that Petitecerise put there...but you can see some pictures that she put in abe forum.



  • Hi Red Rose :)

  • Hey can look for Petitecerise here , she doing it , well , she basically use the vortex , there are a great anet paulina called transcend aging.. i dont read the entire book , there are a parte in the google book...till chapter 3 if im not wrong...


    This book is great because she talks about today paradigm..i mean , she use the quantum physics and the loa, its not a exercise or diet book , its a book about your mind , maybe the first...very good...age just dont exist , its a belief, when you say i have 36 years...the old paradig(medicine) already stablish that when one have 36 or 40 or 50 ..there are a bunch of things that will happens to you...but its all made up...


    Medicine do experiments , but when you observe , your beliefs make things happens...well , its a bit complicate to me explain because my the book , read petitecerise , she her pictures(amazing)


    Its more easy that we think. i already have results in this are as well...


    Good luck:)

  • hello all !!!that group is amazing :)

  • I think he deleted his account. Anyway lets move on and support each other instead of trying to cyber argue.

  • Hello Red Rose, I remember you in another group.  Welcome.  Guys, lets help each other. i am happy with the way i look, i just want to keep looking younger, and get to look more younger as i grow older. yesterday somebody made my day, he told me i look 25, when I am 36.  He couldnt beleive it!  He really made my day.  But i can look even younger by having smoother skin on my forehead, and get rid of the worry lines in between eyebrows.  I want my skin to also bre brighter and tighter. is really feeling good enough?  Do you have to feel good IN GENERAL, or you talking about feeling good bout my skin, in my case? I know what I want, but i am a bit to conscious about wanting to look younger and not having lines...that I am giving it too much energy by looking in the mirror i think in my case what would work is FORGET ABOUT IT completely, and not do any visualizing, or chanting.  Yet at the same time I have to find a solution to 'beleive'  that what i desire is on its way and i dont have to worry about anybody can help me please and tell me what is the best solution for me? force it and keep visualizing or do some chanting to 'beleive', or forget about it for a month or so because of the attachment of the wanting (me looking in the mirror etc...)  in other words would 'forgetting all about it' work better for me?  Thank you

  • Hello Nathalie!

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