The motivation to act is inspired from two primary sources:

 From a clear, exhilarated vision of what is wanted, or from a clear,
uncomfortable vision of what is not wanted.  As we view your physical
world, we see that the majority of action is inspired from the
negative perspective of what is not wanted. 

Most are moved to act, not because of their blissful, excited positive
objective, but because they believe that if they do not act, there will be negative
consequences. IOW, they do not go happily, enthusiastically to their
work because of their clear vision of the value of this work.  They
are not joyfully inspired to action because of their clear picture of
their desire.  Most work because they beliece that if they do not
work, they will not have money, and if they do not have money, they
will be without the things they want.

Whe you are focused upon the negative consequence of what will happen
if you do not act, and so you act to circumvent the negative

You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.  And you not not
have a happy journey when your motivation has been inspired from your
attention to a negative consequence.

They key point, here, is this:  ACTION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BUT A TINY
FRACTION OF YOUR CREATIVE EFFORT.  The way you feel is primarily
responsible for what you are getting and what you are creating and,
indeed, what you are living.

So many find themselves in a state of futility because they just
cannot act enough to make the difference.  They try, they struggle,
they persevere, but things do not improve.  And the reason things do
not improve is because the very basis of their creative attraction is
not coming from their action, it is coming from the way they feel as
they act.

If you are wanting to affect the outcome of your physical experiences
in a positive way, put your primary attention upon the way you feel --
and look for reasons to feel good.  There is not enough action in your
world to compensate for feeling bad.  You simply cannot act enought.
There aren't enough hours in the day, and there isn't enough Energy in
your body, to compensate for the negative attraction that occurs when
you feel negative emotion.

And for that reason, we give tremendous emphasis to the value of Your
Book of Positive Aspects.  In deliberately looking for reasons to feel
good, you will find them. And in focusing upon those reasons you will
feel good.  And in feeling good you will begin the attraction of that
which you consider to be good.

So often, when you find yourself in the midst of negative emotion, you
try to justify it by placing the blame with someone else.  You look
for reasons to excuse it, for, inwardly, you sense that it is out of
place within you.  And we say to you, that whenever you are in the
mode of justification, you are in the mode of negative attraction.

Many of our physical friends are trying to understand how action fits
into this process of creation, for, certainly, you are physical
beings,and action is an important part of your experience.  You are
always making decisions regarding the best use of your time.  "What
should I do?"

We are not trying to lead you away from action.  We are not wanting
you to believe that action is unimportant.  What we are wanting you to
understand is that action, in and of itself, is not very powerful.
And action pitted against negative emotion has virtually no power at
all.  And so, as we watch our physical friends giving so much credit
to their action and yet not feeling progress toward the things they
want, we want, so much, for them to understand why they are getting
what they are getting.

When your action is inspired from your positive wanting, the action
augments your creation --

But when your action is inspired because you fear the negative
consequences if you do not act --

Pay attention to your own experience.  Are you feeling joy as you act
throughout your day, or are you often feeling resentment as you act?
Are you joyfully bounding through your projects, or are you
begrudgingly acting, watching the clock, feeling no motivation to
finish or to proceed?  Are you smiling?  Are you singing?  Are you

Let your action be inspired from your positive picture, not from your
negative picture.
  As  you focus upon that which makes you feel good,
you will find yourself acting more and more out of joy.  And as you
are acting joyfully, more of the things that you want will easily flow
into your experience -- for you will not be blocking your own action
with your negative feeling.

**A New Beginning II pages 133 -136

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