Finding the Resonance

This is a quote from an abe video, that made so much sense to me but left me wondering.."As you hear what we know you will find resonance with that larger part of you who knows it too. and as you feel the resonance with our description of the laws of the universe and our description of who you are and how you fit into the larger scheme of things, as you listen to our description of what your emotions are and why you feel the way you do, as you hear our description of this vibrational relationship between this physically focused you and the non physically focused you. as you listen to these words you will begin to feel the absolute resonance of that knowing because the larger part of you is this knowing, and knows this knowing and is offering it to you never endedly.And as you listen and find resonance, you'll come into the vortex ...."... is it normal not to slip back into the vortex after hearing something and finding resonance with it before but you try to find it again and it doesn't suck you back in? There was a particular video that just sucked me right in and when it did, It didn't matter that I didn't physically have my manifestation because it felt like I already had it, vibrationally!I was more tuned into the vibrational reality and wasn't so hung up on the physical and it felt amazing, and now, I listen to that same video because I want to feel it again and I'm just standing there, waiting to get sucked in again but it's like my mind has its attention hooked on the physical and trying to find my manifestation vibrationally is such a struggle... what can I do?

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  • Ahhh, okay, ill try that, thanks so much!
  • Get yourself on a generally good feeling place. Work yourself up from where you are on the vibrational scale and let go of needing the video to feel better. Just let the words come and soon they'll resonate...You're doing great!

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