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  • This is a one of a kind place to discuss all things related to changing ones physical appearance without the use of surgery.
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  • E-Squared Experiment 7: The Jenny Craig Principle

    Can Your Thoughts Change Your Own Body?

  • Just my thoughts, an opinion ( because truths are infinite)

    When the scientist observe,colapse the wave ( create matter) hes not high, hes not enlightened, hes not in the vortex, hes not full of emotion.

    On the contrary, he try be neutral, he stablish a hypothesis and then watch...

    But he do have a expectation, he expect something to happens, maybe he have a hidden agenda like " huum...i bet that my idea is correct"...this expectation, this idea is a intent ( the scientists dont have a intent consciously, unless he know that he can create things )

    So, if quantum Mechanic is correct, and many Technologies based in this are, you ( the observer, in religion and spiritual contexts they call it GOD) create without any effort, any emotion, any enlightment...

    I hope that peoples get what im trying to say, you dont need for example be in the vortex, to create, you dont need be super happy, "youbeserver" are already creating your expectations, your awareness are creating your physical body, the physical reality.

    Ideas, opinions, judgments, assumptions, create matter.

    You can have a alternate reality separete from others if you want, you can have a shared reaity if you want, you can actually create anything even if others bilions of peoples think the contrary ( some very skiled "peoples" can construct a entire dimension just for themselves)

    Based in my experience the observer (I) is very sensible, a simple thought alone can create, peoples dont see it because they are thinking the same thoughts all the time, thus creating the same ( boring?) life...sometimes theses peoples notice synchronicity ( creation) but they use a useless word called coincidence ( also a creation) and then back to the same recreation of their lifes.

    So if you have a hard time with being happy, or full of emotions, or being high. rest assured, you dont need it, you need be conscious though, you need see what thinking you have, i know, its old school.

    "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. "

    Its time to change that : " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single Thought".

    Good luck to all :) :) :)

  • Disidentification (The Practice of Non Attachment) - Teal Swan

  • Message me if interested.

  • Iris and Ashe, my hair is a pretty thick little afro and it is getting thicker- yes! Send me your excess thick hair vibes, if y'all are just gonna waste them, over there! When I can't part my hair anymore, that will be awesome! Love big hair!
  • Mr. the Infinite... Come on, then!
  • So lemme ask you folks a question...Rather than flailing around in the dark, wondering why something is or isn't working, wouldn't you rather actually be able to communicate with the part of yourselves that actually knows what's going on?

    If you're already able to get into a meditative state I can point you in the direction of how to speak with your actual etheric body.

  • Getting better. I can make things heal faster :)
  •  Iris, I can totally feel you, thick hair can be such a pain:D I also wish my hair was thinner and straighter. Congrats dear :)

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How fast can be done. It's not a question.

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