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  • Hello everyone! I'm new here.  I was attracted here because of a 30-Day Mental Cleanse I have been on. Awesome stuff!

  • Wealth Art.
    Learn the art of creating wealth.

  • hi everybody,

    i am a new member in the LOA community. All the departments in my life startede changing for the better since the time i started reading the wonderful book of Baba 'YOUR MIND YOUR BEST FRIEND'. Now i feel it is the divine play that brought me into this community. On going through the objects of the community and the writings by the members so far i have seen, i am fully convinced that this is a great step in the direction of further progressing in my persuits. I shall keep communicating.

  • hi FRIENDS....
     do u know any thing about hypnosis ... can it be learned... if yes do have any idea how?????


  • Seasons Greetings,

    Wishing everyone continued success and abundance.


    Blessed Be,


  • Donna I know very little about marketing! But ONE thing I want to suggest is do it when you meet people if you prefer rather than online - maybe? and see it as hey you have this GREAT product which you DO I am sure that will BENEFIT the people who choose to use it - I picked this up in a money seminar will get back to you with the name. So, yeah. I agree spamming is a bad idea. Mailing lists are fine but getting an email for a product from someone you did NOT sign up for information from is NOT. Could would your support group help you spread the word a little?
  • I am looking for some suggestions. I have published my book, and gotten a support group started for those who work through the principles. I feel a bit at a stand still. I've used twitter, FB, etc to get the word out. The message I keep hearing is to open my heart and arms to prosperity. Marketing is not my strong suit.. thus I am here asking for suggestions.
    I'm not into spamming or really pushing marketing. I don't like it so I don't do it.
    Anyone want to share ideas that work for you?
    I appreciate your help. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today with this project.

  • I am new to LOA, but I am eager to meet positivie people and have positive influences around me. I believe in I have an abundance of happiness and I am willing to share. I look foward to this experience.
  • Hi,

    I`ve been so eager for change of my life until when i got the knowledge of the law of attraction. Since then i wrote down a number of issues which include a new dream job with a perfect salary, my dream car, $125,000, dream house among other things. I visualise every night before i go to bed and i have worked on my gratitude wiritng down things to be grateful for every day. My perception to life has truly changed but i havent been able to attract the real things i want in life especially the job since i started by quiting my current job.
    Please advise me on how i can make this happen, may be there is something am not doing right and send positive energy my way. Thanks

  • I need to join this group please send positve energy my way.
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3 Manifesting Techniques That Increase Mental Focus

One of the most powerful techniques for manifesting what we want is the ability to increase mental focus upon the target of your desires. Mental focus can be easy when you know how to create and built it. However lack of focus is the key reason most people fail to manifest their desires.There is the passive of the awakened mind. This sort of focus requires that you keep your mind on your goals every day and all during the day so that your manifesting energy does not get wasted. In addition to…

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No Power without Gratitude

I wanted to share a discussion on Gratitude, why is it so central to the LAO ?First, you believe that there is one intelligent substance, from which all things proceed.Second, you believe that this substance gives you everything you desire.And third, you relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound GRATITUDE.And the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.The law of gratitude is the natural…

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John Assaraf on Law of Attraction Talk Radio tomorrow night!

Are we getting plugged in yet? Of course we are and that is what's going to make our manifestations so magnificent in 2009.On Law of Attraction Talk Radio tomorrow night, we have John Assaraf sharing how he turned his life around from being a trouble youth (ON HIS OWN) and moved forward by getting his real estate license. He then (at a very early age) made REMAX Reality into the Mult-Million dollar company it is and started 3 other multi-million dollar companies.How did he do it? If you guessed…

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