Re-Write Your Day!

Hi Everyone,I thought I would give you a fun ongoing process that you can do to easily stay focused on, and create, what you would truly like to experience. It will also enable you to consistently align with your vision in life and continually progress forward.Just take a moment during or after your day and Re-Write it - here on the Forum! It will be powerful for you to do and also fun for everyone to read things that are positive as well.In just a few sentences, write down how you would have liked your day to have been. (Make certain to state everything positively without mentioning anything negative.)Remember, you always want to focus on what you want!. Your subconscious creates by clarity, through your feelings, and by what you are the most impressed with.If your day was great, you can still re-write it and make it an even greater day.This process is described in greater detail in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! and, of course, in the new audiobook.As it says in my book: "For example, you could write: 'Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $________ to enable me to pay my rent! An extremely lucrative, fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my services and everyone always says, 'YES!' I have got so much money now that I can't even count or spend it all!'”Have fun! I see all of your empowering visions manifesting immediately!Ble$$ings & Abundance,Carole Doré

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  • I would like to share how I successfully rewrote my day. About one month ago, the IRS sent me a letter saying that some forms were missing from my business tax return and since I didn't respond to their initial request for the forms they were levying a fine of $2700 on my account.

    I wrote back stating that I had never received the request for additional forms, I included the requested forms and asked them to remove the fines since it was a simple oversight.

    Yesterday I received a notice that there was a certified letter from the IRS waiting for me at the Post Office. Now certified letters from the government almost never contain good news. Instead of freaking out, I decided to rewrite the situation. I decided that my explanation letter and the missing forms was sufficient and the fines had been removed from my account.

    I went to the post office and collected my letter. The letter stated that I had 10 days to pay or they were going to seize my accounts.  I firmly repeated that the situation wasn't resolved yet and my account was clear.  I went home on my break and called the IRS, all the while projecting that I would get an understanding and efficient employee who would clear my account for me.

    When it was finally my turn the IRS employee took all of my information and informed me that the seizure letter and my explanation letter crossed in the mail.  They had accepted my explanation and the copies of the missing forms and satisfied my account and they had removed the charges!  I will be receiving a second letter stating that my account is current.

    TLDR: I can create my own world, my positive intentions are more powerful than even the IRS!

  • I am sure everyone who was on the call yesterday for the Teleclass would agree it was PURE GOLD!!!  I know that Carole had promised the Hereafter Advanced Class was amazing, but talk about under promising and over delivering.  Can hardly wait to get the MP3's as I know that this is one I will listen to over and over again!


    When the group picked this advance class to start with, I had kind of wanted to start with the one on falling apart, since that has been a theme for a while with me.  What a gift that this is in fact the one we started with....... having lost my mother several years ago, I still had not finally gotten to a place of neutral about this, and the material we covered yesterday morning will be invaluable to get me there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for such wonderful information.


    Have to say thank you to the group as well.  What a great mix of people.  When we get some of the 'vetrans' on the call I find that I am nervous to speak or add to the conversation, but this teleclass just flowed.  It went over by an hour, but who could ever think they are anything but blessed to spend 5 hours with such a master teacher as Carole.  I am so grateful for that........................... can hardly wait till we set the date for the next class ..............So excited!!!!!



  • What a wonderful and exciting Sunday I have had! I woke up to hear the raindrops softly falling on the ground and feel the chilly breeze throughout the outdoors! I am so grateful to have felt chilly weather at last! I love wind and rain! :) Thanks universe! Money was drawn to me by several different sources and I am absolutely grateful for this awesome gift given to me by the universe! :) I was able to afford the season dvd i have wanted and a delicious dinner for my family and I! One of my friends invited me out to hang out with other friends we shared and gosh dang we had tremendous fun together! We laughed, joked around, and were ourselves completely! :D One other awesome perk was that I found money everywhere I went it was really awesome! :D Throughout this week I found out the greatest news ever that I had won the sweepstakes for the contest from my favorite clothing store!! I was so ecstatic and overjoyed!! None of these incredible things wouldn't have happened without the wonderful help from the Universe! I am in alignment with the universe and in harmony with my self. :D I just got a free colored ink pens hahaha awesome! Thank you Universe for all that you have provided and will continue to provide for us all.
  • I love Fridays.! this one is even more special...I dropped my daughter to work and stop by the ATM machine in amazement my wire was done just this morning.  WOW I am so lucky! The universe is just beautiful to bless me in such a way! now I have enough money to pay for my rent and other expenses. I am just on top of the world because the universe allowed this wonderful blessing to take place.  How cool to allow me to make awesome arrangements with the landlord only to follow thru and allow me to be ontime.  The universe is always on time for me and adjusts every situation to my benefit ALWAYS. The day has just  begun so well! and now I can register myself for the CNA class which I have wanted to do so long. To top if off, right there at the store,  a young man hands me a cup with delicious fruits which are being offered as samples. I stop by the gas station to fill the tank and as usual, buy a lottery ticket.  Eventhough I ask for the mega million ticket, the cashier hands me a lotto which he says will be drawn in a few seconds.  Instead of arguing with the cashier, I shrug and remember that I am at one with tremendous amount of money. The Universe loves me, we are at one with eadh other, and the universe is always in control of my life. I proceed to pump gas  and return to the cashier to get a receipt which is something that I don't usually do. He asks me if checked my ticket and I hand him my ticket to verify the outcome.  He looks at me and proceeds to congratulate me.  I just won $20,000 What a way to start my day!  Yes I am at one with the Universe. The Universe is always there to rescue me and embellish each and every waking day.
    • Trudy love I am so so happy for you, yes one with a tremendous amount of money, well done



  • I woke up this morning with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Every financial obstacle was taken of as money is flowing in like a river! The positive energy from my accomplishments runs through me and touches everyone around me. My days of struggling are officially over!!
  • 'Money was drawn to me from everywhere today! I am so grateful that I now have $________ to enable me to pay my rent! An extremely lucrative, fulfilling opportunity was made available to me today and I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do! Everywhere that I go, people are constantly seeking me out for my services and everyone always says, 'YES!' I have got so much money now that I can't even count or spend it all!'”
    Posted July 9th 2011
  • I had an incredible day today! I woke up feeling the cool breeze caress my skin as I opened the window to enjoy nature's beauty! Thankfully, there wasn't many chores to do and my siblings eagerly volunteered to help tidy up the house. My dogs woke up in a positive mood and in such wonderful relaxed health. My friends invited me out to hang out and have a great evening filled with laughter and wonderful memories were created! Money was drawn to me from several sources today! I'm really grateful for it because now I can fully pay for my dog's surgery! Everyone in my home was in such a positive and joyous mood! We all enjoyed each other's company! I'm also very thankful for this beautiful day! :-D

  • I have had the best day today, June 20, 2011, I easily and joyfully attracted $10,000 into my life, doing exactly what I love doing, and having a really fun day! 

    Yeah! :-)

  • Today, I woke up full of energy, the dogs stayed upstairs with my husband so I could be alone and do some yoga and aerobics. How nice it was to have some "me" time and give my body the attention it needed. I then enjoyed some green tea as I began to work. My learners worked very hard today, and I had many great lessons and made some bonus money! 

    I then relaxed for a bit, and received some great news - that I had a won a prize!! The prize is very cute and my nieces and nephews will love it. I had a misunderstanding with an incorrect billing on my credit card, but it was taken care of quickly by the company and my credit card company. It was nice to see the money back in my account so quickly.

    My husband and I had a nice dinner, and made some plans for the weekend. We are going to enjoy our time together this weekend and have fun. 

    What a nice blessed day and I felt so in tune with My Power and The Universe, and was filled with so many surprises.


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