Re-Write Your Day!

Hi Everyone,I thought I would give you a fun ongoing process that you can do to easily stay focused on, and create, what you would truly like to experience. It will also enable you to consistently align with your vision in life and continually progress forward.Just take a moment during or after your day and Re-Write it - here on the Forum! It will be powerful for you to do and also fun for everyone to read things that are positive as well.In just a few sentences, write down how you would have liked your day to have been. (Make certain to state everything positively without mentioning anything negative.)Remember, you always want to focus on what you want!. Your subconscious creates by clarity, through your feelings, and by what you are the most impressed with.If your day was great, you can still re-write it and make it an even greater day.This process is described in greater detail in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! and, of course, in the new audiobook.As it says in my book: "For example, you could write: 'Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $________ to enable me to pay my rent! An extremely lucrative, fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my services and everyone always says, 'YES!' I have got so much money now that I can't even count or spend it all!'”Have fun! I see all of your empowering visions manifesting immediately!Ble$$ings & Abundance,Carole Doré

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  • Yesterday was better than I could have ever imagined!! I woke up with ease, popped right out of bed, and began my day. The ants that were in my kitchen decided to go find somewhere else to hang out and socialize, and my kitchen was pest free and I could start baking my cakes again...and those chocolate chip cookies my husband has been hounding me about. :-) As the day went on I felt such a strong connection to Source and KNEW that I had the power to make everything go my way, to make my life full of abundance and joy...and I knew that I would also be helping to bless others with this abundance and joy, so I kept it on my mind all day, and it put me such a state of high vibration. I got in a mini yet effective workout before getting ready to leave for work and got in several rounds of EFT. I felt so light and energized afterward. Everyone was particularly nice on the highway today on my way to work, and when I got work my boss was in the best mood ever! She has everything figured out at work and knows she can go on vacation next month and is being quite pleasant with everyone. The energy felt so much better in that place, and I looked forward to coming back the next day and doing what I love to do. After a smooth day of work I stopped by the grocery store to get some water and scanned my lottery tickets...can't believe it, I won!!! $10,000, amazing! I won enough money to pay off an old debt and have a few thousand dollars left to take with me to NYC this summer. I'm beyond thrilled...going to shop til I drop and have no worries about whether or not I can afford something! Feels so good!! God home, got husband fed who was tired but in a very loving mood. ;-) Went to bed, snuggled closely with hubby, and dreamed of what joy and abundance is headed my way tomorrow, thank you!!
  • what a FABULOUS day! Lol. I got up feeling totally refreshed, relaxed, revitalised and full of life and love. I felt so connected to the power that I knew this was going to be an awesome day...and it was! My credit card bill arrived, and I PAID IT OFF IN FULL!!!! Yay! I am now entirely debt-free. WOOHOO! Not only that, but when I checked my bank account, I have MORE money than I thought so I can treat myself to a wonderful weekend away by the sea - I had a quick look at hotels and found a STUNNING 5* hotel on the sea front with west facing views so I'll be able to watch the sunset from my room if I want to! AND it was 80% off. Marvelous! I had a fantastic working day with my wonderful clients, and I signed up 2 new clients with ease - they were both super-keen to start and they went for my VIP program - woohoo! My affiliate programs also made sales today - I love it, money is coming to me from ALL directions! And it is so EASY. All I do is rave about Carole and people go buy her stuff and I get paid! Lol. I love money, I love life and I am totally doing a happy dance here! Can't wait to see what delightful experiences this evening will bring! xxx
  • Slept very well last night and woke up this morning with amazing energy! Got right out of bed, got ready for to work early this morning and got a lot accomplished. I was in a great mood all day, everyone was so pleasant around me, and everything just went so smoothly. My boss was in a GREAT mood!! When I got home from work I got my kitchen cleaned up and got dinner ready in record time. Got a great workout in and meditated soundly for 30 minutes. I also got 2 hours of some really effective EFT work in and felt so at peace. I received money from unexpected places today and realized that my extra $10,000 is manifesting right before my eyes...incredible day!
  • Today was the most amazing day! From the moment I woke up, the blessings just flowed! First, when I went to get my car from the shop, the mechanic told me that the problem was nothing more than a blown fuse, and he changed it for free! Whoo-hoo! The Universe always has my back, and what appear to be problems in the 3d dimension dissolve like magic! Thank You, Thank You!

    Then I got the most wonderful compliments from both students and administration about the way I handled my final exams this semester. The students felt I was tough, but fair, and told me how much they had learned in my class. My Dean told me that he wanted me to mentor our newest faculty member in the hope that she will become the type of teacher I am! What an honor. I love that doing what I love brings me such amazing rewards.

    Then, after a fun day dealing with all kinds of loving, supportive souls, I came home to find my lawn looking impeccable. The fallen branches were all cleaned up, the weeding was done, the grass was mowed and raked, and it looked pristine! He even swept the walkways and the courtyard! I was so happy that it all got done such synchronicity! It was such a load off my mind. I love that all the people in my life are competent, responsible, and take such pride in their work. I am so blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings.

    As if that weren't enough, I got paid $100 that had been owed to me for a while, along with a note of apology and a gift card for a free dinner for my inconvenience -- at my favorite restaurant, no less! I love how the Universe always delivers more than we could ever hope for! And I really love the way money just flows so easily into my life! It comes from everywhere, but I especially like getting checks in the mail! Thank You, Universe.

    I love feeling the love of my Power. My life is so much fun!

  • What a great nights sleep I had last night. I feel wonderful, and could not wait to do my morning workout .
    This week starts a big work project for me, and I jumped right into it. I went through the training process with ease, and then began the project. The work flowed so easily, and the money I will make from this special project is unbelievable. I am so grateful to the universe and my power for giving me this opportunity. Although it will only last two and a half weeks, the pay I will make will be more than enough to cover my lasik surgery, and my real estate taxes! On top of it all the work is fun, and my day is flying by.
    My husband also had an awesome job interview today where they offered him more money than he expected, now he has an important decision to make. I know the universe will lead him in the right direction with his career choice.
    Thank you universe for this beautiful, productive day!
  • I had the most amazing review session with my class today -- the final class of the semester! All my students were eager to test their knowledge of the material, and listened attentively to all the questions. And there were so many! It was so gratifiying to see them reach understanding, and I have full faith that they will perform beautifully on their exam. And the end, they thanked me for offering them my time and expertise, and even applauded! It was a truly wonderful experience. Thank You, Universe!
  • My doctor's appointment went better than I could have ever imagined! I know now exactly what has been causing my health issues, and there are natural, easy changes I can make which will eliminate all my symptoms! Amazing. The neurologist has discharged me to the care of my doctor, and suggested several natural treatments I can get through the national health service, to help me kick start my journey to perfect, vibrant health! I am so grateful to have had such a fantastic result.

    It's an afternoon for fabulous, unexpectedly brilliant results. My cousin was in court, and the Judge not only threw out the case against her as ridiculous, he also extended the order stopping her ex from going near her. She feels light, joyful and safe and she can now relax and raise her vibration beyond this situation to her natural state of grace, love and joy. Going forward, I see this situation being completely transformed by the Power to allow everyone involved to be light, joyful and harmonious. It's all good!

    I am so grateful that the Power is taking care of everything, and I just show up and enjoy the ride! x
  • As it says in my book: "For example, you could write: 'Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $________ to enable me to pay my rent! An extremely lucrative, fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my services and everyone always says, 'YES!' I have got so much money now that I can't even count or spend it all!'”

    I, JACKIE Now re write my day. It will be a great day with sunshine and good news. My dad and sister will love my templates that I created and feel more confident in my Paralegal Degree and Professionalism. My new job is going to be exactly as I hoped it to be! The pay will increase and the hours as I am a valueable asset. I now know that the Universe supports me and my decisions and will give me what I want. I have the new apartment all picked out that I want and it will come much sooner than I had originally expected! Little miracles are happening, the universe is moving around people, places and things to better give Jackie what she wants and needs right now. Abudance is all mine! AMEN 4/20/2010 Posted
  • I woke up this morning so refreshed. My work day went so easily and effortlessly, and it did not bother me my husband had to take my cell phone because his no longer works. I searched online for the perfect new cell plan and phone and found an amazing deal. We will be getting better phones, plan for less money than we are paying now!
    I was going to take a break from baking, but received an order for dog biscuits and cookies from a good friend. It is not too hot so I did not mind putting the orders together.
    My eye surgery was scheduled for the day I wanted, and it is not going to cost as much as I anticipated. It makes me feel so amazing when the Universe sends me some great discounts, and extra money!

    I made some extra unexpected money at work today, and I will be receiving these bonuses monthly! My husband also received great work news, the new job he was anticipating came to light today. He negotiated more We are both truly blessed with amazing jobs we enjoy, and making extra money each month. I see our nest egg growing and growing each day and what a wonderful feeling!
  • Hi Zeinab - if you go directly to Carole's website you can order from her directly... - I think the actual book is only available with the combination packages, but you can get the audio book there. Enjoy! Donna.x
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