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  • It's me again.  Just stopped by to tell all you beautiful souls that Carole is once again sharing her wisdom and expertise.  She's giving a new, live teleseminar on "The Fountain of Youth."  I am so excited!  Using LoA and PowerVision Dynamics to create radiant health and perfect weight sounds great to me!  I want to be healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy -- gone!  I hope to see you all there!

    For more info, go to Carole's site.

    Blessings (and radiant health) to all,


  • Hi again, beautiful people!  Just wanted to share something lovely that happened yesterday.  I've been caught up in some drama at work, and have been turning to my Power a lot, and for the most part, I've been rising above it all.  But yesterday, I really wanted something nice to happen, so I did Carole's "Mirror Technique."  What spectacular results!!!!

    First was a colleague I very much respect who stopped by to tell me that he was totally on my side in the work kerfuffle, along with a number of other colleagues.  Who knew?  I thought I was pretty much on my own out there, but NO!  The Universe has my back, always.  "All the people who come into my life experience reflect to me Your support, love, respect, integrity, understanding, and love."

    Second, a graduating student stopped by specifically to say good-bye, and to tell me how much she enjoyed being my student, how much she learned from me, and how she was feeling prepared to enter practice because of me.  We both got a little misty-eyed.  It was so nice to hear (since the current drama involves the first-year class).  I am good at my job!  Students appreciate what I have to offer!  Thank You!

    And finally, I had 2 other students tell me how cute I looked yesterday (and I did, too!).  I loved hearing that.  I've been getting slimmer and slimmer (without dieting, thank you very much), and I'm the smallest I've been in 20 years.  It's nice to get noticed!

    Carole's teachings are da bomb, yo!  If you don't know the Mirror technique,  it's explained in Visualization:  The Power of Your Heart.  Or you can search through the threads here to find out how to do it ("Favorite Techniques" thread, I think).  It's easy, fun, and works like magic!

    Blessings to all,


  • Denita, re voice recording apps.

    First, love and light and blessings to you -- and everyone else reading this.

    Now, to the business of making recordings. If you use a recent version of Windows, there should be a free app that came with it -- you can make recordings with this. 

    Or you can download and install Audacity, which is also free. You have a great deal of editing control with it.

    Also, in MS Office you should find simple audio recording -- when you use Onenote, for example.

    Have fun making recordings and lifting your vibrations! 

  • Hi all you beautiful souls!  The sun is shining here in the Midwest, and the nasty cold weather is over!  Totally doing the happy dance, here.  My semester is over as well, and it's been one heck of a ride!  I love my life.  I love my Power.  I love deliberately creating what I want.   I have had tons of fun with friends, been really productive at work, and all around have a blast.

    I love living in bliss. I love living in ease and flow.  And I love unexpected money.  In the past 48 hours, I have received an unexpected $35 in cash, $145 in discounts, and free food all over the place! 

    Tend to your vibration every day.  You have planted seeds for a magnificent garden, so give it what it needs in order to blossom and grow.  Make the choice to connect with your Power and let the Power work through you.  Miracles are waiting!

    Blessings to you all,


  • Hey all! I've been listening to the Power Vision course which is amazing! Does anyone have any suggestions or apps to use the tape technique for this day and age? Is there any voice recording apps or what do you all use? Thanks in advance!

  • April 9th, 2014, I completed my Transition Skills Diploma (TSD) and had my high school diploma release to me! My vision board I created, with Carole Dore's, 2013 New Year Vision Of Prosperity Creating TeleWorkshop, is manifessing in my birth golden year. I cried so hard, as my 2 instructors checked off all the work I completed. I lite the whole room up, that everyone came to see what was happening and my instructors would tell each one, those are happy tears. They all begin to wish me congrats. You see I never received my high school diploma, I was a few credits off. But having created my own business, I received a waiver to take college courses. I went back to a adult high college in 1978, made the Honor roll, but had to stop because my family always came first, (my daughters). Then in 2000 start again to complete my diploma and stop for family again (my son). I received from that program, an award "Betting The Odds". 2012 I went into the work field, to use my expertise I was educated on. And when a License Specialist went through my file and saw I didn't have a high school diploma, I was asked to leave. They did ask me back and apologize because the Corporate office hired me, but they had to go by what the License Specialist says. Well I did not go back, instead I seek employment else where. I went where my doughter Princess, was taking classes to get her high school diploma, to ask if I could use the Lab to send and print my resume'. I told an instructor what happen and  she told me, today was an Orientation for completing your high school. I went home, got five dollars in quarders from my wash money to pay the fee for the oirentation and came back. As I was signing up the head instructor look at me and said, "Queen, this is a new program, how did you hear about the TSD?" I said, "I was at the right place at the right time!" ;-) When I was almost finish with the program, something happen, they couldn't find a school to work with the TSD program. So I said to myself laughing, oh well it's 2013 now and I can work at something else. I had gotten The Emergence Handbook For Getting Money Fast! I was inspried by Carole to think about the things I love to do and do something else to make money. I worked Retail and then I worked as a Deli Clerk. I loved meeting new people and making people feel good. I received a call from my instructor, who created the TSD program, John S. He said, because of all your hard work you have done, I will find away for you to complete the program. And he did. This time all my children have completed high school and have some college, but my oldest daughter has a Bachelor's degree. Now I too have a Synchronicity High School Diploma. ;-)) PeaceLovJoy!

  • Happy belated birthday, Carole! :D

    Okay, I am feeling much better now. I figured out part of the problem. The new assignment has me traveling to a location near where I used to live, specifically, very close to where I stayed in an extended stay motel after an abusive partner threw me and my son out of his house. It's brought back all sorts of bad memories of that time, and has been compounded by the fact that the work they have me doing in this assignment now is not what I enjoy doing nor what I am good at. So I've lost my enthusiasm for my job, and having to do a job I don't enjoy in a place that is full of bad vibes for me seems to have set me on a downward spiral. I realized I was actually becoming depressed--a state I've not experienced in years!

    So I started to change the way I think about it all. I first decided I needed to snap out of it, so I did, and I started listening to the High Vibration and Integration audios, along with other music that increases my vibration. I know I need to make the most of this new assignment and do the best job I can, so I am looking for things to enjoy and appreciate about it. One thing is they have me using a related software program I've not used before, and even though that program is being phased out by the manufacturer, it's still good to learn it. As long as I'm learning something, I feel better about the situation.

    Next, I started really stepping up my job search. I am looking for a job in my area of expertise and with a company who is looking for someone who does what I do and understands the value and importance of my skills to their business. I've found a couple of promising jobs and am interviewing and awaiting offers. 

    Meanwhile, I am seeking the light, looking for those sparks and synchronicity, and relaxing and having fun, while trusting the process is allowing events to unfold as they need to, in perfect time in the perfect way for me. All of this seems to be helping tremendously. Catching up with everyone here also helps, especially going back and reading all the awesome stories and wisdom from Toni and Queen!

    Thanks for your feedback, Queen. I was putting way too much of my focus on unpleasant events of a few years ago instead of focusing on the gratitude for the awesomeness my life has become since then. I am so grateful I connected with Carole back in those darker days, learning and growing. Eventually it all "clicked" for me and I got the hang of it and created wonderful events and circumstances and things in my life (and drew in some awesome people as well). I just need to keep the switch flipped, the lights on, and the joy radiating with the gratitude and love and awe and childlike wonder. 

    Thanks again! 

  • Today, April 12th is CAROLE DORE's BIRTHDAY................. have the best year EVER!!!


  • Hi Lauraness and Christian913, you get what you focus on. What are you two putting all your energy on? What are you thinking about all of the time? Change your thoughts and think on what you do want to happen in your life. Be like a child and find fun in what ever you are doing. Reread what you worte and find the one gold nugget. Money! Do you enjoy it? As Carole Dore' advise, look at it, smell it deeply and say, " I am at one with a tremendous amount of money!" When you a feeling I need more or a new job, remember to smell the money, until you are smelling money even when you just think about it ;-) 



  • I'm in a bind and if things don't pick up soon I may have to file bankruptcy. I've been sniffing the money and all but don't know what to do. I rather not file bankruptcy and would appreciate any help. 

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Contemplations and Techniques

In some of Caroles classes people mention techniques. Carole gives them by explaining the Power exercises or Contemplations. The call I'm currently listening to again in Oneness.I listen to the Health or Relationship Contemplation every night before I go to bed and yes as Carole said I have energized sleep. I started the Power exercise once and couldn't go to sleep I had so much energy. I did what she told us and when I finally asked The Power to go to sleep oh boy when I woke up I felt RESTED…

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Contemplations before Sleep

I listen to atleast 1 contemplation a day. I have been since I started learning from Carole. Mainly I listen before I got to sleep as Carole said. I wake up energized. Last night I couldn't go to sleep. It was just as Carole Said!! I had so much energy and all types of ideas for my business kept coming so I kept going with it. Finally I just told The Power that I wanted to go to sleep, just like Carole said. I did and I still woke up energized.THIS WORKS!!!

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Let the Childlike Spirit Lead!!!

Thanks Carole!!I am new to your process or shall I say THE POWER'S process and I'm grateful to the Cosmos for our paths aligning.This post and other posts I make are my way of saying Thank You Carole. IT WORKS and I have 500k to prove it...lol! I have journals my journey but at times words escape me. I don't know how to explain the various feelings, expanded experiences and magnificent miracles that have happened in DIVINE syncronicity. JUST LIKE YOU SAID!I didn't so anything but WHAT YOU…

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Excitement vs. Enthusiasm

I keep hearing Carole talk about "excitement kills manifestations," that we should be "enthusiastic" instead.This doesn't make sense to me. We all get excited about things, and excitement is a pleasurable feeling. It encompasses joy, happiness, bliss, anticipation, relief, fulfillment...a whole range of wonderful positive feelings. Why is this bad?I do understand that when it gets out of control, it could, like anything out of control, be detrimental and have the opposite effect. But how is…

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