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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
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  • at least we both know what we're doing wrong !

  • @Samantha pierce That makes sense. I understand the feeling. I was able to change my eye color to gray by thinking about it and then letting it go, but this, too, was before I had much of an idea about it. I feel the same way. I feel like I can't be happy unless I look exactly how I want to look. Gratitude is hard to come by when you can't stand looking in the mirror.

  • I love this group more than i love facebook.

  • like i said physical change was very easy when i didn't intend to do it and when i didn't think it was possible (or impossible) which means i had no resistance i guess. these small changes happened when i was younger and i was having fun  imagining myself with differnet features. As i learned about law of attraction and the power of the mind , manifestaion became harder because i'm kind of obssessed with" when"and "how" the changes will happen.
    @Raven Boyne:there wasn't actually a process of how my chin changed because like i said i wasn't trying to change it. i just looked at pictures of Demi lovato and liked her chin and imagined myself with a cleft chin. so i'm basically telling you what everyone else i saying " create the feeling as if you already have your desired chin and then forget about it" it's really how i did it. But like i said i wasn't trying to change my chin or anything back then.i just loved the idea of having that chin. But now , even though i know everything about physical change, it seems hard and i can't do it. the only reason i can think of is because i think that i must change my appearance in order to feel happy and live my life the way want even though i know that gratitude must come first. but i'm impatient.

    @ashe black: you should be specific because it's easier and this way you can see the nose as if it's already yours. find a picture of the nose you want. don't check it every morning because this way , it's going to be all you ever think about and then you expect to see changes every time you look in the mirror and when you see no changes you'll feel frustrated ... (i know that feeling it sucks)

  • @ashe black I often wonder the same thing myself. I like to think that the universe knows exactly what you want. It may not all appear at the same time or when you want it to, but I truly believe that it will come. I can't imagine the smaller details being ignored, but they may, instead, come after the more major changes have occurred. I have yet to have any success, but I refuse to give up. Read the post that Samantha pierce wrote. I found it helpful and encouraging. 

  • Im just afraid if visualize full body change that smaller details wont work out
  • I got one more question. If you want say a smaller nose and visualize it being smaller does the universe know what youd want even If you arnt specific of exactly how much smaller you want it?
  • @Samantha pierce This comment literally filled me with a new sense of joy. I have been trying to change my chin over the past two years, but with no succes. I tried thinking of it and trying to act like I already the change, but it didn't work for me. I have been trying to use the second method that you described, but I just can't seem to forget about it after asking. Every time I look in the mirror, I see my current chin, and then I get very upset and frustrated about it. I have tried to do the same with my hair color (I have brown hair, but would rather it be jet black), and every time I see that my hair is still brown and not black, the same negative emotions strike. I congratulate you on your success though.

  • i guess there are two different ways to physical change: 1) feeling happy all the time and creating the feeling of already having what you want wich is kind of hard because sometimes i'm just faking my feelings and this is uncomfortable. 2) asking for what you want and then completely forget about it ( i manifested two changes with this method. not major changes but at least it worked. i manifested dimples and when i was younger i manifested a cleft chin because i really liked how it looked on Demi Lovato :p ) back then physical change was easier because i  didn't know if it's even possible and i was just fooling around and thinking of how i would look with cleft chin ( yeah some people call it butt chin :p )

  • @Pipi puupi: yeah this is exactly how i feel. i can even maintain the feeling of positivity and of having what i want for a long time and sometimes i forget about what i'm trying to change and feel happy but nothing changes and then i feel disappointed. i bet most of the people on this forum have felt the same at some point which means there's something else that we have to be doing. i wonder what it is.

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