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  • Robert - would you please start a discussion with your question? That way people can respond to you without getting mixed up with some other person's issue. And if you can give a few more details.....how long have you had the nervous problem. How long has your stomach reacted to your nervousness. How does the stomach problem interfer in your life.

    Thanks, and thanks for joining this group.
  • Hi I wanted to know how to use the EFT to help me cure my stomach muscles intestines spasms thats due to nerves. I am most of the time a hppy person and when it does not hurt I am so grateful. How can the EMT help me? Thank you
  • Successnow - why don't you start a discussion thread about your feelings and ask for help there...........It sounds to me like the first issue is the beliefs about being undeserving of asking for what you need. That is hooked to the abundance issues but if that isn't erased first........well, I think, the abundance will always be blocked.
  • Thank-you for your reply,I apppreciate this very much. I am willing to be helped,I just don't know how to go about it here?..I had recieved help from Retta before and that really helped tremendously..Just a short update here(daughter arrived with a cake for her daughter). That was wonderful!
  • Succssnow88,

    I would suggest actually working with someone else on these issues you are having. Something I remember talking to an EFTer friend of mine once is that sometimes we are just *too* close to our situation. We can't see the forest for the trees. Also, we can avoid poking at the deep core issue because, frankly, we are too afraid to. Also an outside person can sometimes have a needed perspective and objectivity. I have found it helpful for myself to work with others at times.

    I'd be willing to help you and I would imagine a few others of this group would as well. Retta seems a wonderful help! :D
  • I really needed to share my recent situation because it's been challenging for the past 3 days.I have been tapping and crying quite a bit and I have never felt so alone with all these situations that have come up for me.My car broke down and the motor ceased and I got it towed to someone I knew (cash I couldn't use$100),used money from my bills I needed to pay and I had some money for my grandaughters birthday. Then I picked up car from friend mechanic and more money spent for him looking at it $89 then I got it towed home $75 as I know from others I can find used motor to get fixed.I got home and today was my grandaughters birthday and I couldn't buy her a cake but I did have a gift for her and we had hard time putting it together.My daughter whom recently moved in with us temporairly had some money and it was difficult to ask her to put money for her daughters cake,She has problems with alcohol and weed and I couldn't express my anger with her as she was heading out today to look for work and she later went to her aunts place(party house).This was a sad day for me I have had this area come up many times in my life of (undeserving of help)(undeserving of abundance) and I really had to tap today.I still haven't found some release and I still feel the same.I feel so much loss and I feel so alone and broke and grieving of no car although I have been tapping around abundance.I will continue but I wondered if anyone has any ideas as to where to start tapping as this all overwhelms me with all these incidents all at once. Thank-you for your time here!
  • Shirley - why don't you start a discussion about your sleep issue. Give some details - what is it that keeps you from sleeping? Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Is this a new issue or does it go back years? If it is new, what has changed in your life?

    as I wrote to Saloni, it is easier to address individual issues in a discussion rather than mixing things up in the comments list.
  • Saloni, of course you can get help. I suggest you read through the various articles at the top of his group and read some of the other discussions. Then start your own discussion letting us know what your issue is. It is much easier to address issues in a discussion than in the comment portion.

    Glad you are here.

  • I dont know much about EFT... can i get help?
  • Thanku to all that helped with good vibes....Thanku Thanku Thanku.....My original 2 tickets were $287 and 1 ticket got let go and my final payment is $57 with 2 demerits instead of 3.....I am so grateful to all!
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EFT to Deeply Relax

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