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  • Hi Arnold and welcome!  Congrats on finding Carole and her awesome teachings.  You are going to have an absolute blast as your life just smoothly and effortlessly ascends to the next level!

    As for daily habits, I still sniff the money and listen to the Money & Success Contemplation often.  But more than that, it's a daily way of being.  It's about recognizing that money is a manifestation of the love of the Universe, and since the love of the Universe is never-ending, neither is my access to money, you see?  I acknowledge every day, often moment by moment that the love of the Universe "is my freedom and my continual supply."  I thank the Universe for everything -- from the sunshine outside my window to finding the phone number I needed to an unexpected $30 in cash.   I no longer say "I'm paying bills," but instead that "I'm spreading Universal love," because that's what I'm doing.  When a bill comes in, I write on the outside "Thank You for the Money."  When I pay it, I write on the bill itself "Thank You -- PAID!" and I write "Thank You" on the back of the envelope.  I think about the fact that I am so blessed that people provide services and goods and lets me pay for them later!  I think about the bill that I am paying and what I got in exchange for the money I'm about to give them -- how much I love my home, my car, my new phone, etc.  

    As much as Carole's teachings provides us with techniques and tips for handling "emergencies,"  far deeper is her teaching that we are always loved and supported by the Universe.  We always have been, even when we didn't acknowledge it.  And once we acknowledge that, it gets even better!



  • I just purchased the combination with a lot of Caroles teachings. I have listened to the visualization power of the heart and the the handbook and am very impressed. I have had some good results so far.

    I was wondering what peoples daily habits are with her techniques specifically when it comes to money and wealth accumulation

  • Thanks, Toni :) x x x

  • Hi Lisa -- you really should delve more deeply into Carole's works, it will truly be life-altering.  The Money sniffing is a powerful tool for creating money fast, but her work is about so much more than money.  She has equally effective tools and techniques for everything -- relationships, health, job, home, all of it!  And since we create through our hearts rather than our minds, you create in joy and love and laughter, rather than mental effort and control.

    Once you get the basics from "Visualization -- The Power of Your Heart," you'll move on to "The Intensified Prosperity Workshop," which will take your life to a whole new level (I'm not kidding).  From there, the next step is the Male-Female Integration Workshop, which sets all this in bedrock.  You won't have to remember or remind yourself to create in a deliberate way, you just live it!

    Keep on sniffing, but make the intention to attract the funds you'll need to get started.  Once you do, you won't want to stop!

    Blessings and much abundance to you,


  • Wow, Toni, what a testimony! I think I need to get some more of Carole's work, all I do is the money sniffing - it is wonderful, but I am feeling there is much more I am missing!

  • Hello beautiful souls!  It's been a while, as a new semester has started, and I'm once again busy, busy, busy.  But I took some time today to read a few other LoA forums, and it did nothing but strengthen my appreciation for Carole and all her insights!  

    They're all making it soooooo hard on themselves!  Training their minds, leading with masculine energy, trying to eliminate all negative thoughts and beating up on themselves when they can't, leaving out any connection/interaction with the larger part of ourselves.  Deliberate creation is much easier -- and much more delightful -- when we allow our Beloved Powers to create through us!

    As QueenHajar points out -- living in synchronicity is a magical, wonderful way to live!  Try it -- you'll like it!



  • This is my best life! I am living in Synchronicity right now! I just joined Carole Dore's Create Money Fast! Support TeleClass...So Much Divine Synchronicities has happened in my life since 2014. Secrets of my heart has come true and has now carry me to my home in Georgia! I left the city I had grown up in, with me 3 youngest adult children (2007) With the intention to move to Savannah, Georgia. Six years later, lots of things were going crazy, But, we quit our jobs and hopped on a bus, May 31,2016 and arrived in Savannah, Georgia June the 1st. 2016. 

    What a Synchronicity life movie.And it's my's! Here to smelling the MO!!! 

    Thank you, Carole Dore your Inspiration from Your Heart to Minds ;-)

  • Hello, lovely ones -- here's a thought to contemplate:

    You know how a baby looks at you when you hold it in your arms?  Or the look in the eyes of a beloved pet when it gazes at you?  This is how your Beloved Power looks at you.  This is the adoration the Universe has for you.  When you acknowledge that this is how the Universe beholds you, you will immediately feel the power of love, the power of acceptance, and the power of joy.  And your life becomes even more magical!

    It's an awesome thing.



  • Thanks, Toni has wings!  

  • Hi Linda -- I bumped the thread for your viewing pleasure!  The discussion devolves a bit into weight-loss strategies, but eventually we focus back on Carole's techniques.  Have fun!

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Contemplations and Techniques

In some of Caroles classes people mention techniques. Carole gives them by explaining the Power exercises or Contemplations. The call I'm currently listening to again in Oneness.I listen to the Health or Relationship Contemplation every night before I go to bed and yes as Carole said I have energized sleep. I started the Power exercise once and couldn't go to sleep I had so much energy. I did what she told us and when I finally asked The Power to go to sleep oh boy when I woke up I felt RESTED…

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Contemplations before Sleep

I listen to atleast 1 contemplation a day. I have been since I started learning from Carole. Mainly I listen before I got to sleep as Carole said. I wake up energized. Last night I couldn't go to sleep. It was just as Carole Said!! I had so much energy and all types of ideas for my business kept coming so I kept going with it. Finally I just told The Power that I wanted to go to sleep, just like Carole said. I did and I still woke up energized.THIS WORKS!!!

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Let the Childlike Spirit Lead!!!

Thanks Carole!!I am new to your process or shall I say THE POWER'S process and I'm grateful to the Cosmos for our paths aligning.This post and other posts I make are my way of saying Thank You Carole. IT WORKS and I have 500k to prove it...lol! I have journals my journey but at times words escape me. I don't know how to explain the various feelings, expanded experiences and magnificent miracles that have happened in DIVINE syncronicity. JUST LIKE YOU SAID!I didn't so anything but WHAT YOU…

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Excitement vs. Enthusiasm

I keep hearing Carole talk about "excitement kills manifestations," that we should be "enthusiastic" instead.This doesn't make sense to me. We all get excited about things, and excitement is a pleasurable feeling. It encompasses joy, happiness, bliss, anticipation, relief, fulfillment...a whole range of wonderful positive feelings. Why is this bad?I do understand that when it gets out of control, it could, like anything out of control, be detrimental and have the opposite effect. But how is…

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