• I think if it's abe or any other thing, if it feels good (and for me divinely connected:) then do it.

  • Yeah here at PI, at an Abraham-Hicks seminar or any LOA seminar for that matter and in your mind of course and then after that be vewy, vewy careful as Elmer Fudd says.  I spoke a little abe to two people separately a couple of times.  One of which is a family member and very spiritual and she still looks at me sideways.  The other person moved! 

    So you are way more up to speed with who you really are, more than millions who are not as Abraham says.  So this stuff sounds normal and natural and "next logical step" but to others who are disconnected from who they really are-eh, not so much:)

  • what I love about it is that just listening is an agreement to be tuned upward, to be educated, to be corrected vibrationally. i love that just like anything that i  pay attention to, in my attention i am vibrationally blending with the essence of what's being presented. i can tell by how i feel and the resulting thoughts that i think and the manifestations that happen around me that the more i dedicate my attention to the material the more it benefits me from the decision to be attending. it's no substitute for doing my own pivot and soothing thinking, like anything it is not meant to be a replacement for the guidance within me, but it is definitely a leg up, especially when Abe's on a roll of zero tolerance for hotseat discord spewing. moment of appreciation for abe! 

  • Whoops  was confusing abe with something else:)  Not's got earth?  Or maybe it's dirt.  Yes consistency is key isn't it.  And yet you can begin again now, right now.  17 seconds to attract another wanted thought.   Picking a new thought that is a feel good thought and keeping it or finding another thought like it attracts another feel good thought...ah to state it is so simple.  

    And natalie, don't you feel good in knowing that Abraham attracted you and you were attracted to Abraham?  Like attracts like.  How cool is that?

  • yes I do agree, when I spend days or a few weeks without watching videos on utube or listening, I get back to my old habit of thoughts, I do have to be consistent with it.. and it also means doing the processes etc.. consistency is the key

  • Abraham is like breathing for me.  Do it all the time.  Can't ever get too much. 

    OK Mikes got water, I got air.  Who's got fire?

    Yup love me some abe.

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