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"Here in this leading edge, we're finding more refined vocabulary that is up to speed with what
now you're able to achieve.

In the beginning, we expressed ourselves as a groupbecause it was the only way that you
could acknowledge our existence. But now we want you to think of LOA as the gatherer of Energy. And that's why VORTEX has replaced the idea of a group. Law of Attraction is gathering
the cooperative energetic ... focused ENERGY.

... So the group is whatever LOA assembles which matches the dominant vibration within you
in any point in time.

So it turns out ... You're the Group! (applause!)

Your mood - equals - Group that gathers. My mood equals group that gathers.

What if somebody ornery comes to my party? Am I ornery? Well, you're looking for solution to ornery. So you are part of that party.

In other words, every subject has 2 subjects. When you pick up the stick that has abundance on one end, there's lack of it in the other.

... And so these vibrational waves are complete. In other words, there's unwanted and wanted in every
particle of the Universe. " -- 2010 Caribbean Cruise CD.

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  • Love this!! Yay!

  • Wrong assumption ...

    "I brougt a really ornery irritating person to my experience just now who is just driving me up the wall and therefore, I must have that same problematic irritation within me ... or that irritating person would not be in my face giving me this grief.

    And what we wanted to explain is that your intention to uplift, your intention to be a teacher, your intention to be a soother ... your intention to be an uplifter, your intention to find solutions is the reason that that person is in your experience.

    And the assumption that you're meeting them on the equivalent problem level is the WRONG ASSUMPTION ... and THAT is a leading edge conversation we're hearing right here and now.

    But you gotta be there ready for it in order to get that.

    ... You are eternal beings. There's plenty of room expanding ideas around different subjects including Law of Attraction."

    ~~ 2010 Caribbean Cruise CD.
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