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  • Hi Kendra -- I spent most of the month of December listening to Money and Success almost daily.  What an incredible ride!  Not only did I get lots of gifts, freebies, refunds, and discounts, I got cash, too!  Whoo-hoo!  Money is all around, and will flow in from absolutely everywhere, if you just keep that vibration rise and trust your Beloved Power to provide.

  • Good morning!  Something really sweet happened to me yesterday, a beautiful sign of love from the Universe to me!

    Here in the midwest, it's snowing!  Strange for February, I know, but there you have it. Anyway, we had blizzard-like conditions most of the day, with high winds, blowing snow and low temps.  Well, I was lying on my bed reading, when I happened to look outside.  I took a moment to appreciate that I was warm and snug and safe at home, when I noticed a Cardinal perched on a branch on the lilac bush that sits outside my window!

    That bird was facing into the wind, ruffling its feathers just a bit to maintain balance, but never moved!  Then, in the moments the wind stopped, it calmly started eating until the next wind blew.  It was amazing!

    My first thought was "Wow.  Look at that.  No matter how hard or cold the wind, that bird just hangs on, waiting calmly for it to pass.  And then calmly takes action when it's time.  It's not cursing the wind and cold.  It's ignoring it, for the most part, and getting on with life."

    My second thought was "Spring!  If the Cardinals are back, Spring is coming!!!"

    My third thought was "It's Valentine's Day, and my Beloved Power just sent me a spectacular gift!  A plump, feathery, bright red valentine telling me to hang in, Spring is just around the corner!"

    What a great day.

    Hope you all had loving encounters yesterday, celebrating the love all around.  It's everywhere you look!

  • Lovely story, Toni. Inspiring.

  • Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling good, looking good, and having a ball! It’s been a while since I posted – but The Universe has my back, as always.

    I’m creating a new course this semester for my college, which has been a challenge. You see, there’s no textbook for it, no models I could emulate since no one has ever taught this course before – anywhere. I decided that the best thing I could do would be to create this through my Power – and then I would have the best materials and the most awesome class imaginable! Following up on that intention, I refused to take any action until it felt good, even though the deadline was looming closer and closer. I knew that if I tried to hammer things together without being in that connected place, it would be a struggle, and I wouldn’t get a lot done. So I waited for divine inspiration, and acted on it when it felt good to me.

    I wasn’t feeling well-prepared for our first class session last week, which is unusual for me. I have been teaching for 20 years, and I have my other subjects down cold! I was ready to have class the next morning, just wasn’t feeling good about it, and I put out the thought that I’d go if necessary, but I’d really prefer not to. The next morning – there’s a 2 hour delay because of snow, which meant my class was cancelled! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Another two days to prepare! Got my driveway cleared out lickety-split, and didn’t have to go in until the afternoon. Whoo-hoo!

    Then this past weekend, I was searching for some particular materials that I hadn’t been able to find that I wanted to include in yesterday’s class, but no luck. As I got more and more frustrated, I realized that I wasn’t relying on my Power, but trying to do it all myself. So I let it go, sent a thought out that I’d like to find this stuff easily and quickly, and went on to do something else. So yesterday morning, about 10 minutes before class, I was online looking up a website that I wanted us all to be on during class.

    And in that search? I came across the very materials I had spent so much time looking for!!!!! Yup! There they were – and more than I could have imagined. I got state-by-state lists, pro/con arguments, research references, even some exciting “fun facts” about the topic! It was marvelous! 5 minutes before class I had copies of everything I needed to pass out to them, and a bunch of stuff I didn’t even know I could use that made class a whole lot of fun! I love my life! I love my Power! I love living in the divine flow. Everything always works out for me – how could it not with the entire Universe on my side!

    Trust your Power. Let It create through you, and watch as together, you do amazing things!

    Blessings and abundance to you all,

  • Happy Pro$perous New Year - 2015, everyone! I see this being the Most Spectacular, Fun-Filled, Successful Year of your lives so far! And I see ALL of your empowering Visions in Life becoming a realty in total Synchronicity! Love you all!


  • Toni,

    Thank you! Indeed! I have been listening to the Empowering Relations Contemplations, Money and Success Contemplations and the Radiant Health Contemplations. I find myself doing at least one of these contemplations almost daily. I find it easier to do at work when I have some down time. At home it's hard to have alone time with three kids.

  • Thank you Carol Dore' for the wonderful greeting card in my email. And it seems at the end of each year I begin to re listen to....The Emergence Handbook For Getting Money Fast! And it works! Here to Smelling Money ;-)

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  • Happy Holidays, everyone!  I see you all experiencing the complete love and support of the Universe on this special day.  You are loved beyond measure.

    Blessings and abundance to you all,


  • Congrats, Christian!  Don't you just love feeling great?  

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