Why Bad Dreams

"Why Bad Dreams"


JERRY: Something I don’t understand. I’ve heard you mention that when we go to sleep that we go back in harmony with our Core vibration, that joyous purity...

ABRAHAM: So why a bad dream, eh?

JERRY: Okay, good! I didn’t even have to ask the question.

ABRAHAM: Well, for brevity’s sake we decided to read your mind. (Fun!)

Have you heard the scientists say that what feels to you like a dream that took place all night, actually takes place in seconds? As you are going out of consciousness or back into consciousness...But at different depths of your sleep state, you are translating through your physical conscious format. And so, that dream that you think you dreamed is just your interpretation of the Energy.

A dream scenario can be beneficial in helping you, as Deliberate Creators, to understand your vibrational output. Hold this thought: It’s the formula for creating, and it says, “What I’m thinking and feeling, and what I’m getting — is always a vibrational match.” So to break that down a little more clearly, “What I’m outputting vibrationally and what the Universe is delivering back to me in terms of a manifestation is always a vibrational match. Always. Without exception.” A dreamscape or a dream scenario is a manifestation. It’s not a manifestation that is big and bold and present in your experience as a real life manifestation — but it is a manifestation. So what you’re dreaming is a vibrational match to what you’re outputting.

You see, most physical beings are not aware of their vibration. You haven’t been trained to pay attention to your vibration — but you have been trained to be objective, trained to give your attention to things. You have been trained to give your attention to people in authority and to listen when somebody says, “This is important.” You have been trained to see something that is wrong and push against it. There’s a war against drugs and a war against poverty and a war against crime and a war against all kinds of things. And in each of those scenarios, as you are looking at this thing that you do not want and pushing against it — you are not pushing it away, but instead you are holding it in your vibration.

So, as physical beings who have been trained to do just about everything other than be sensitive to your vibration, most of you are including all kinds of things in your vibration that you don’t know you’re including. But, you’re here in this physical time/place reality because you are Creators. And the manifestation isn’t only to delight you — the physical manifestation is to help you know how you’re flowing your Energy. When something happens in your experience, instead of getting so worried about it, because it’s temporary, anyway — there it went again, there it went again — you can’t hold it in your now, anyway...Why you get so upset over things that manifest in real life, or in dream state, is illogical. Those manifestations are only temporarily there to give you a reading on how you’ve been vibrating — and if you don’t like it, change the way you’ve been vibrating. But, because most of you are observers you don’t look at it that way. You’ve been trained to face reality, haven’t you? You’ve been trained to tell it like it is. And so, if you’re giving a lot of attention to what-is, then you’re giving a lot of vibrational output about what-is. And what is the Universe doing? It’s matching your vibrational output. It always does.

There’s no such thing as exclusion. There is only inclusion. More simply, there’s no such thing as no. There is only yes. When you see something that you want, and you say “yes” to it, you’re including something that you want in your vibration. But when you see something you don’t want, and you say “no” to it, you’re including something you don’t want in your vibration. Whatever you’re giving your attention to, you’re including. So, as you watch the television, you say, “No. No. Don’t want that. Get it away. What if this happens?” You’re including every bit of that in your vibration — and it might turn up in a dream. The dream is there to show you that what you’re vibrating, often without meaning to, you are still including in your mix. And so, the dream is a manifestation that says to you, “Look, this is what you’re vibrating. Keep it up, and it may be a bigger part of your experience.” Not just in the dream. Or it may become a recurring dream, or not just a recurring dream, it may start showing up in the people around you or in the experiences around you — because, what you’re vibrating and what you are living are always a vibrational match. You have an enormous amount of leeway, but once it starts turning up in your dreams it’s a pretty good indicator that it’s been pretty heavily a part of your vibration. Helpful?

JERRY: Sure is. Thank you.

Parents Want More Sleep

GUEST: We have a six-month old son and it’s been an amazing experience.

ABRAHAM: Is he teaching you a lot? That was the plan. Are you staying out of his way? That was his plan, too.

GUEST: I’m doing my best. Trying to, and that’s my intention. For the last six months, Dan and I have become very clear that we would like to get more sleep. And there’s a lot of thought out in the masses about this, and I’m just wondering... How much of it is that we’re tapping into that? That you don’t get enough sleep as new parents. How much of it is that I need to redefine what I believe about how much sleep I need and when I need it?

ABRAHAM: Well certainly both of those factors are a big part of all of this. How many hours a day do you think your baby sleeps?

GUEST: I’m not sure. Twelve, maybe.

ABRAHAM: And so, is he sleeping a great deal during the day and then not wanting to sleep at night? Well, wake him up. (Fun!) In other words, most of you need far less sleep than you think you do, and sleep is actually a mechanism of escape and sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious. As we said earlier, when you slumber, you are no longer consciously focused here — and when you are no longer consciously focused in the physical realm, your cork raises to the surface again. Your vibration raises. So the reason for sleep is for the alignment of Energy, and the idea that you need a lot of sleep is not true at all. You would all be better off if you would sleep for a couple of hours and get up and do something and sleep for a couple of hours and get up and do something. Two segments of two hours would satisfy any of you if you were using slumber in the way you’ve intended. But most of you are using slumber to try to keep yourself from having to do something you don’t want to do, anyway. There is nothing, in all of the Universe, more delicious than to have an object of attention that you’re focused upon and you be in physical, vibrational alignment with your object of attention. To have Nonphysical Energy, the same Energy that creates worlds, flowing through you toward your object of attention, nothing is better than that. And if you were doing that on a regular basis, you would never want to sleep. And so, if you are wanting to sleep, it’s usually because you’re pushing against some things, Your tiredness is always and only about resistance. It’s about that contradiction in Energy.

JERRY: Then why do babies sleep?

ABRAHAM: A baby, initially, is slumbering a great deal, often twenty or twenty-two hours a day in the very early days because the baby is transitioning from the higher, purer vibration into the lower, slower vibration. And so, he is sleeping, literally, for selfpreservation. He is taking a little dose of your lower, slower negative Energy a little bit at a time. But once he acclimates, he doesn’t want to sleep nearly as much as you want him to, and that’s why parents struggle so much with their children. It is because you want them to do something that is not natural to them. That’s why those early years that you call the formative years... Those are the years in which you trample out their intuitive knowing.

There are two things that we would do. We would encourage you to shorten the nap time if you can. The baby may have his days and nights mixed up a bit, sleeping more in the day and then ready to romp and play in the night so...

GUEST: It’s more just not a deep sleep and waking up to nurse a lot. Fussiness. He’s not going into that deep sleep.

ABRAHAM: Have you ever tried to sleep twelve hours, and then tried to sleep more than twelve hours? Just toy with it a little bit. You’ll find your balance in it. You cannot find the place of more rest from the feeling place of not getting enough rest.

Everything is about vibration. The Universe is responding to your vibrational output. Well, you can tell what you’re vibrational output is by the way you feel. So what you feel and what you are outputting are the same thing. So if you are feeling sleep deprivation. Kind of ornery. Kind of achey. Kind of uncomfortable and not rested. And you’re saying, “I want, or I need, more sleep,” you can’t get there from there. So what you have to do is remember what it feels like to wake up from a good night’s sleep. “It feels so good to wake up and have my body feel alert and eager. It feels so good to just sort of come awake naturally and gradually and just sort of slowly move into the day. It feels so good to feel that exhilaration of being alive and eagerness to get going on some projects...” Something that will really help you is if you are doing a little prepaving, and prepaving means setting forth the thought. Imagine it in advance. So let’s say tonight when you go to bed or even this afternoon before you go to bed, for 17 seconds, maybe 17 seconds two or three times, you imagine or remember what it’s like to wake up fully rested. Well, if you’ve really found the feeling place of that, that’s not saying that your baby may not awaken, because it probably will because that’s the habit that’s in motion. But you probably won’t feel resistance when it happens, and it will probably be a shorter time awake, and you’ll probably go back to sleep more easily and you’ll probably still wake up more rested.

GUEST: What I’ve been doing is focusing or imagining him sleeping, which he was asleep last night, I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I’m focusing on him and not on my restfulness.

ABRAHAM: We want to give you a little key to something. When you awaken for no apparent reason — there may be a good reason for it. Esther will find herself awakened, and she will say, “I wonder why I’m awake? Did I hear a sound? Why am I awake?” We say, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you are awake means that there is value for you in this moment. When you come forth into your physical perspective from your Nonphysical Perspective, you have an eagerness about everything. That is the reason that we ask you if you’re learning a great deal from your little one, because there is that eagerness for that physical experience. After you’ve been here for a while, you tend to sort of amass things that you are pushing against. And as you hold these things that you do not want, then it is more difficult for you to find vibrational harmony with what you do want.

Earlier we said that when you slumber, you stop focusing, and your “cork” raises to the surface, so to speak. Your vibration raises. Well, when you meditate, the same thing happens. Your vibration raises. So what happens is, if there’s something that you really want and you are asleep, you are not attracting while you are asleep. But, your Inner Being knows that you are really wanting it. So your Inner Being watches for a time when your vibration is absolutely neutral. When there’s no resistance. You are in vibrational harmony with your Core Energy, and you will be alerted to wake state. So when you wake up, in that place of not pushing against, if you would take that opportunity then to think about what you want and why you want it — you could, from that more powerful place, direct your Energy toward your object of attention.

It’s a powerful time. And so, you may discover that you may be waking up quite often now that we have... And when you do, recognize that it’s a good thing not a bad thing. “It is my opportunity in a place of pure Energy to refocus and restate what I am wanting.”

The other thing that we would encourage you to do, if you are in this position of not getting enough sleep...Look for other opportunities to soothe yourself: In the middle of the day, get off if you can, and quiet your mind. Soothe yourself more by sitting with a cup of something that you like to eat or drink. Soak your feet more often, or take a nice bath more often. Look for other ways to soothe yourself. Because that’s all sleeping is. It’s a soothing — and you don’t have to be asleep to get soothed. Have you heard scientists, or other physical beings, talk about hypnosis and how a little bit of hypnosis is like many hours of slumber? And people who have been under hypnosis will tell you how rested they feel? And often, the hypnotist will leave that suggestion. In other words, he will say, “You will awaken fully rested, and you will feel as if you had a full eight hours sleep.” Well, haven’t you ever wondered why that’s possible, when he hasn’t had eight hours sleep? It’s because in that mindset, there has not been resistance, and so, the Energies of his body have been allowed to align. And so, the refueling or the realignment or the Energy infusion is taking place. You never did need slumber. You could go without slumber if you could hold yourself in a place of Pure Positive Energy.

The Answer is Yes

Let us give you a sort of scenario of the way we see this physical experience and this delightful exposure to contrast that you are all a part:

How wonderful it is to live some contrast that brings you to a place where you say, “I want this.” And we say, oh, it is so good, because if the contrast didn’t exist, you would not come to that focused place of saying, “I want this.” The decision is so powerful. So then, imagine, coming to the decision but not having the habit of being a vibrational match to the decision. So the decision is not comfortable. You’re sort of wiggling around in it. You came to the decision with good reason, but you can’t find harmony with it — but you want to. And so, you just monkey around with it, and, all of a sudden, you find harmony with the decision, and you start to feel the Energy run through you, and it feels so good. And you say, “Ah, I feel good. I’m in harmony with my decision.” As you play with this a little while, you will find yourself eager for the contrast that gives you reason to want — and then eager for exposure to more data which lets you test your harmony or disharmony with your decision.

F r i e n d s , this is what molding Energy is. The difference that you are looking for, and the difference that we want so much for you to hear is, there is a big difference between seeing contrast and not wanting that and preferring this, and in turning your full attention to what you don’t want and trying to get rid of that. What keeps happening to you is that, in your misunderstanding, you push against the part you do not want, and then it envelops you. And then you feel not powerful. And then you feel that there are adversaries and other things out there that are controlling your experience.

But when you discover the art of “yesing, yes-ing, yes-ing.” Never again saying “no” to anything. In other words, just long enough to identify what the “yes” is, but “yes-ing” your way through physical experience. In your “yes-ing”, you connect to the Stream. The Nonphysical promise to you is, “Ask and it shall be given.” And the answer is always, “yes.” We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete.


Excerpted from Group Session held in Dallas, TX G-1/25/97-A

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    Abe says here, "You cannot find the place of more rest from the feeling place of not getting enough rest."

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