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Sometimes you see specific material from Abe regarding aliens and what--not in response to a question. This thread's intention is for that kind of material. FUN! More quotes to come in the thread...add 'em if you've got 'em!

ABRAHAM ON ALIENS AND DIMENSIONS (more quotes in the thread)



G: What I want to learn from you is about your experience with other species, perhaps on other planets. Could you describe perhaps one or two of these species or beings, and describe your experiences with them?

A: We cannot do that for you in any sort of meaningful way. Because the premise of your understanding is based upon what you've garnered here. The easiest way for you to get a sense of what that is like, is to understand that joy is joy no matter what the point of attention. The feeling of taking thought to a new place is an exhilerating feeling, no matter what the new thought is...

Do you know that you have, because of the intensity of your question, YOU HAVE OTHER DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES, OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, dreamscape experiences on a regular basis to satisfy that question?

And that the non-physical consciousness of you goes to those other worlds. And has those other experiences regularly because we are all so intertwined.

Abraham Silver Spring, MD 5-11-02

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  • Aliens? Influenced To Cancer? Jerry's Transition, Concern For & Being A Beacon For Others

    From May 19, 2012 Philadelphia PA Workshop Abraham Hicks Publications No affiliation implied or claimed.

    Thank you Divine Baby for the inspiration to makes some movies again!

  • And so, we will say to you that there are other physical Universes. And that there are other physical Universes that are aware of you. And that there are other thinkers that are transmitting thought to you.

    But for the most part, those who are receiving in this way, are receiving from their broader, Non-Physical perspectives. And as they are translating it, they are translating it into more literal terms in order to make sense of it. Is that helpful to you?

    You will not find any little bones from aliens or any little space craft, or big ones, off in your bushes or berries. Because they are not here in that context. They are not physical beings moving through time and space to your galaxy. That is not happening.

    But they are projecting thought. And you are receivers of the thought, which you are translating visually or auditorally. That's why some people see the spaceships; most do not.

    In other words, it has to do with where you are vibrationally. Once people start seeing them in an area and people start talking about them, and "It's my sister and she would not lie". Then the expectation changes.

    Do you see what we are getting at? And so, there are as many different experiences as there are perceivers of the experiences. Are they real? Yes. Are they valid? Yes. Are they something that you want? That is for you to define and decide.

    Abraham 3-25-94

    And so, we will say to you that there are other physical Universes. And that there are other physical Universes that are aware of you. And that there are other thinkers that are transmitting thought to you.

    But for the most part, those who are receiving in this way, are receiving from their broader, Non-Physical perspectives. And as they are translating it, they are translating it into more literal terms in order to make sense of it.
  • GUEST: Where I live, in Sedona, we get a great number of people who
    come in through the shop who feel that they are extraterrestrial
    walk-ins. And then we get a lot of them talking about the other
    planets where they used to live and then came here. And I would just
    like some clarity on life on other planets, and are people coming,
    like, just walking into other bodies now? How does this work?

    ABRAHAM: First, let us explain what this "walk-in" is that they are
    talking about. When a baby is born, prior to its birth, it has been
    receiving the benefit of the Energy flow of the mother. But at its
    time of birth, and usually, but not always, usually at its time of
    first breath, a Nonphysical Energy, or current, is then summoned by
    these pulsing, thriving, asking cells of this new body, now detached
    from the body of the mother. And when that process begins, the Life
    Force is summoned through that infant.

    Now, that which you call soul, or Nonphysical intent, may enter at
    that time or may not. Often, it is a few weeks or a few months
    later. Actually, most physical beings think that there is a physical
    clump and a Nonphysical clump of Energy assigned to you, and it is
    not that way. It is a stream of Energy, or knowing, that flows
    through the physical vessel. So, as the physical baby grows, there
    is a continual adding to that Energy as the baby focuses and chooses
    and summons the Energy. For example, as Esther is sitting here
    allowing Abraham to speak through her, you might say, as you
    experience the transition of Esther to Abraham, that Abraham has
    walked into Esther. She has vibrationally allowed broader
    perspective to speak through her. Esther is not lost, nor is she
    dead, nor is she asleep. She is enhanced. In other words, a broader
    portion of the Nonphysical Energy flows through her. Which means,
    more minds are more efficient than one. Which means, more Energy is
    more efficient than less Energy.

    And so, a lot of people—what happens to them is they'll get in a
    very lackful place and in their attention to lack, they will all but
    pinch off the Energy that flows. But then, that process of
    contrast, that we were talking about, works in a great beneficial
    way for them. Because by living a very lackful thing that is so
    contrary to what they have intended, as they live that lack— what
    always happens to you when you know clearly what you don't want?
    There is an eruption of clarity about what you do want that comes
    forth. And so, in their lackful experience, an eruption of clarity
    about what they do want comes forth.

    And coupled with that is a sort of giving up. In other words, "I'm
    not going to struggle anymore. I've tried everything and it's not
    working." And as they reach that place of exaggerated pain, which
    evokes exaggerated wanting, combined with exaggerated relaxing or
    releasing or giving up, in a moment, the Energy that they have
    always wanted, that they have always had access to, is summoned. And
    the Energy is so clear and so strong that they actually feel that
    their personality has changed. People who know them say, "This is
    not the same person." And there are large numbers of people that are
    calling themselves walk-ins that, we would say, they are just
    allowing more of the natural life that is them to now flow through
    them, for a variety of different reasons. Now, one thing that we
    have noticed that our physical friends have a great propensity for
    is rewriting history. And what we mean by that is, very often, when
    you find yourself living something that you can't explain—in other
    words, your logic, your reason, the facts that you have gathered
    don't explain it—then you reach into something else to try to
    explain it.

    A very good example of that is those who have believed, all of their
    life, that if you are good, you will be blessed. And that if you are
    bad, you will be punished. Then they find themselves doing all of
    the things that a good person should do, and not doing any of the
    things that a bad person should do, but they find themselves
    sometimes not being blessed, because they are flowing their Energy,
    lackfully. They are doing good deeds, but they are lackful in their
    Energy flow. And so, when they live the results of their Energy
    flow, because the Law of Attraction is always consistent, they don't
    understand it, and then they say, "There must be another reason." So
    then, they reach into past lives, or that sort of thing. That is
    part of it.

    © Abraham-Hicks Publications
  • I really, really enjoyed reading this. Have saved it as a shortcut on my desktop so I can savor it and explore it over and over again. Thanks so much for these postings!
  • Boston Workshop 9/29/07 - Notes 5 - Multidimensionality...

    This was posted by Siera elswhere, and simply knocks my socks off. :-) I don't know how complete the quotes are, if everything actually goes in sequence and there are no conversational "snips". But notice that she wrote "notes".

    Guest 4


    Guest -I love you! I've been listening to your teachings for 13 years.

    Abe -If you could hold us as your object of attention always, you would manifest all of your desires, all your dreams would come true.

    Guest: I'd like to know about multidimensionality and our passion awakening. I believe I normally am in the 5th dimension, focused on giving and receiving love, but I'd like to know how to get to higher dimensions.

    Abe: That is the highest dimension, if you are aligned with love. In other words, the highest dimension is alignment with the furthest most creation of yours.

    Abe: So what are these 9 dimensions?

    Guest: The 1st - our physical relationship with earth, 2nd – inner earth, 3rd - plants and animals, 4th - feelings and dreams, 5th – open heart/love, 6th - architecture/sacred geometry, 7th - other galactic exchange, 8th - gatherings like this that shift consciousness.

    Which dimension does Abe come from?

    Abe: What's the best one? (Laughter) Well... You're making all this stuff up anyway!

    Before birth you were at a high vibration, you were one vibrational frequency. Then you emerged into the physical and observed with your physical senses, which caused a vibrational variance through osmosis, by perceiving this physical environment.

    Closing the gap is the highest possible vibration.

    We really want to address this dimensionality, you are always, first and foremost, vibrational beings, and your vibration means everything.

    You have conscious awareness of your body, the earth, animals, geometry, etc, and you have the option of perceiving it from your limited view, or from your broader NP view.

    Most vibrational alignment happens at the beginning, not the end, of your physical experience.

    Humans speak about probabilities and multi-dimensions, when you only have two choices, you are either going toward or away from fulfillment.

    We don't see many different multi-dimensions - only two.

    Then, to expand that, there are as many dimensions as there are focuses to focus upon. For example: insects, cooking, organizing your house, etc. There are endless things to focus upon.

    It is not a hierarchy, it is all there as a plethora from the buffet.

    On every can see it from distorted disconnection, or from your connection to Source. It is not the subject of focus (that matters), it only matters if you are seeing it through the full view of Source.

    Esther focused on the beauty of a building and went to bed as tuned in as she could be. She rehearsed positive aspects, and when she awoke, she picked up the thread of appreciation. They ate breakfast, and meditated, and when they were about to go out for lunch, she went down to open the gate.

    She experienced the sensation of other dimensions. What she saw with her eyes was expanded and extended. The colors, the contrast of the clouds and sky...

    Her eyes were bionic, she could see with greater clarity. She could hear the birds singing, and feel the visceral sensations, it was organic ecstasy, an unbelievably sensual moment.

    Then she said, "Abe, it's you, isn't it?" And we said, "Ahh, you've caught us again, looking and feeling and smelling (through you)."

    The ultimate dimensionality is vibrational alignment to Source, within which gave her a full view to whatever subject she could turn her attention to.

    Esther once focused so intently on an ant, that she understood and had more knowing than she would have had at a museum or orchestra.

    The object of your attention does not matter.

    Reach for the frequency, not the subject. That is the dimensionality that you are looking for.

    Before every workshop, Esther would say: "Abraham, I want to speak clearly your words."

    Which she then changed to: "I want you to dominate my being."

    GUEST: What is the process of sequence of events that would transpire in relation to reincarnation from the time that one leaves the body to the new birth.

    ABRAHAM: We cannot really give you the answer in the way you are asking the question because the premise of your question is flawed, and that's all right. And it's normal because you're asking the question from your physical perspective, where the reincarnation takes place from the non physical perspective and it's a different thing than you are perceiving. What we mean by that is as you are here in your physical body, let us begin in this place.

    Esther and Jerry awakened in Hawaii a few months ago. And when Esther awakened she laid in the bed smiling, feeling real contentment about the continuity of her physical life experience. Because in her dream state that night she'd been all over the place in different time frames, in different locations. Some of it was so nebulous she wasn't even sure if it was a physical format. And it was so satisfying to awaken remembering how she got in that bed, remembering flying across the ocean, remembering who she was with. And we talked with her a little bit after that.

    That the reason for the physical format is because you/we, all from our non physical creative perspective, found that it was extremely beneficial for a large number of perceivers to come forth into a similar format so that there is a launching pad of familiarity from which we can create. And that's really what this physical time space reality is. It's an agreement of SOME things which serves as a platform from which you can springboard in to further thought.

    And so things like the time line, time itself. Things like gravity. Things like the structure of your physical framework are nothing more than beliefs or agreements by this body of beings that is currently inhabiting your bodies as you inhabit this time space reality. So from the non physical perspective, your Inner Being cannot be separated.

    From your physical perspective you could not tell the difference between your Inner Being and the Inner Beings that are in vibrational alignment with your Inner Being. In other words it would be difficult for you to separate your Inner Being from Abraham. Because Abraham as you are hearing us here is a conglomerate or a collection or a group of many Inner Beings. So as it comes out in what seems like one voice, that is because we are so in harmony that as we speak from your perspective it feels like one voice.

    In the same way that from your physical perspective what you seem to see and perceive through your physical senses seems like one experience. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the ocean is big, the mountains are high. You are not deciphering them much differently, you are collectively similar in what you are perceiving. So what we are getting at with all this rambling is that from your non physical perspective, which is the perspective from which you make the intentions to come forth into the physical experience, you could simultaneously be experiencing many different time frames at the same time. It's not a linear thing.

    Sometimes people will ask us questions like, well Abraham, have you ever been physical? And we say again the question is a bit flawed because that implies that you are physical or non physical, dead or alive, when in reality we are always non physical and sometimes we are focused in a physical framework. Also, it is important to understand that we don't have to wait for a new baby to be born in order to perceive in the physical. We can, anytime we are desiring it, which is always and often, we can perceive through physical experience through the tree, through the frog, through the human.

    As we are here expressing we are expressing more fully through Esther in this moment than we ever express or experience through a normal being. A normal physical human being in pure spirit or soul form. When that new baby is born and it takes its first breath and the non physical energy expresses through it by the power of the calling of the physical being, more is happening here as we are soaring through Esther than the soul entering that new body.

    So we don't have to wait for a new body in order to express or participate, you see. Your Inner Being could simultaneously, and by your Inner Being we are talking about the you that you were asking about when I come back into physical experience. That's the Inner Being part of you that you were talking about. That part of you could simultaneously be in one hundred or more physical beings.

    ***Every now and again we will hear a physical human who finds a particular affinity with an artist or a musician or a landscape architect or an architect. And they will say hmmm, he died in 1927 and I was born in 1928, I wonder if I am him? And we say, you didn't have to wait for him to die before that same energy could come forth within you. It is much easier to understand all of this if you begin to think of the non physical energy as consciousness. Better still, as a stream of consciousness rather than clumps of consciousness as you see yourself as clumps of physical bone, flesh and blood.***

    GUEST: So if your Inner Being could have concurrently be incarnated into a multitude of individuals in the physical format as we know it today, what are the implications of that in relation to your own individuality and stuff like that.

    ABRAHAM: Well, you would have full individuality. In fact much of the time if one of those aspects were to run into another one of those aspects you would not even have a recognition of it. It is the true implication of the term soulmate or twin flame. When you are in a moment of true connection, which just means that you have no resistance, your cork is floating, your energy is vibrating in that high pure fast place that is natural to you. And you were to bump into one of those other aspects that was the same energy and that physical human also was in a moment of appreciation and connection, when the two of you rendezvoused, you would have a strong delicious encounter. That's truly what that in love feeling is. That's truly what that feeling of coming home is. You know those people that you've met where you just feel so attracted and so at one that's what it is.

    But also, remember our vibrational meter that we talked about yesterday where when there is strong positive emotion, which means passion, which means true connection, which means strong wanting and no resistance and on the other end of that stick is that strong negative emotion, lots of times those people that are the raspist, most hard to deal with people that you run into, they are soulmates too. And one or the other of you, and usually both of you, are not well connected to Source and when you rendezvous you are on different wavelengths. And so there is a clashing. There is a powerful and strong desire and intent that in this moment is not being satisfied and when the two of you get together and see each other in your disconnection, sparks fly from the friction.

    That was really good. Did you write really good? (Laughter) Very clarifying.

    GUEST: So the ramifications of someone having an affinity like you said for a particular musical figure or historical figure would that imply that that person was maybe connected to the same Inner Being that you are?

    ABRAHAM: Yes. Yes. And you begin to bump into those kinds of things, often as you are reading something and you are so powerfully drawn to it, it means you're getting a soul confirmation. Something more?

    GUEST: I can't think of anything more. Thank you very much.

    Which she then changed to: "I want to acclimate to your view here and now."

    If you are in love and passion in the moment, you are there. It's not like a college degree, you continue to close the gap, and close the gap, and close the gap...

    You have put a magnificent vibrational escrow together that you MUST satisfy, or you can’t feel good. In other words, there’s no denying it. You have NO CHOICE but to move in the direction of who you are. It’s NOT POSSIBLE for you to stay put and keep doing what you’re doing and continue to feel good. You just can’t do that. And people who do stay, who subvert the way they feel, who deny the way they feel, who don’t allow themselves to go in the direction of who they have become, they don’t live very joyful lives.

    Alaska, 7-08-07A
  • Q. Are there beings from other planets inhabiting the Earth?

    A. Not inhabiting in the way that you mean . . . . In this vibrational
    universe you have access to vibration infinately. Eternally. There are
    no limits in a vibrational universe. Time and space do not limit your
    ability to receive. Only your ability to receive limits, you see. And
    so, are there consciousnesses other than that are physically focused?
    Yes. And we think that very often physical beings who begin to receive,
    translate through that format, so there is a distortion in all of that .
    . . .If you have taken the time to identify who you are and what you
    want . . . If you say on a regular basis and really mean it: 'I'm so
    much wanting to be of value. I'm so much wanting to be an uplifter to my
    space-time reality. I'm so much wanting to connect with that which is my
    source, and I'm wanting to be an extension of the true good of this
    univese, of this space-time reality. I'm wanting to be a physical
    extension of all that I consider to be God, or good.' When you're making
    that statement from the sincerity of your being - then as you begin to
    receive something, you can tell whether it fits that. Does it make that
    feeling within me more or does it make that feeling within me less? You
    can always tell by the way you feel, once you're in touch with your own
    guidance, you see . . . .

    So - are you interacting across universes? Certainly. Do you have the
    ability to receive thought from outside your space-time reality?
    Absolutely. Are there beings, in your words, from other planets that are
    inhabiting your physical bodies? We would not put it in those terms at
    all. There are physically focused energies - all born on this planet -
    who are vibrationally transmitting and receiving vibrations
    galactically. And all of it we would put in the category of source enrgy
    being received and translated.

    Phoenix 3-23-02
  • ooooo, I see thought forms in there too! This really fleshes a lot out nicely, thanks,
    • Someone just transcribed this and sent it to abequotes@yahoogroups...and then someone else emailed me looking for it...I think it was taken back down. Beats me...but since I still had it in my email I thought I'd drop it here. Some folks are really into this stuff. Was standing on the cliffs of California many years ago and think I saw one or more spaceships...but who was widely rumored there that that was a hot spot and I might have just been picking up on the beliefs of the local population...but they moved with lightening felt like they were showing off, just for me...and I'd read somewhere before that the Pleadians do exist...but that their physical vibration is much faster than ours...and proximity is a quanutm leap...and so I said to them in my mind..I see you there...please stay is not meant to be between you and I...but I see you and appreciate you. About a year ago I think I might have seen them again here in Florida, out over the lake high high high in the if asking to drop by..I could feel the awareness of me and the asking if I wanted to see...and I said the same thing. I am happy with my place in life...and will figure this out just fine...and quantum leaps make me cry...I'd rather smile and grow gradually, easily. All is well here. But there are humans that want to experience that...and I say let here is that quote.

      The thing that is a little tricky about this subject is that physical humans want everyone to be in agreement in this vibrational translation. That's the reason that more people are not witnessing more of these things. In other words, as you say to people in the room, "Do you see this thing that I see?" Most of you are translating similarly enough that you are in agreement about what you see. In other words, as you say to people in the room, "Do you see this thing that I see?" Most of you are translating similarly enough that you are in agreement about what you see. But then one looks into the sky and sees something that most do not see. And then the question is, "Well, is it really there?"

      And we say, "But of course it is really there." And then others would say, "Well, if it's really there, why do I not see it? Or why do most not see it?" And we say, "Because you have not adjusted your vibration. You have not practiced your vibrational interpreters enough to make this some sort of a reality for you.

      And so the way you adjust your vibratonal interpreters is by
      - Acknowledging that you want it
      - Pretending that you would like it
      - Imagining what it would be like to have that experience
      - Complimenting yourself on that which you are already achieving that you are wanting to achieve

      In other words, what you must do relative to this subject is the same thing that we would teach relative to any subject, you must find a way of allowing it. And the way we would allow it is by acknowledging that there are many who see it. Read the accounts of those who are seeing it. In other words, find yourself in vibrational harmony with those who are having the experience and then you too may have the experience. So you can't walk around saying, "I never see it, I don't see it. I want to see it but I don't see it. I want to know that it's there but I don't have the experience. Others have it but I don't."

      What you're wanting to do is saying, "I'm wanting to have this experience. And I believe if anyone can, I can. And eventually I will find a way to hold myself in vibrational harmony so that I will have a visual or auditory experience." What you're wanting to do is become a vibrational match to your own desire. And when you are a vibrational match to your own desire, then you have that experience, you see. What you're talking about here, you're probing into these BOUNDARIES OF REALITY.

      Abraham-Hicks~ How to see an E.T. Spaceship YouTube
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