when are things going to turn around?

listening to bob marley, i love him, it helps.

I am very sad indigo friends, and would kindly ask for some luv, hugs, positive energy sent my way.

I just went to post office , in the usa, and I had a little bubble wrap package to send overseas, it was get well cards and a cd, for someone dying from cancer.

I had to fill out a customs card, with all of my info

what I was sending, and all   I did not know about this, as I try to live under a rock as much as possible,

hitler, jews

in a form is now here

gov. creating and spreading man altered diseases.  I cant take it.)

similar to what u fill out when you fly back to this country from being oversees.

It makes me very sad.  THe worker had to punch in all the info, and it took forever, I was fighitng back the tears

as something so simple becomes somthing huge

I am so sad,  big brother, ilumanti, dark forces in gov

I want to live in another country

or another planet, :)

NWO is happening now,   my heart aches

I want things to better so bad,   and i dont know when, how this is going to happen

this earth , geographically is so beautiful

people  so mnay are great

animals, music,  god..,  my gosh, when, how is going to get better?

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  • Read my response to your other post...Why did you say the same thing in both separate postings?

    Change your perception..

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