was in a positive mood, had low energy ate what I thought was healhty food

I guess I dont know how to get well, cause than I would be well, right?

any insight on how to get well, cure a dis ease, once and for all, and go on wiht my life, how to do this, would most be appreciated!


I am beachball, tired, listening to abe on u tube, some of it makes me laugh

and then I have to run to the restroom from being sick


I am going to try glutten free diet


off in part in lymes disease,  I keep trying to heal from  this different technniques


Universe, asking for help to be guided to right drs, people with insight, and to be in the vortex more to attract hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for all of this, since I have been spening most of my money on this for years...

I just truly want to be well again, and get on with Life! :)


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  • Ah but the work and the praise is all yours.  It's your work after all:)  It's your journey and I think you've got this. 

    Now to go work on mine too!

    Love it cause I get to pace it exactly as I want/need it.

    Try to make it fun if you can.

    What's that example Abraham always gives about the woman with arthritis in her hips...

    "You can have arthritis in your hips and be fearful or you can have arthritis in your hips and be hopeful."

    Oh what the heck here's the link to it:


    It's from 2004 but relevant in so many ways:)

  • Try the In The Vortex Guided meditation on health. 

    Take your focus to anything that pleases you. 

    When it wanders back to thoughts of dis ease...symptoms...things bothering you...then shout out loud "Stop!"  Count by three's...play the "wouldn't it be nice" game, make lists of positive aspects on things that are healthy about you or things you like about you.  Make lists of positive aspects about anything that feels good to you.  Script something, anything in the positive.  Segment intend that next week your only gonna throw up half as much as this week.  Take in gatorade, minerals...Find something to appreciate and stay on it.  When you think a negative thought yell, "stop"...

    Every time you list all the problems that come with this problem you get more problem...vomiting, cost, frequency, doctors...ALL of that adds to it.  You want to take away...subtract...The only way to make it less is to think of, feel and say of something else more.  Preferably something in the positive.

    Meditate every day and before and after meditation do one of those aforementioned processes. 

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