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ABRAHAM ON AGE (more quotes in the thread)

Abe on `age'

………We want you to be what you are which is a teacher of wellbeing. We
want you to help yourself first and then help others in diminishing
rampant thought of decline.

In other words what possible difference does something like that
make. In other words what you are wanting to do is focus on the
renewal, rather than the decline. The two are not related at all,what
happens is that as individuals and as society you continually find
yourself being programmed by those who have reason to program you. In
other words whenever you are interacting with a person or with a
group of people who have dedicated their lives to focus on the
decline and to amplify it and to talk about it.Its natural that when
you are spending a great amount of time there that it would diminish
that but you couldn't get there if there weren't the flicker of that
vibrating already.

Think about it, how often is age mentioned relative to decline? It is
constant, the mail that bombards you, the television, as they speak
your name they also speak your age

What we want you to do, (you remember as we talked about taking
dollars out of the equation,). We want you to take years or age or
passage through time out of the equation because your physical
condition only has to do with the amount of energy you are
summoning and of that energy the amount you are allowing to flow.
It has nothing to do with age!! We think it would be wonderful if
on your passports and on your drivers licence, and on anything that
has anything to do with the description of you . Rather than your
date of birth which is calculating your age which causes pre-
conditioned thoughts about you.It would be wonderful if there were
some sort of vibrational meter, a mood ring perhaps would be
appropriate (group laughter) A little spot that you touch on your
drivers license that indicates how well connected to your source
energy you are.!! Because that's the only thing that has anything to
do with what happens to you , you see.

If someone said to us and we were standing in your physical
form…….."What is your date of birth " and we knew that they were
utilizing it in order to anticipate something. In other words even
through your Astrology prediction as so many do. Or trying to
calculate where you are in terms of Social Security or Medicare or
any thing that has to do with that. We would look them clearly in the
eyes and we would say……"What possible difference could that make to
you?"……and then as they say…….."Well I am trying to figure out.."……
we would look at them again clearly in the eyes and say to them
……"Oh, none of that has anything to do with anything"…and if they
have any interest and they say……."What are you talking about?"…….we
would look them clearly in the eyes again and say……"We are eternal
beings,who can in any moment allow as much life to flow through as we
choose and nothing else has anything to do with anything !"
Now most of them are not asking you that, most of them do not
understand that and yet all kinds of people are out there calculating
all kinds of statistics about themselves and others and all they are
doing is diminishing their own sense of well being. You see.

Q((Abe )……"So how old are you?

A (Abe)…."I'm ageless

Q (Abe)….."well what I mean is,how long have you been around?"

A (Abe)…."Forever"

Q (Abe)…."No I mean how many years how many years have you lived in
this physical experience?"

A (Abe)…. "All of them"(lots of laughter)

Q(Abe)…. "No I mean I am wanting to know,how old you are?"

A (Abe)….."I'm ageless"

Q (Abe)…"No you don't understand me. I mean when were you born and
how many years have you lived in this physical experience?"

A (Abe)….."I have no idea.I have not been keeping track, Why is it
important to you? It is not important to me"

Because dear friend they will say to you……" I have decided that I
want to pidgeonhole you into my framework of how you should behave
under these circumstances of the years, and if you do not tell me how
old you are then I cannot pidgeonhole you in the way that I need to
pidgeonhole you in order to satisfy my warped view of
life!!" (much laughter and clapping)

Abraham-Hicks tape G 8.1.98

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  • You are Beings who intend to come forth and to continue to expand and grow and change. What is the perfect age? "Well, it's the age where I finally understand my freedom, and I finally understand that I am free to create, and it's the age that I am at my most beautiful." And we say, by whose standards? In other words, who gets to decide the perfect age? And we say, rather than determining what the perfect age is, why not decide what the perfect state of being is—and then discover that you can find the perfect state of being at any age.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Tarrytown, NY on Saturday, May 10th, 2003 # 223

  • Q: As I'm aging, I just notice my body is not as
    resilient as it was when I was 20. And....

    Abe: Why not? That's odd.

    Q: Yeah, I guess that's my question. Does there
    have to be a natural aging process?

    Abe: Aging, yes, because you're moving through time.
    Declining, no -- that's a mental state.

    Q: Yeah.

    Abe: But what happens is, because most everybody you
    know is looking at manifestations and then coming to
    conclusions based on manifestations rather than
    looking at energy and coming to conclusions based on
    energy -– in other words, if you could see a declining
    person and you could understand the conflicts that
    have been going on in them all of their life, then you
    would understand the decline of their body. And then
    you would be able to make the association and you
    would not necessarily attach the same thing to
    yourself. But because you make no association between
    what they're thinking and feeling and what's happening
    to them, then you assume this is just what happens.
    And we want to say to you, this is not just what
    happens. This is just what happens when people
    believe that there is decline with age.

    Q: Mm-hm. Like, a specific example, I used to run a
    lot, and now when I run my left hip hurts. And I
    would like to be able to run, but it's just, it's
    uncomfortable to run.

    Abe: What you are saying to us is you think that
    your left hip began to hurt and then you noticed it
    and had a vibrational response to it. And what we're
    saying to you is you had a vibrational response to the
    society that believes in decline and therefore are
    living the self-fulfilled prophecy of what you

    Q: Right.

    Abe: And so the question that really is before us
    is: how can I expect differently than everybody
    else? And we say, try to think more singularly. And
    try not to base your conclusions on the manifestations
    that you're watching. Instead, base your conclusions
    on the energy that you are watching.

    We think it would be helpful, when you see a person
    who has strong evidence of decline, to acknowledge
    what their day-to-day mental state has been like. In
    other words, what have they been pushing against? And
    sometimes people will say, "Well, that's just the
    fact. The fact of it is that this many people get
    such and such." And we say, well, what does that have
    to do with you? And they say, "Well, one in five has
    it and I might be the one." And we say, but why are
    you letting the way somebody else flowed energy, which
    created what they are living, why are you now using
    that as the club to beat yourself over the head.

    It's where we began there this morning as we said
    would you choose something that is true or something
    that feels good? Many people would choose what is
    true. "I'm choosing this true thought." And we say
    but it's only a true thought because somebody
    manifested it. And somebody only manifested it
    because they gave their attention to it.

    So what you're saying is, "I'm now going to give my
    attention to this thing I do not want because somebody
    because somebody else gave their attention to this
    thing they [did] not want and got it." And we say, we
    know there's reasoning in there somewhere, but it
    feels quite unreasonable to us. And that's why we're
    playing with you a little bit when we say... "Why?"...
    when you talk about decline.

    We hear Jerry and Esther say quite often -- Esther,
    especially, is saying it lately -- "I feel more
    stamina today than I did when I was a teenager." And
    we say, it is because she has very little resistance
    moving through her today, and when she was a teenager,
    like most teenagers, there was a tremendous amount of
    trying to fit in and trying to please too many people.
    In other words, she can tell a physical difference.

    Now, if you were to say, "Does she have the same
    physical capabilities today as she did when she was a
    teenager?", we would say there would be no reason for
    them to be less. She's hardier, she's stronger, she's
    surer, she's more balanced, she's more connected,
    she's allowing more of us to flow through her, you

    Q: So I can still have my 20-year-old body when I'm
    44, or...?

    Abe: No, your body will still be 44 because you are
    moving through time.

    Q: Uh-huh.

    Abe: But what we would do if we were standing in
    your physical shoes is we would disassociate age with
    activity or age with the way that you feel because
    your body is a cellular mass that is monitored and
    created through electrical charges, and the cellular
    mass has the capability of regenerating itself
    endlessly. And each new cell has the ability to be as
    much, if not more, than the original cell. In other
    words, that's the nature of this physical structure.
    And so the only other factor is how the energy is
    being allowed to flow through. And so decline is
    about electrical circuitry being disallowed, not about
    cellular degeneration.

    Your doctors are beginning to discover it, they are
    beginning to make the factual leap between attitude
    and wellness, you see. And while we know you would
    count yourself among -- and so would we -- the more
    positive people on the planet. It is clear to us, we
    can feel it in your energy. We also know that you
    take life very seriously. You want to get things
    right. You care very much about parenting. You care
    very much about your work, you care very much about
    making the world a better place. In other words, you
    have issues you've picked up along your physical
    trail, you're taking life rather seriously, you see.
    We like it when you take life seriously because it's a
    wonderful thing to focus, but we would also like you
    to lighten up a little bit and relax, and have more
    fun in more moments and realize that all is well,
    because that is the only thing that is taking the toll
    on your body.

    Q: Okay.

    Abe: Very good. Something more?

    Q: I was going to ask about this whole idea of
    enlightenment, but I don't know if I'm really that
    interested. I'm more interested in.... (Laughter.)
    I'm having so much fun, more and more fun all the
    time, I could care less about enlightenment now,
    so.... (Further laughter.)

    Abe: Well, that is the most enlightened remark we
    have ever heard. (Laughter.) That's where it's at.
    We're not kidding you about that.

    Enlightenment means, literally, 'aligning to the
    energy of my Source.' And genius is only about
    focusing -- Law of Attraction takes care of everything
    else. Physical humans often want to make
    enlightenment about finding some process and moving
    through the process that has been pre-described, but
    true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm of the
    internal inspiration that is coming in response to the
    individual desire.

    Ooh, that was so good -- did you hear that?

    Enlightenment is allowing my connection to the Source
    that is me for the fulfillment of the things that I
    have individually defined here in my time/space
    reality.' That's as good as it gets, you see.

    -- Abe -- Boulder, CO, 6/7/03
  • Referring to a 16 year old in the hotseat, Abraham said,

    “He sneaked in, he’s underage. But when you know what he knows, rules do not apply.”

    Ft. Collins, 6/17/06
  • Brilliant! Even if it's just to see the other person's reaction!
  • Deep breathing is a big part of your Well-being, because with that deep breath,
    there is activation on a cellular level. In other words, it is the current that
    carries the vitality to the extremities of the cells. And so, the more you are
    breathing, the more you are thriving.

    Some say it is the way the Spirit moves. We would say it is the way life moves
    most efficiently through your physical body. And, fortunately, it is something
    that is not left to your conscious mind. You don't have to prompt yourself to
    breathe. It happens. But, you can prompt yourself to breathe more.

    We encourage that you deliberately take some air in. And then before you let it
    out, take some more air in. And before you let it out....And you say, "I can't
    take any more in, because there's no place for it to go." And we say, yes there
    is, take some more in.

    Expand your capacity. Your lungs, like balloons, can be all shriveled up, or
    expanded fully. As you move on a regular basis, they expand somewhat, but they
    don't expand fully. As you deliberately breathe deeper, it becomes more natural
    for them to get fuller--and before you know it, it will be an involuntary thing.
    You will naturally breathe more deeply.

    .....and you bodies will thrive. It's even more important than drinking water.
    It's right up there with life itself.

    When concentrating on your breathing, you are not concentrating on other things.
    And in that absence of resistance, you are also allowing an alignment of Energy.
    So you get a double whammy with it: You're aligning with Source Energy. You
    are literally feeding the cells of your body, allowing oxygen to reach the
    extremities of your cells. Everybody comes alive--and everything works better.
    Metabolism works better, elimination works better, clarity works better, blood
    flows better. Thriving comes from this.

    Excerpted from Abe workshop....11/25/00

    ps...This "Value of Conscious Breathing" is on the last page of "Sara, Book 3"
  • All Ailments Resolve Themselves
    All things do resolve themselves, if allowed. All things do. ALL
    things do resolve themselves -- if allowed.
    You say, "Some things resolve themselves," and you believe that. And
    when we say all things resolve themselves, you don't really believe
    that. You want to, but you don't have personal proof about it.
    There's the belief that says, "Well, I really don't believe all
    things resolve themselves," and as you activate that vibration, all
    kinds of people start showing up with un-resolved things. But that's
    not the evidence you're wanting to attract. You're wanting evidence
    that says, "All things can resolve themselves."
    Bridge your locked off statement by saying, "Well, I don't know how
    I've been disallowing it. I've been doing it without knowing I'm
    doing it. But now I am aware that negative emotion means I'm doing
    it, and I'm going to start watching for those moments when I'm not
    allowing it."
    If we were standing in your physical shoes, we'd lie in bed every
    night and talk to the cells of our body, and expect the recovery, and
    we would feel the sensation of it. We would put ourselves in as much
    comfort as we could, as often as we could -- for about a week --
    aligning Energy, relaxing into the discomfort, talking to the cells,
    knowing that they are summoning and that Source Energy is answering,
    knowing that we are receiving and allowing; and acknowledging, "In
    this moment, I'm not doing anything that's causing any discomfort in
    my body. I feel perfectly comfortable. I feel such appreciation in
    this perfectly comfortable moment. In this mode of distraction, or in
    this mode of focused comfort, I'm in this place of appreciation --
    I'm in this place of allowing." (Our attitude would be, "Let me see
    my physical progress.")
    Just allow yourself to receive what the Universe is offering. Before
    you know it, your body will be back in alignment.
    Every bit of allowing is going to bring you greater and greater
    results. Give the cells of your body an opportunity to make their
    request; give yourself the opportunity to receive what the Universal
    Forces are offering -- and before you know it, your body will be back
    into alignment.
    So many people are convinced that their physical bodies are in a
    state -- once you reach a certain stage of life -- of steady decline.
    It is amazing the amount of expectation that is wrapped around that.
    And it is absolutely opposite of what you've intended, of what your
    cells know how to do -- and of what Source Energy is supplying.
    You do not need to decline. It is only your negative expectation --
    or your worrying about this and that, and the other -- that pinches
    off the Energy. You don't decline because your body wears out. You
    decline because you disallow more of the resources that keep you
    feeling good. That's all. Every single time. There are no exceptions
    to that..

    G-8/25/01-- San Rafael, CA
  • We think that it would be inappropriate for someone who is really not
    having much fun in this physical experience, who looks around and
    doesn't find much that interests them... it would be inappropriate
    for them to decide to design a body that would live to be 120 years
    old, because now what they're saying is, "I'm going to hang around in
    this body, but I have no desire here in this physical experience,
    nothing that's going to summon the Life Force." And so, that would be

    But if this were someone eager about life, still exploring and
    finding new things to focus upon, someone who had practiced floating
    their cork, who knew about accessing the Energy, who was digging
    through or sifting through the data of this physical time and space,
    having endless things that they were focused upon and excited
    about... In that situation, we think it would be most appropriate for
    them to Script a body that would live to be 140, 150, 160, 170.

    What is the potential of your body? You make a very good point.
    You've been changing, constantly. From the day you were born, you
    were changing. Let's use the word "change/evolve/becoming" rather
    than "change/evolve/declining." Let's talk about change in terms of

    Is it possible for a physical being to maintain their wellness for as
    long as they have reason to focus through this apparatus? Yes.
    Because your cells are constantly regenerating. If you are Setting
    the Tone, if you are Setting the Tone and writing the Script, your
    cells will acquiesce to the Tone that you have set.
  • So many people are convinced that their physical bodies are in a state -- once you reach a certain stage of life -- of steady decline. It is amazing the amount of expectation that is wrapped around that. And it is absolutely opposite of what you've intended, of what your cells know how to do -- and of what Source Energy is supplying. You do not need to decline. It is only your negative expectation -- or your worrying about this and that, and the other -- that pinches off the Energy. You don't decline because your body wears out. You decline because you disallow more of the resources that keep you feeling good. That's all. Every single time. There are no exceptions to that.

    Abraham-Hicks G-8/25/01-- San Rafael, CA
    • As you are in your body at the year 100. There is not a reason that you cannot be as youthful in appearance and feeling as you were at the age of 40.And that is our absolute knowing .It is your negative expectation that causes anything else to occur.

      Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape 8/22/90
  • Most people are looking at what is, in other words, the thing that
    goes wrong with most physical beings that keeps them from having the
    enormous success and wonderful lives that they want and deserve is on
    simple thing: You have been trained, most of you, to observe
    conditions and have a feeling response. So if it is a good
    condition, you observe it and have a good feeling response, but if it
    is a bad condition, you observe it, and you have a bad feeling
    response. So the conditions seem to control the way you flow your
    energy, you see?

    And what we are wanting you to do is, never mind the conditions, we
    are wanting you to flow your energy because you want resonance with
    life force. We want you to want that resonance with that life force
    SO MUCH, that you are willing to even change your thoughts in the
    middle of a statement in order to make sure that you are consistently
    in harmony with the life force.

    We said to Esther: most people, most days, resist the stream a little
    more. That is why most people decline as they move through time, it
    is not about ageing, it is about RESISTING LIFE FORCE, ageing is
    moving through time, declining is about pinching off life force.
    Declining is about vibrational harmony with subjects that do not
    allow the stream. We said to Esther: think about it, you can
    literally REVERSE the ageing process, if each day you are releasing
    resistance rather than picking it up.

    So what we are wanting to talk about is we chew on any topic that is
    important to you, we are wanting to assist you in recognizing what
    habits of resistance you have. It will be easy for us to feel
    together, and we will show you how to soften those patterns of
    resistance, you will actually FEEL the resistance leaving, it feels
    like relief.

    From the tape album "Your Magical Creation Box!"
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