Gratitude – Simply defined is the state of being grateful or thankfulness. This is a place to let others know what you are grateful for.
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Watch this powerful video called "The Power of I AM" and help change the world!

Filmed in Lake Worth, Florida, this video is meant to provide an inspiration to anyone who has ever had a dream. The power of I AM evokes a declaration to yourself to BE that person. Can we make a difference toward sickness, war, famine, homelessness, unemployment, or foreclosures? It has been proven that people who regularly live in a state of gratitude report fewer illness symptoms, feel better about their lives as a whole, and are more optimistic about the future. So, be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you know is on its way to you. Be thankful for the ability to think this way, with clarity and gratitude.

As "Dave, The Gratitude Guy", my mission is to provide an awakening to individuals and businesses about the benefits of choosing Gratitude and how this powerful vibration can be the source of abundant healing, joy and prosperity. I want to set an example for others to follow that will inspire people to have vision, purpose and faith so as to take action toward their own personal life goals and thus cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes and to give thanks continuously. For I AM a messenger of peace, love, and especially gratitude ready to create new ways of living that will change how people look at the world. I AM creating a group of people, I call the "Grat Pack," who openly express their gratitude by thanking others in words, and even moreso by our acts.

If you like this video, please share this with others and help me spread a powerful message around the world. Join us as we continue our journey to make a difference in the world. We need your support. To find out how you can help, please email Dave at:

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  • I am grateful for the way the law of attraction works, and the daily manifestations of the miracles of it.
  • I am grateful for an abundance of new like minded friends.
  • I am grateful for the sunshine and warm weather.
  • I am truly grateful to have such an awesome family. I am also very grateful for all of the incredible happiness and wealth that I have in my life. Last but certainly not least...I am grateful to have found this community to surround myself with such wonderfully spiritual people like you!
  • I am grateful for the multitude of amazing things happening in my life. So many opportunities. And I have so much love and appreciation for the people in my life.
  • Today i am grateful for this beautiful weather outside and a family to share it with :)
  • I am grateful for God granting me the ability to make my moving from southern CA to Northern CA (550 miles) before my timing belt went out. The really grateful part was just getting up here one exit past my oldest son's house. Before I left I visualized myself back home here.

    I am so very grateful for all the wonderful moments to be alive for! Each day brings new opportunities and blessings if you can be open to them. It really is a wonderful world! Breathe it in!
  • I am grateful for books written by Greg Braden. I love the way he explains things like quantum physics and the research on the microcosm within each cell of our being. I hope you all will read something of his work. Very enlightening and uplifting. Makes me realize even more the significance of every breath I take. Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!
  • I am grateful to be living the life of my dreams.
  • Today I am grateful for life on earth at this time of rapid spiritual evolution of the human race
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Are you playing a big Game?

I love this community because of what it call into action. The Law Of Attraction is about creating and living a life you love. If not that then what? Right!So, I want to know what you are up to and how big of a game you are playing. I have noticed from my training in personal development and as a life coach that the people that have the most "problems and complaints" are really not up to much. On the contrary the people I know that are playing big game and up to big things in the world don't…

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Simply unbelievable

Hello friends!I hope that you are having a great day...I have something very special that I want to share with you.....something so powerful that Hundreds of people are finding New hope in their lives.Sam Crowley's "Every Day is Saturday" is inspiring people across the globe. His message is fresh, straight forward and literally changing lives.He recently gave away a f.ree report entitled "Seize Your Power", click here you can grab your copy now....and if you have already received a copy read on…

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Saw movies make me very grateful to be alive.

This reference may be a little strange, but I love horror movies, and the Saw series always manages to make me feel grateful for the very life I live, whether or not I am always 100% pleased with it. It also makes me very grateful that I am not in pain, bleeding, or in a horrible mental situation like the characters in the movies face. Simple things like that are often taken for granted because we never expect that we will be the victim of such a game, but be grateful, right now that you are…

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