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    You Create Your Own Reality
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    "The truth is, the universe will always take care of you." (Abraham-Hicks)


    I found the larger text version for it, here it is:

    "We would much rather see people believing in their well-being and trusting that the doors will always open, than those who are pessimistically expecting the doors to close and who are trying to flood their bank accounts with money in order to prepare for that. The truth is the universe will always take care of you."

    An Interview with Esther Hicks and Abraham
    by Randy Peyser

    Thanks to Patri for that larger text. :D

    Here's the link to it:

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    "…Ask…and then expect good things…ask…and then expect good things."

    ~ Abraham-Hicks — Ashville, NC - 10/27/01 tape 1


     <3 I find those words so lovely…they are worth reposting once in a while :D

  • standing ovation for this thread. linking. thanks for the riches pilar, you make great spaces to absorb the energy of abe in light and incremental and comprehensive ways. adeptness in prioritizing and maintaining a smooth easy energy evidencing beautifully. great powerful intentions and abe representing. when i grow up i will do this too ;-) he he he. linking under Abe Quotes with Fan Imageries at least in peer threads and ......(not focused on this deeply so not pulling out the alphabetical spot yet, suggest or hang in there with me and i'll roll delightedly and feeling blessedly entertained and indulged to that soon. lovely!)

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    "You can't be a deliberate creator as long as you are giving one other person the credit or the blame for the good or the bad things that are happening to you." Abraham-Hicks

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    "The way you are responding to me tells me how I feel about me." ~Abraham 1-11-14

  • Oh I love this picture of Esther!  She's so pretty but even at the live events it's kind of hard to tell what she really looks like.  Some of that is distance and some of that is Abraham kind of transforms her a bit and who knows all the factors that cause her to look different sometimes but wow she really is beautiful:)

    Thanks Pilar for posting these.

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