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  • Hi everyone! I've got some cool news to share and also want to ask some advice.
    Carole already knows I took a trip to California back in October, and I got to go to Big Sur! It was as amazing as Carole has always said it is! Time seemed to stand still there, but in a good way. Oh, the National Parks were closed then so that meant Pfeiffer Beach and at least one other place was closed, but we got to see McWay Falls and a lot of other amazing spots. The trip had so many awesome moments of bliss and synchronicity, and it came together with a lot of free travel points and miles from the work I'd done during the year. Since the National Parks were closed, we didn't get to go to Yosemite, so we spent the day in San Francisco instead. We loved it! We went from LA, to Legoland in Carlsbad, up to Anaheim for the night, over to Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms (didn't get to go into Joshua Tree since it's a NP), back through LA and up to San Francisco. I had to stop in San Mateo to pick up a check for work, so that's why we went all the way up there. Stayed the night in Monterey and LOVED IT! Then down to Big Sur the next day. We stayed in the woods, in cute little tents. We explored Big Sur for a few hours. It felt like we were there for a long time, but we were only there about 24 hours. Then we drove down the coast to Santa Barbara for a night, then on to LA to hang out with our friends for the weekend. It was fantastic, and I now have Big Sur in my blood and am trying to find a way to get back there soon! :)
    Okay, so, the advice I'm asking is about resisting and jumping back into the flow of things. I am not enjoying my job right now. They've assigned me a project that I really don't like, and I'm somehow letting it really get to me (even though I know better!). I have been looking for a new job, focusing on the West Coast (gotta get closer to Big Sur!). I've had an interview for a job in Seattle but am hoping something in LA or San Francisco comes through, because I need the sunshine!
    So, what are some of your favorite things to do when you find yourself stuck in a rut, knowing you should be grateful for the entire situation, yet somehow it's really getting to you? I keep listening to the High Vibration Musical soundtracks, but the constant travel is really getting to me. Did I mention my new assignment has me traveling to Baltimore and back every week? I get to fly there every Monday and home every Thursday. I live in a hotel except on the weekends, when I get to be home. It's harder for me to stay zen when I'm constantly on the go and surrounded by large crowds like at the airport. 
    Suggestions? Advice? Carole, you know I know this stuff, but I just can't seem to shake off the low energy and pull myself out of it consistently!

  • Oh My Gosh! That's AWESOME!! Thank you! That's the BEST Birthday gift ever!!!! LOVE it & you too Queen! xoxoxo

  • Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You...All Month Synchronicity Long; and Many More! Love you Carole and thank you.


  • You just made me cry, Queen. You and Princess are so awesome! What a beautiful special story! You definitely are living in Synchronicity & Bliss. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! April is my birthday month, which I will be celebrating all month long, so you can just keep on celebrating with me as well. xoxoxo

  • I have been experiencing Syhronicity days, but this one I just have to share. After I was finishing up my final paper at my college Lab, my daughter Princess Hiyah, suprise me, when she came to my class. We went next door to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner. A lady walked in to place her order, and as she was whaching us enjoy our apperizer, she said, "now you made me order some mozzarella sticks!" I laugh. She said, I don't even know you. So I said, Hi I'm Queen and this is my daughter Princess who loves mozzarella sticks and I love the onion rings. I offer her some as I pick it up with a napkin. She said no I can't, I said, yes you can, here. We laugh and she took it. As the waiter brought her stcks out, she told her, I 'm sitting with Queen! I offter her to try the onion rings and she took her plate and pour her sticks in ours and said, now Princess has more sticks. We laught so hard. She began to tell me about her son, that she feels is not headed in the right direction. I gave her some words to up lift her Spirit and she began to cry. She hug me and then she thanked me and my daughter hug her good-by also. She received her order and left. I also had told her my birthday was March the 28th and I know it's April the 1st, but I celebrated the whold month of March and April the 1st too ;-) When I got up to pay for our meal, the waitress said, it's already been paid for by the lady who left. LHDA! Money is never an issue, the Divine Essence of your true loving nuture is and smelling Money!!!

  • Welcome Caramel Giliter! Hvae lots of fun with Carole Dore' teachings and coming to the forum. Congrats, you have found home ;-)

  • Hi Caramel -- welcome!  I know in my heart that you will find everything you need (and so much more!) with Carole's teachings.  Her approach is so dynamic and just so much fun!  And the more you learn, the more you'll want to know.

    Life can be absolutely phenomenal when you tap into the power of the Universe.  And the gifts that are tailored just for you will give your life such sparkle!  To name two since my last post:  I got an unexpected check for $250, and a throw pillow that looks like a $100 bill (it's very cool).

    Please feel free to ask any questions you have.  As you can see from the comment wall, Carole herself follows this forum and provides her guidance.  How could we possibly go wrong?

    I look forward to watching your expansion.

    Blessings and abundance to you,


  • Hello everyone. I am working on attracting all the love and positive energy the universe has to offer me, but am having a bit of a road block and Carol Dole's teachings seem like just what I needed~

    Long story short I am hoping to obtain financial stability so I can participate in my College graduation ceremony and also pay off debts, assist my mother and obtain the apartment of my dreams.

    I look forward to this new experience and sharing my progress here.

    With love 

    Caramel Glitter

  • Hi everyone -- I am back from a trip to Jamaica for Mom's memorial, and the Universe was amazing -- I got everything I asked for and more!  From easy travel and breezing through immigration and customs (carrying human cremains, no less) to swimming with the dolphins(!), to getting an amazing upgrade on the boat we rented for my Mom's ashes ceremony.  I met lots of really great people, a couple of whom were like-minded, and we discussed LoA for hours!  It was such a special time.  Thank You, Universe!!!

    Blessings and abundance to all,


  • Congrats Toni has wings!  Beautiful life you are living. So Synchronicity <3 Money is blooming everywhere ;-)

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Contemplations and Techniques

In some of Caroles classes people mention techniques. Carole gives them by explaining the Power exercises or Contemplations. The call I'm currently listening to again in Oneness.I listen to the Health or Relationship Contemplation every night before I go to bed and yes as Carole said I have energized sleep. I started the Power exercise once and couldn't go to sleep I had so much energy. I did what she told us and when I finally asked The Power to go to sleep oh boy when I woke up I felt RESTED…

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Contemplations before Sleep

I listen to atleast 1 contemplation a day. I have been since I started learning from Carole. Mainly I listen before I got to sleep as Carole said. I wake up energized. Last night I couldn't go to sleep. It was just as Carole Said!! I had so much energy and all types of ideas for my business kept coming so I kept going with it. Finally I just told The Power that I wanted to go to sleep, just like Carole said. I did and I still woke up energized.THIS WORKS!!!

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Let the Childlike Spirit Lead!!!

Thanks Carole!!I am new to your process or shall I say THE POWER'S process and I'm grateful to the Cosmos for our paths aligning.This post and other posts I make are my way of saying Thank You Carole. IT WORKS and I have 500k to prove it...lol! I have journals my journey but at times words escape me. I don't know how to explain the various feelings, expanded experiences and magnificent miracles that have happened in DIVINE syncronicity. JUST LIKE YOU SAID!I didn't so anything but WHAT YOU…

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Excitement vs. Enthusiasm

I keep hearing Carole talk about "excitement kills manifestations," that we should be "enthusiastic" instead.This doesn't make sense to me. We all get excited about things, and excitement is a pleasurable feeling. It encompasses joy, happiness, bliss, anticipation, relief, fulfillment...a whole range of wonderful positive feelings. Why is this bad?I do understand that when it gets out of control, it could, like anything out of control, be detrimental and have the opposite effect. But how is…

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