Re-Write Your Day!

Hi Everyone,I thought I would give you a fun ongoing process that you can do to easily stay focused on, and create, what you would truly like to experience. It will also enable you to consistently align with your vision in life and continually progress forward.Just take a moment during or after your day and Re-Write it - here on the Forum! It will be powerful for you to do and also fun for everyone to read things that are positive as well.In just a few sentences, write down how you would have liked your day to have been. (Make certain to state everything positively without mentioning anything negative.)Remember, you always want to focus on what you want!. Your subconscious creates by clarity, through your feelings, and by what you are the most impressed with.If your day was great, you can still re-write it and make it an even greater day.This process is described in greater detail in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! and, of course, in the new audiobook.As it says in my book: "For example, you could write: 'Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $________ to enable me to pay my rent! An extremely lucrative, fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my services and everyone always says, 'YES!' I have got so much money now that I can't even count or spend it all!'”Have fun! I see all of your empowering visions manifesting immediately!Ble$$ings & Abundance,Carole Doré

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  • WoW !  Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $10,000  to enable me to pay my rent and other obligations !
    An extremely,  lucrative  fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so Grateful & ThankfuLL  to be doing what I love to do! I am grateful that this opportunity yielded  lucrative results that  continuously in my lucrative experience Everyday to come! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my products and services and everyone always says, "YES!" I have got so much money I can't even count or circulate it all !

    Today being at ONE with the Power Within, felt exactly like ( love ) Money. I feel so magnetic to the essence of Money that I feel like a multi-millionaire! I feel So Loved and Blessed. I feel bigger than the Vision,  I am so grateful for that experience. Money is drawn to me from everywhere today! " There's Gold DUST In The AIR, Today! and It Is SO!
    Ble$$ing Of Opulent Abundance! 
    ~ Coach Rae Loving ~

  • Today, I woke up full of energy! I had a great workout, and it felt wonderful. I logged into work, and everything flowed today. Work was fun, and I enjoyed reading all the wonderful essays. I cannot believe how fast it went. AN email came from the man office letting me know, it was time for me to move up the ladder and I would be training for my new position this week or next. I am excited about the opportunity and the pay increase. 
    My renter also contacted us, and he is going to be able to buy our home sooner than he expected. He really wants the house, and he made the effort to fix his issues so we could close on it in the next couple months instead of next year. I am excited for both of us. Such a relief to only have one house, and now I can hunt for my next real estate purchase. It feels so good to be debt free again, and be able to help share my wealth with others, and be able to spend money freely.

    The rest of the day I relaxed until it was time to eat dinner, it was simple, but my husband loved it. Such a relaxing evening also just what I needed!

  • Get a job as corporate communications officer at a reputed multinational or amazing hotel with lots of freedom. Find the purpose of my being. Love. Success. Happiness

  • I am writing this day.  I have been in a 'funk' and I truly choose to move that energy today and to ensure that I remain grounded and complete in my commitment to me and all of my heart's desires.  

    I am attracting what I want and it is here, wanting to be received.  My day is very successful with generating the revenue I need to pay bills.  The Universe sees my situation and responds to granting me clarity and helping me move into situations that provide exactly what I need ahead of when it is needed.  My goal is to live from love and integrity and being ahead financially.  I know that this desire is so strong, that it comes with ease.  I have chosen to move the low vibrating energy by acknowledging it and releasing it with love.  

    And, so it is.  Thank you!

  • What if you have no real clue of what you want

  • My family and I have been smelling money and saying...I am One with a Tremendous Amount of Money and I am one with Infinite Supply. O.K., I had my smelling money on the table by me and my youngest daughter walk in the room and pick up one of the Bills. I said it's yours as we both did our smelling and said our statement together.( I am One with a Tremendous Amount of Money and so on) When she got ready to go out she found money tucked down in her pocket. 

    When she came back, she handed me part of the money she received for a return book. it was more than she had expected. Then my sons came in and both gave me more money. Wow! 

    I then had more than enough to go shopping, Yes, which I love. I paid rent and my daughter and I took the bus, but had gotten so much and as we were figuring out how we were going to get back on the bus with all our things. The check out girl who waited on us came up to us and said, "I CAN GIVE YOU A RIDE" (she was getting off work and said she lives near us)

    But our day just kept getting better. I am One with a Tremendous Amount of Money!

  • I feel empowered in my discernment of working with clients on a retainer.  I am grateful to be working with a team in the entertainment industry, knowing that we will be able to raise the funding they require and that they agreed to my fee schedule inclusive of the retainer.  I am moving forward in drawing in expanding my business and people are naturally drawn to me.  I have amazing relationships where ever I turn and I am one with tremendous amounts of money.  

  • Money came to me today....from good luck pennies found on the sidewalk to checks in the mail.  I raised $2K that is being utilized to bless others as I have been blessed and to pay Dec bills.  I am so grateful for everything I am always provided.  People seem to be very happy today; everywhere I go, I am seeing joy and happiness, which in turn, makes me more joyous.  I have closed a large firm I wanted to work with and have a large commitment from them for amazing business the remainder of this year and in 2013 - this provides beautiful five figures into my banking account several times throughout the year and I can hardly wait to get started with them.  Additionally, I have several clients that are moving into my realm - I call them The J's.  I have met a wonderful man whom I really enjoy spending time with and he is cooking for us this weekend.  This is a beautiful day designed for me and an absolutely fabulous Christmas Season!!  Peace~~~~~~

  • That's just Beautiful! And you are at one with a tremendous amount of money and I see it manifesting from all directions in overflowing abundance RIGHT NOW! XOXO

  • I'm looking forward for another Divine Synchronicity day! Yesterday, I began my day with a song and pray...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...I am at One with a Tremendous Amount of Money!...Thank You. So as I went on my walk to the bank and then to the Food Market. At the bank the Banker came out to greet me and said, "You are always a happy and positive person. I asked her what was her job, she said, "I m just a Banker. I said, "then let me shake your hand" It must be wonderful working with money, may you rub your energy off on me! LOL I left singing my Thank you, and that I am at One with a Tremendous Amount of Money! Outside the Food Market a group of teenagers were singing, But kept messing up. I told them, laughing, i'll be back. And so in the store I receive a beautiful plant, my money seemed to be in Abundance! I cashed my lottery ticket in for $$$Big Money! So when I went back out of the store the teenagers was ready for me and song the Xmas song with so much spirit and fun, that it cause others to stop and listen, As I told them the money i would donate, they gave out a loud YA and clapped for me:-]]]] What a wonderful day. And that was just the beginning...I am at One with a Tremendous Amount of Money!

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