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Kicking off with a quote...


I'd like to ask you to speak a little bit about guardian Angels . Its
just such a curious thing and I feel like I've had a good friend with
me for a long time and it just seems like another wonderful gateway


Well it is more than just a `good friend'that you have with you, it
is Source energy.And have you noticed that once you make a conscious
acknowledgement of your connection that then you get more of it. In
other words the more you experience it,the more you vibrate it, the
more you vibrate it the more you experience it.It is your Source
energy it is the stream of consciousness from which you come forth.
It is not easy as we are speaking to those of you who are physically
focused, for you to articulate or interpret the block of thought that
we offer. You see we are visiting with you here, we are not speaking
these word into Esther's ear and she is repeating them to you.
Instead we are offering `knowing ` and Esther is receiving
this 'knowing' sort of like a radio signal. And she is translating it
into the physical word equivalent. So a word like angel is a very
brief and not nearly complete enough word to describe the non-
physical Source energy that is always aware of you, who knows that
all is well . Always offered to you to assist you in achieving
vibrational harmony with it so that you can live the all is wellness
that is natural to you. You see. Whether you call it a guardian
angel, or an inner being. Whether you call it `God', whether you call
it non-physical energy, the label does not matter. The key is to
recognise what it feels like and then to do your best as much as you
can to be a vibrational match to that feeling. As you are feeling for
it, then it has to be your experience.

Abraham-Hicks G 12..6.95.

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  • The promise that you understood when you came forth into this leading edge environment would be, that the environment would inspire you to personal, powerful preferences with emphasis on personal—personal, powerful preferences. And you understood that when those develop within you, that they would continue to develop or be amended, that you would never get it all figured out at once. You didn't say, "I'm an angel; I've got it figured out. I'll go forth and live perfection." You said, "I'm an angel and like all other angels, will never get it all figured out. We are eternal creators."

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Physical human has found many labels that they use, depending on how they feel in the moment, to try to describe their interaction with Nonphysical. We are Source Energy. We are Collective Consciousness - meaning a stream. We are a consensus of many (what you might call) Nonphysical voices. We are that which some have called angel. We are that which some have called God. We are that which some have called Inner Being. But most importantly (and we'll use some of our favorite words again) we are focalized Consciousness, specifically responding to the vibration that you manage in your asking.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Saturday, July 12th, 2003 # 447

  • ha ha! what?!!

  • Thanks Waterlily, fun! I'm coming back for the rest.

  • Q: I have a question about guardian angels. I've lost a number of
    friends in years and half the time I think, "Oh, good, one more
    guardian angel" (laughs), and then....

    Abe: Your friends don't have to die. The heavens are full of them
    without [your friends].

    Q: (Laughing:) Well, I know, but I'm just thinking these people

    Abe: That does put a positive spin on death.

    Q: Yeah, yeah. (Laughter from audience.) It's, like, for my benefit.
    But anyway, so I was just wondering about guardian angels and if
    we're on the right track in thinking that there's those little
    spirits out there looking out for us and when we're not paying
    attention, giving us a little dig.

    Abe: Well, it's much bigger than all of that. Source energy is so
    aware of you, and every subtle nuance of your desire and every
    powerful blatant expressing of your desire is being answered by
    endless levels of attention and conscious. The well-being is beyond
    physical verbal description. But when someone you know has made their
    transition, you are more in the receiving mode than usual because you
    associate them passing over with your liaison to the other side. In
    other words, it's you who is more in the receiving mode after
    something like that takes place while it's always there for you all
    of the time. As you knew a person and you focused through your eyes
    upon them, a sort of vortex of energy swirls around them even by your
    awareness of them, a vortex that connects you to them. And then as
    they stand in their place of being seen by others, this vortex swirls
    around them, and even when they make their transition the energy of
    that which they are still exists. So as you ponder them here, it sort
    of sets a swirling vibration that attracts everything that they have
    been to you, and if you are focused upon them in a positive way, if
    you are mourning the loss of them or if you are in agony, then that's
    as far as it goes, you rekindle the vibration that was them and you
    have a moment of thought about them and it feels not so good to you
    and that's as far as it goes.

    But if you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, if you are in
    vibrational harmony with your Source energy and you're recalling some
    extraordinary, delicious moment with your now-physically-gone friend,
    and as you focus upon them that energy begins to swirl, who they are
    extends to who they really are and then you get the full dose of who
    they really are. And there is no separation between that.

    In other words, when you say, "This is the physical realm in which I
    live and that is the nonphysical realm in which Abraham lives or
    where my dead friend lives," there is automatic separation just in
    the distinction of the physical and the nonphysical. But as you
    say, "We are all part of this electrical, vibrational Universe and
    there are no beginnings or endings, it is all one swirling,
    connected, full, loving, extended experience," then what you discover
    is the more connected you are to your Source, the more connected you
    are to any of your friends who are connected to their Source whether
    they're dead or alive.

    Did you get that? The more connected you are to your Source, the more
    connected you are to any of your friends who are connected to their
    Source. It is just interesting, most of the most-connected ones,
    they're dead. (Laughter.) Because when they're alive, they're worried
    about money, they're worried about the dead dog, they're worried
    about the stock market, they're worried about.... They're not in the
    receiving mode. In other words, you've got to be in the receiving
    mode to have this communication. They're always in the receiving mode
    now, you see.

    Q: Yeah.

    Abe: So when you're in the receiving mode and they're in the
    receiving mode, now you have this wonderful interaction. Yes. But
    when you're mourning their loss, you're not in the receiving mode,
    are you?

    Q: No. I don't feel, I'm not....

    Abe: We don't feel much of that happening.

    Q: No, I'm not much of a mourner. (Laughs.)

    Abe: So if you want to call them guardian angels, it is perfectly all
    right and it would not be inappropriate, it would not be a
    misstatement at all. We just want you to know it's a whole lot bigger
    than a handful of guardian angels. The entire Universe is supporting
    you in loving awareness.

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