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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
  • Questions and success stories are always welcome so keep them coming :)
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  • wow thank you guys for all your replies! They helped so much! I love all of you

  • You're definitely on the right track Maya. Think of the breakout like a prompt on your computer or phone, whenever you want to permanently delete something you (almost) always get a message asking if you're sure you wish to delete. This is no different, your mind is simply projecting your old reality back to you as if to say "Are you sure you don't want this reality? If you carry on the way you are then this belief will be deleted and replaced with the new one". You're at the hard stage where most people give up. They see the problem return and assume they've failed but they haven't, they're right on the cusp of change. Use this to fuel you up and power you through. It's only as hard or easy as you choose it to be.

    There's a documentary about this but I've forgotten what it's called, I believe Bob Proctor was in it. It was after The Secret and done in a very hyped up manner like The Secret. I think that was centred around this subject. If I remember it I'll post it up unless someone else knows what I'm talking about and can provide a link. 

  • @ Maya, same here... is it possible you occasionally still think of unclear skin? I do so and sometimes I still get breakouts but when I ignore them they usually disappear within a few days (btw. I had acne since the age of 9/10 ! and I finally broke the vicious circle by thinking positively)

  • @maya- could be. Just keep pushing through and don't acknowledge it.
  • I have a quick question for anyone who can answer it. Lately I've been clearing my skin with some affirmations. And it's been working. To the point where I've released my old belief that I NEED to wear makeup. So I don't wear face makeup now. But all of a sudden I have a breakout. On my face and my chest. Could this be old negative beliefs being pushed out? That's what it feels like to me
  • yes please i´ve never heard about that either

  • And best part moms on board instead of against me. Ths important becuz at moment im on her tab for like everything.
  • Nice pic. Also im not down at all. Im doing wht do best. I do events like nothing. Im looking at win win. I will either do a semester in england and the spring one in disney. And if no england I still get disney. Ittl set me up for career. Also im camera shy or so I think and yet im going to be in a freinds vid project. I mean its a baby step but im sure I mentioned wanting to act. Well I cant hope to do tht if im camerashy. Anyway im going to hopefully go into next week being motivated
  • oh wow new avatar! Looks nice

  • This is for people that have been following all the "rules" and still haven't got any results when it comes to this stuff. Have you heard of life plans before? These are agreements you made to experience certain themes and things before you incarnated. You don't look the way you do as a coincidence,it was planned and chosen beforehand because you wanted a certain experience! With that being said,if you want to change something of this magnitude,first you need to see if you can cancel your soul contract to experience your current physical appearance and be more flexible.
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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

Few days ago I was looking for new info about Joseph Pierce Farrell's techniques (Manifesting Michelangelo) and I saw new videos on his website. The cases on the videos took from 45 minutes to 3 days (probably for few hours a day for 3 days). Most of the results are really visible, not just some blurish before/after photos. Some of the claims are even that you can see the changes in real time.This is the 45 minute change video:This is the 3 days change video:Maybe it doesn't give the best…

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Success in growing taller and increasing size

I have had some success over the last two months in changing my physical appearance to be taller and larger all around. I have been trying to do this for a while but haven't had any success until the last two months. I had trouble convincing myself I was taller when it was obvious I wasn't.Two months ago I tried something new. I started with the idea that I was still growing. While I haven't grown in a long time, I'm only 18 so it was much easier to believe I am still growing. Some guys don't…

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