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"Once you have created a thing, in order to maintain it, or to continue
it, you must continue to want it - or give attention to it - otherwise
it will drift out of your experience."

Abraham-Hicks - from "A New Beginning I"

Personal Note: continuing to want does not mean continuing to pay attention to if you do not have it just means don't contradict it or replace the want with another. Flip this quote around and you have the easy way to de-attract what you have that you no longer want :-) DS

Abraham By Topic Navigational Links:
Topics A ~ B ~ C
Topics D ~ E ~ F ~ G
Topics H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ L
Topics M ~ N ~ O ~ P ~ Q ~ R
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  • Ease is only a good idea when you're overwhelmed!

    When you come into balance, ease turns to boredom, instantly, and then you're reaching for something more.

    Stamford, CT, 10/13/12

  • 03-05-2011

    If you deactivate the resistant thought, then the thought of what is wanted will become dominant.
  • 04-09-2011
    Phoenix, AZ

    Creation is really about perception, and perception is about vibration, and vibration is about attraction.

    So what you perceive really is the reality that you are living. But you have the ability to alter your perception much more quickly and much more fantastically than you've been giving yourself credit. You've been holding so closely to the manifested reality that you have created limited experiences.
  • When things start disappearing from your reality, it means that they are diffused from your focus. 04-09-2011 Phoenix, Az
  • So the word, Dominant, is a word we want you to hook up with here today. "What is my Dominant Vibration?" Another word is activated. So, there is this thing I do not want, and I say, "I don't want you in my experience." But as I give my attention to this thing that I do not want, I have activated it--because attention to it activates the vibration of it in me.

    So I say, "I'm going to deactivate you." You can't do it. You can't deactivate something, because the whole time your attention is focused on this thing you want to deactivate, you are activating it. The only way you can deactivate something is by withdrawing your attention from it, because as long as it's got your attention, it's activated.

    To deactivate unwanted, just activate wanted. That's the point of a Virtual Reality in which you activate things that feel good. You activate vibrations that feel good, until those are the activated, Dominant Vibrations within you, which makes it less likely that you will activate one of those others. What becomes dominant within you becomes dominant within you. That's not to say that you don't have some old issues that you've been dragging around that are not activated all the time--but when they come up, you know they've come up.

    Often, you say, "Well, I've got this issue. I'm going to wrestle it to the ground and kill it." And we say, "No you're not; you're going to make it more alive in your vibration. You're going to give it your attention; you're going to activate it within you, and then, what is Law of Attraction going to do? It's going to help you remember more things just like it. It's going to bring to you other people that have that same issue activated. It's going to rendezvous you with magazine articles, television programs; it's going to hook you up with all kinds of things like that that are already activated--and you're going to have the experience that you do not want, because you cannot deactivate something that you are trying to deactivate." Trying to deactivate it--activates it. Nice to know, isn't it? So, how do you deactivate this thing you do not want? By activating something else.

    So if I have sickness that I want to deactivate, should I focus upon the subject of a well body? We wouldn't, because when you focus upon the subject of a well body, you're going to activate your Dominant Vibration. When you pick up on the subject of my body, or my health, and the Dominant Vibration is one of worry and concern, then whenever you try to work on feeling better, you just activate the vibration right where it is.

    So that's why we don't want you to go to Hawaii and work on your body. Because if, in the Virtual Reality, you go there, you're on the beach, the sun is shining, you're taking a walk, you feel wonderful. But then, as soon as you think, "I'm going to get my body back in shape," your visualization goes south--because what you've just done is reactivated the already troublesome vibration.

    So that's why we say, "Get in, feel good, and get out. Get in, feel good, get out. Get in, feel good, get out" So you string enough of that "get in, feel good," together, and you feel so good that you have, for a period of time, deactivated whatever it is that's been troubling you--and then you begin to get improvement.

    But then when people say, "What are you doing? How did you achieve this improvement?" And then you think about the issue, and the improvement begins to wane, right away, because your old friends have helped you activate the very thing that you do not want.

    So you just keep practicing and practicing, and practicing, until you're sure-footed. You can get so you can smell it coming from a mile away. You get so you can feel it coming in a conversation. You get so you head things off. And just as you get in, feel good, and get out in your visualizations, you begin to do that with phone calls, too. Your meetings with one another become briefer. You get in, you feel good; if the conversation starts taking you someplace you don't want to go--you get out. You become addicted to your Source. You become so enlivened with feeling the way that is natural to you, that then, all that other stuff becomes a non-issue. You don't have to protect yourself from it. You couldn't if you tried. You've just deactivated it, and it is a non-issue for you.

    So things that are troubling others... and they try to trouble you... They send you pictures in the mail, troubling things about the environment or about animals or about children, or about anthrax. In other words, they send you worrisome things. And you don't take them and tear them up in little pieces and set them on fire, and activate them. They're a non-issue. They don't have anything to do with you. They don't fire you up. They don't worry you. They are a non-issue, because the issues that matter to you are so activated. You don't push against anything--because pushing against it activates it within you.

    Saturday, 6 October, 2007
  • Q: How do you not notice where you are when you're living somewhere,
    you have a life that looks a certain way, and its there and there's a
    lot of it I enjoy immensely but its still some other place that I'm
    looking to be.

    A:'s what you do -- you diffuse -- as you're looking into
    your life...your question is how do you look at where you are and not
    notice it. You look at it more deliberately with an eye to find things
    that please you. Rather than with an eye to fix something that's broken
    or with an eye to get someplace else. If you could just...if you could
    get it that wherever you're looking you're looking for pleasure...rather
    than looking for objectivity, rather than looking for something that you
    want to fix, rather than looking for're just looking
    for things that please you.

    So lets say you're looking into your life and lets say that your life
    has 5 facets that are sort of dominant. Let's say you have a house that
    gets quite a bit of your attention and its all right, it doesn't ring
    your bells but it doesn't bother you. So its sort of for you a
    non-issue. Lets say your physical body has your attention and you feel
    pretty good about your physical body - you're healthy, you're fit,
    you're happy in your body, its not much of an issue either. Lets say
    have some financial concerns and the financial concerns are troubling.
    In comparison with what others are living you're doing fine but you're
    not really where you want to be and so when you think about finances you
    usually feel some frustration. Lets say you have a relationship that
    could be better.

    And so you have these facets of you your life experience and you're
    moving through your day. Now the tendency is to take a subject as it
    comes up in your for example lets say that the pipes freeze
    and you have a problem at home and...but there are ready contractors to
    come and fix it and so you have a thought - it is easily resolved,
    things around the house go pretty easily for you. Lets say that there
    is something you really would like to purchase, when you think about it
    it causes you concern because you know you really cannot afford it right
    now but you'd really like it, so there is a sort of rippling...what
    we're getting at is relative to different subjects different feelings
    waft through you, different vibrations are present depending on what the
    subject is.

    So then lets say you decide that you're going to be a deliberate
    creator. So you look into the aspects of your life and you choose the
    subject of greatest concern to begin with. Well, what happens is you
    activate the vibrations that you've already established and almost put
    them in competition with the new desires that you've established so that
    you're raising both vibrations within you but nothing's really changing
    except you're getting more aggravated. In other words, not getting what
    you want bothers you more now than it did before.

    Q: Sounds familiar (everyone laughs)

    A: That's the thing that makes so many people say 'Never mind, I
    didn't want it anyway, I was happier before I thought I wanted this'
    you see. And so, what we want you to do in response to what you're
    reaching for here is to understand that the examination of your life or
    the living of the life or the contemplating of your life or the
    observing of your life is not about anything other than looking for
    something to please you as you are looking.

    Sort of like, when you go to...lets say you're going on a vacation and
    you go to this new little town where you've heard there are all kinds of
    things to surprise and delight you. And so, you are moving through the
    town and you're saying to people 'Where are the best places to eat?' and
    'Is there anything wonderful to see? And are there any particular
    views?'. Even though there are shops you wouldn't want to go into and
    there are restaurants you wouldn't want to eat accept that it's
    all there but you don't focus upon those -- you're looking in this town,
    you're you're here at this magnificent Biltmore Estate you
    would be looking for the things that would please you the most.

    In other words, lets say you only have a day and there's 10 days worth
    of things to see -- you look for the thing you think would please you
    the most and THAT'S WHERE YOU GO.

    And that's the way you want you want to start approaching your own
    perusal of your own life experience. You're exploring it for the
    things that please you the most because the only thing that matters is
    that you begin to offer a vibration that feels pleasing when you offer
    it because that's what the receiving mode is. Oh! Its so interesting
    to watch our dear human friends as you have this body of life around you
    with so much potential to put you in the receiving mode of EVERYTHING
    that you've EVER said you want...and instead of using that to put
    yourself in the receiving mode you say 'Well there's a flaw here and
    I've got a problem here and and there's a bugaboo here and that needs to
    be fixed and that needs to be fixed...'. Its almost like you are
    DELIBERATELY as a human species holding yourself in the place where what
    you want CAN'T come...unless you suffer really hard for it.

    And so, oh, we so much want you to hear how easy it becomes when your
    daily task is 'How can I reflect upon the life that is MINE in a way
    that fills me with Joy and Appreciation as I look?'.

    It's an interesting thing, you come to a beautiful place like this where
    there are a THOUSAND elements that you would have at your fingertips at
    any moment to please you...and most of you would find a flaw and let it
    dominate your vibration.

    And part of it is because your orientation is to find a need and fill
    it. That's part of it. And you are sort of wired that way even as you
    came forth because you understand on very deep levels that when you ask
    it is given. And so its a fine thing isn't it that the contrast causes can I in my physical body be in a place where contrast can
    formulate a question within me without staying fixed on the vibration of
    the question rather than getting over into the vibration of letting it
    in? And we say -- ask...and then expect good things...ask...and then
    expect good things.

    Abraham -- Ashville, NC - 10/27/01 tape 1
  • When you decide that you want to feel good, and you reach for the
    vibration that feels good to you and you establish that as your Tone,
    either the people around you will be uplifted to join you in that
    vibration or, if their vibration is already very well chosen
    otherwise, they will clatter right out of your experience. But what
    happens to most of you is, while they are clattering right out of
    your experience, you notice they are clattering. You begin to clatter
    too, and then they clatter right back into your experience, and you
    clatter together miserably and continually.
    Asheville, NC, G-9/5/98
    Atlanta, GA, G-9/13/98
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