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  • Hi everyone!  I have had the most spectacular manifestation, and I just had to share.  I am flying so high!!!!

    I am such a kid about fireworks.  They are probably my favorite thing on earth, and for a long time, seeing fireworks anywhere has been a message of love from the Universe to me.  And this time of year is just great for that.  But I live waaaaay out in the country, and my little village doesn't do a fireworks show for the 4th.  The closest area is a good 45 minute drive away.  What with the crowds, the late hour, and the distance, I have yet to attend their "star spangled spectacular."  But this year, in my drive to put ever more fun in my life, I made plans to go.

    So when the time comes to start out on Friday, I really wasn't feeling it.  Instead, I was feeling all kinds of stress about logistics, etc., and finally decided to skip it and stay home.  I could watch fireworks on tv, right?  But I did put a thought out to the Universe that I wanted to see live fireworks soon, in an easy, relaxed way, no stress, no bother, just fun!

    So last night, when I heard the sounds of firecrackers, I went out to my back yard to watch the kids play.  And get this:  one of my nearer neighbors was having a party, and you guessed it!  FIREWORKS!!!!!  Bursts of color and light high up in the sky!  I could see the entire show from my back yard.  And the only reason I could even see the display is because the farm behind my house planted soybeans instead of corn this year!  It was so cool!  I am so blessed!!!  I started grinning and just couldn't stop.

    And if that weren't enough, I could see another fireworks show low on the horizon!  This was a professional show (you can tell by the quality of the pyrotechnics), and it was spectacular!!!!  So, I'd look to the North, and there's a burst of color.  Then I'd look to the East, and there's another!  I was completely awestruck!!!  I probably stood outside watching for about an hour -- in my bathrobe and slippers, lol.  I could hear the sounds of fireworks elsewhere, but I couldn't see them through all the trees.  It was wonderful knowing there were other people out there, enjoying the night and the show.  I felt so connected!

    Wow.  Just wow.  Every time I think my life is spectacular, it gets even more amazing!  Just what I wanted.  Exactly the way I wanted it.  The Universe moved all kinds of people and things around to give me my most heartfelt desire.  It was more than I could even have imagined, and nothing I expected.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

    Keep your Beloved Power close to your heart.  It is the source of the most profound love you will ever experience.  And fireworks!

    Blessings and abundance to you all,


  • Congrats, Mo!  You are a manifesting machine!!!!  I love it when the Universe delivers (as it always does).  It's thrilling to see it all work just as Carole teaches.

    My partner has been experiencing some trouble sleeping lately, and I suggested that she set her sleep intentions when she goes to bed.  I do this all the time and I sleep like a baby!  Just as I turn out the light, I imagine myself in the arms of my Beloved Power.  Then I say, "In the arms of my Beloved, I fall asleep quickly and easily.  I sleep deeply and soundly and get lots of rest.  When I wake up, I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, refreshed and rejuvenated, eager to embrace my day.  Thank You, Universe."  It's like magic.  I sleep great, and wake up still connected to my Power.  Awesome!

    Blessings to all (and a great night's sleep)


  • Hi guys, I'm at one with a tremendous amount of money!!!!  There were 3 items that I really wanted to buy for a while but haven't been able to. So, in the last 3 days I've been saying "I'm at one with a tremendous amount of money" and when I went shopping today, all 3 items were 1/2 price!! Woohoo!! I saved $21!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

    I had some good news too, my daughter's boyfriend found a job!! I've only been sending loving thoughts their way and haven't even started doing the power treatment yet. Must get on and do it!! The Universe is so Powerful! xx

  • Toni has wings Thank you so much for your help. I will tryvthis and keep you updated. Thanks once again. Love and Light x
  • Hi everyone!  So much activity!  Welcome to the forum.  I know you'll find the high vibrational energy here incredibly uplifting!  Such a wonderful group of people here.

    To Mo -- The Power Treatment is a technique that Carole created that she teaches in her "How to Give Power Treatments" workshop.  It's essentially a strategic statement about someone (including you, if you want) that allows you to move divine energy through the form of that person you carry in your heart.  You see them in your mind's eye as whole, free, abundant, healthy, etc.  Always powerful, positive statements, always focused their absolute perfection no matter what the 3d dimension looks like. (.e.g, "I see you (daughter's name) living in absolute peace and harmony in your beautiful new place, enjoying comfort and ease immediately.  I see the love of the Universe drawing to you a new dwelling right now, easily and effortlessly, and in complete synchronicity.") 

    You create everything through your Beloved Power (the god power within) you see, tapping into that higher energy, and allowing it to create through you.  So you start by connecting to your Power, and then speak (or write) your words with feeling.  Once you're finished, you release it to your Power.  

    It feels sooooooo good to give a Power Treatment, because all that energy flows through you first.  And they're very, very effective.  My sister's mylenoma is still in remission, and she's feeling so good!  I did a different one for my partner, and her diabetes in completely under control now -- to the point where she's been taken off her insulin!  Amazing stuff.

    Hi Tala -- you know that you are the Beloved of the Universe, right?  That means that the Universe always has your back.  Your Power knows you and loves you better than you can even imagine.  So, tending to your vibration is the only thing you need to do to create the workplace of your dreams.  Write down how happy you are that everyone at your new job appreciates and respects you (I do that all the time, and I've been working at the same place for 14 years).  Write down how much you appreciate that everyone you come into contact with at work reflects the love the Universe has for you ("Everywhere I go, I meet only You.  Everyone who comes into my life experience reflects your appreciation, respect, integrity, compassion, consideration, and understanding.")  Write down how much you love working there, how good you are at your job, how everyone just loves to have you around.  How you love getting compliments on the work you do.  Just whatever makes you feel good to focus on.  Then release it and go have some fun.  Find things to appreciate, to laugh about, to enjoy.  The energy you tap into creates all things new, so don't be surprised if other areas of your life start to sparkle as well.

    And to allowing_pink:  welcome!  The Money PowerVision is extremely powerful and fun to do!  Keep your eyes open for the gifts, because they're on their way!  And the more you study with Carole, the better it gets, I promise you.

    Again, welcome to you all!  Much love to you.


  • Hi guys! I'm new here and was lurking around for a few days. I was inspired by all of the stories in Carole's "smelling money" forum that I finally decided to join. I started smelling money and meditating yesterday and I feel GREAT!! I'm excited to see what awesome things are in store for me!

  • Hello every one, I hope I can find someone to help me.
    After 27 years in the same school, I had to move to a new job ( I am so happy and grateful to have found quickly a new post)
    I need help to be appreciated, with friendly supervisors and mostly to do my job to perfection without being scared.
    Thanks a lot, any help would do.
    Lots of love

  • Thank you so much for your loving words Queen. I really felt and amazing loving energy when I read your comment xx
  • Hi Mo Most beautiful mother. Are children causes us to get clear on how we are using our minds. Share Carole Dore' audios with your daughter, she sounds like she has to raise her belief about money. When you have learn her technique keep using it and for your child. You will be celebrating with her very soon. As for your situation, celebrate because something wonderful is about to happen! 

    Be Grateful ;-)

    PeaceLovJoy, QueenHajar I Akanqi

  • Hi guys!

    Since started using Carole's recordings and putting into practise, my life changed so much.  I am so grateful for Carole's work, truly is the best  Law of Attraction technique I've ever came across.

    So many beautiful changes and wonderful things happened.  I went from being worried about money to emigrating to a completely different country. How amazing is that!!

    I have been in my new home for 6 months now and cant seem to get anywhere with getting a job.  I don't seem to be able to get tap into the beautiful energy I was working with 6 months ago.  To make matters worse, I have heard from my daughter (who still lives in UK) that she lots her job a while ago and now she has to move out of the house she is living by the July 1st!!  I'm so concerned for her, that I cant seem to I cant be at peace to get into my spiritual work.

    Toni, you have mentioned on your post dated January 22nd, that you did a  power treatment for your sister.  How can I do that for my daughter?

    I really appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks for your time guys.

    Light, Love and Prosperity to you all xx

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