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  • To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason, Purpose, Self-esteem.

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  • Hi all, found this site in the course of my research into a film experiment and have found it enormously useful.

    But I have many questions unanswered, and am finding it very difficult to wade through the (90% nonsense) I find on consciousness, reality and suchlike. Even harder to find anything that relates this with film, or even connects to film in some way.

    As a film-lover (and almost film-maker) I believe film has an established ability to represent and explore consciousness, but am interested in whether film can expand consciousness.

    A little background about my endeavour: I am attempting to make a film about a guy undergoing a nervous breakdown/psychotic episode/spiritual awakening, set during this process.
    The guy's experience is intended to be analogous (macroscopically) to the coming global apocalypse (i.e. consciousness singularity/paradigm shift/turning point (or whatever you want to call it)), or microscopically to the process of reality perception, change, understanding and assimilation we experience minutely moment to moment.

    Pretty hard to explain what I am trying to do really, so I wont say too much. My web meanderings have turned up a film called 'what the bleep do we know'. I think I am trying to do what that film attempts to do, but (appears to) fail to do. From the reviews I have read this film seems like its trying to expand consciousness by laboured explaining, whereas I am intending to actually give the audience an experience much like enthogens or meditation.

    It may be useful to provide examples of other artist's media that I consider to be consciousness expanding:

    Any ideas, links, suggestions, film recommendations etc. very gratefully received.
  • We are Diamonds

    Each of us has such beautiful LIGHT inside.

    The many facets of our surface sometimes become tarnished due to environmental factors.

    It is necessary then - with the help of our LOVED ONES, Family and Friends to ensure that these surfaces are kept polished so that the Colourful Brightness of our BEing can SHINE from In to Out and Out to In.

    When we SEE that someone has decided to SET themselves behind the tarnish and do not wish to be removed from their chosen setting... (thus letting their light dwindle)... give them a little tickle with the smooth cloth of humour.

    This normally does the trick and works like magic.

    Share the Light and Polish Frequently.

    We are Diamonds.

    Some have it rough... but remember they polish up beautifully to.



    The life force that is all around you
    Everything is connected.
    Idea and Text, Rab Adamson
    Music, Ambient Generation
    Tittle, Wonderment
  • Using my skill of clairvoyance, not perfectly honed yet, I can visualize a better life. Of course some of the powerful intended products I feature on my home page here, really do help make the visualization more stimulating. Check my page at your convenience and share with me some of your ways you expand your consciousness and make better things come to fruition . . .
  • Animal Lovers / Beautiful Souls
    Come and Join me --- "Earthlings" You have seen the Documentary - What Now???
    We must move collectively to protect Animals
    Gracious Thanks

  • GRACE CHILDREN’S ORPHANAGE MISSION STATEMENT “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27 “ On November 6th, year 1996, a great cyclone hit us. We lost everything. Homes and fields were damaged severely. 2,000 people died at this time. 1996 was a terrible year for our area. Amalapuram, A devastating cyclone occurred with heavy down pour of rain and lashing winds where thousands of houses washed away, thousands of yielding trees felled to the ground, thousands of human beings, children men, & women and old people were washed away and died and many animals died. It was every Pathetic and heart wrenching experience to go through that scene. Children without parents, relatives were in the streets after the heavy delusion, begging for food and clothing many became subject to the communicable diseases like cholera, Typhoid and decently, pneumonia, dengue fever etc., Millions of people remained as suffering population. As result of this, we opened our home to many orphan children. It is by faith in God alone,Our Orphanage ministry come to the rescue of the people especially children and old widows who lost their Belongings in the natural calamities such as floods, fire accidents, earthquake ,cyclone etc., by attending in teams by helping them cooking vessels, rice, clothing and blankets, medicines and other required items. The entire expenditure is being met by our Ministry all over the state where ever such calamity occur, As I looked at this horrible suffering sconce, I was moved and I visited the homes of the surviving families and believers and begged them to share some food and clothing for the cyclone victims. I and few others took up this task to feed the people and distributed relief clothing. Even though I lost my own house yet I engaged myself in giving relief to these especially, I paid special attention to the orphans and old widows. And supporting equipment for people with disabilities. I started this ministry with the name “GRACE CHILDREN’S ORPHANAGE” in 1996 itself and got it registered with the Government in the year 1998. The charity no, 423/1998. We the organization Grace Children’s orphanage committed to serve the destitute children (boys and girls) Since that time the orphan children have been receiving school education, residency, food, clothing, uniform, medical care and widows are being given total care like food, clothing, housing, medical care etc., the Lord have been promoting this ministry through donations from individuals and friends. The ministry is still in progress, looking forward for friends, and individuals for support. The ministry is growing, orphan children have to get into high school and college. We can not ignore them at this juncture. They need to study and take up some job or trade and maintain and support their survival. Our primary motto is to inculcate the spiritual learning and build up God’s Wisdom among the boarders. We are giving training to the boarders in handicrafts also. In the beginning we have started with 10 children in our home with our own resources. Now the present strength raised up to 70 children with in 3 branches (places) from Believers of our Lord Jesus and Christian donors who are interested in our main aim to uplift the destitute children. By the Gods grace the maintenance of hostel etc., is being developed day by day. Among the 3 branches, 2 branches are our own buildings and the remaining 1 branch have taken by paying rent (rented building) We have to construct permanent buildings in the remaining rented building for which we are praying God every day. More parentless and poor children approaching us to give them also admission in our institution, because it is running and conducting on sound lines without profit making efforts. But since we are not able to maintain the present staff itself with our limited sources, we require some more sponsors to assist us in this mighty effort to admit more and more poor and needy children in this area in to our Grace Children’s orphanage, charity organization.
    Therefore, I need your help, please adopt this orphanage and widows home and God will bless you. Please pray for our ministry unceasingly. So that our good Lord will speak to you to be a part of this grace orphan children’s ministry. Looking forward for your love and grace. Please pray for us. Thank you,

    If the Lord, burdens your heart to support this Ministry with its orphanage children, this is between you and God.
    Send To Mailing Address:
    Bro Emmanuel Nethala
    Grace Children’s Orphanage
    D. No: 13-15-11, Bethany Pet
    BHIMAVARAM – 534201
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

    Or, you can use PayPal

    From Brother Emmanuel
    "My Dear Loving brother Dean.

    Thank you for ask me to give you a list things. I need the following things please note: for children needs: Clothes or dresses, books, note-books Pens, Pencils, erasers, compass box, some play materials like cricket bats, balls, volley balls, foot ball (soccer) skipping roper, ring tennis, clothes, general, bed sheets, sweaters because winter ushers in.

    For widows, clothes (sarees) blouses, bed sheets and for widowers dothies, shiots, bed sheets, when Christmas comes we need to give them, soaps, and detergent, sweets, tooth brush, tooth pastes, soap cases, towels, napkins, small toys for playing, and good special lunch or dinner. There are also staff ayas, they also needs some things what I mentioned. In feet you are will aware of their needs, please pardon me if I have listed more things. I have taken freedom to express our needs because you have given me the freedom. We need to conduct some games for the children and give them priges to encourage and bring out their inner talents like competitions in easy writing, both in Telugu, English, Drawing and some hearty culture.

    Therefore sir, please go through the list of things, and do what you can, to make our orphans and widows feel with smile that there is some one to care for us, and will be their dada provided by our eternal father.

    Once again let me sincerely thank you for the bottom of my heart for the interest you are taking and sharing our burdens. Remember you are these children’s parents providing them these valuables imagine as they receive your gifts, there is joy, smile on their blooming faces, what an occasion it is going to me. Praise God and glory Jesus.

    Your Brother in Lord.
    Emmanuel Nethala"

    Please pass this message / contact along to your friends
    Gracious thanks.
  • May the magic of this holiday be yours today and all throughout 2009! A toast of love, joy, health and prosperity xoxoxo

  • I'm seeking 100 plus dynamic and fearless people who are confident, ready to travel, excited about talking to groups everywhere, empowering the way people live while housing homeless children.

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  Click to read article: After reading, you can use the Back button in your browser to return here to participate in a discussion. If you like the article, join the group on this network called The Awakening.

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If you like the article, join the group on this network called The Awakening.

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 Click to read article: After reading, you can use the Back button in your browser to return here to participate in a discussion. If you like the article, join the group on this network called The Awakening.

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