Counterproductive Concept of a Nonphysical Hierarchy


GUEST: Are there not higher dimensions that are on a higher vibration that -- maybe where Abraham is at -- that are higher dimensions of love and light?


ABRAHAM: Yes. What we mean by that is, here you are, out on the leading edge of thought. And so, you are a little bit like a spaceship that has gone to another planet. And the spaceship has let you loose on a rope, and you're out there sort of picking up rocks off the planet. And so, you have the security of the rope, and you have the security of the spaceship, and you have the security of Mother Earth back there monitoring what is happening.

In other words, as you're out there on the leading edge of thought, there is your Inner Being, there is the greater Family of Consciousness, and the Family of Consciousness from which it came, and from which it came. And somewhere back there is that which you call, God, or that which you call pure, positive Energy. And so, it is logical that the more experience that you allow yourself exposure to, that the less purity or simpleness of the basic truth from which you started from would be present. In other words, the closer to the leading edge of thought you get, the further from where it all began you get.

And so, yes, we would say that as you are having your physical experience and you beat up on somebody, mentally, you think, "Well, they should keep the restaurant open longer, and they are just money-grubbing people that are not willing to accommodate..." As you get blameful about something, in your blame, you -- whether you're justified in it or not, whether you're right or wrong, whether the whole world would agree with you or not -- you are vibrationally disallowing your connection to your own Inner Being.

Well, your Inner Being is less likely to be disconnected than you are. In other words, your Inner Being has a stronger sense of, and greater practice at, allowing the pure, positive Energy to flow. Your Inner Being has an Inner Being, who has an Inner Being, who has an Inner Being, who has an Inner Being. Yes.

What we are wanting you to realize is, as you use your physical experience to appreciate, then not only do you connect with your Inner Being, you connect with all that are vibrationally in harmony with that. In other words, you literally have access to the Infinite Intelligence, as far as you are able to allow it to come forth.

There are a lot of physical beings that are wanting to identify the hierarchy of the Nonphysical. And when they are identifying the hierarchy of the Nonphysical, they are doing it from their same lackful physical perspective. In other words, they are identifying Nonphysical, and not allowing it either. Saying, "That part of it is better than that part of it, or that part is better than that part of it." And now they are doing the same lackful thing with the Nonphysical, that does not include lack. You see what we are getting at?

We have enjoyed, very much, this interaction. It is exhilarating to come together with those who are wanting, and willing to think about what they are wanting. As you are moving forward in the next days, what we would encourage you to do is put more emphasis on making your "Things to Feel" list than on your "Things to Do" list.

Make more decisions in every day about what you want. That will activate your Guidance System. Make a decision to pay attention to the way you feel. That will let you know where you stand, vibrationally, relative to everything that you want.

Remember that your work is singular: it is to find the feeling place. You use the conditions and situations of your environment here to help you to identify what is wanted. And then you use your ability to imagine. You use your ability to summon images and experiences from a broad range of experiences, and culminate them in that which you would call "What I am focusing upon in my mind right now." This is your Creative Workshop, you see.

Most of all, we encourage you to lighten up. You're not here to prove anything to anyone. And you're not here to fix anything that is broken. Nothing is broken. You're here as a representative of the pure, positive Energy that abounds. You are a product of the Energy. You are the Energy itself. You are a creation of the Creator. You are a creator yourself.

Step one: know what you don't want. Step two: know what you do want. Step three: find the feeling place.

From Abraham-Hicks workshop

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