Helping out parents/parent?

Hello all my beautiful people :) Ok me and my mom are currently staying with my grandma. Me and my mom dont have the best relationship so if she moves im planning on staying with my grandma. But things right now are going to sloooooooowwwwwww. So I was wondering can I help her out a little bit without her knowing. Like make her win the lottery, get job promotion and eventually move out. But she is the type of person who is always negative and complaining.She is just bad vibes, i dont want that to effect my good vibes. 

But I was just wondering if I start off small like earning job promotion so she dont have to alway complain about not having money, then winning the lottery and then moving out. So is this possible?? I dont doubt that it is but I just want to get everybody else opinion. I believe you can do anything with LOA the universe has infinite power.

And I will also love to fix our relationship can I get help on that too? 

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  • My thoughts...needing to control another person puts you in an "unwinnable" situation because now you are "pushing against" a circumstance which causes the Universe to amplify those darn circumstances...Aligning with self & letting go of trying to control the uncontrollable...oh, Abraham always puts it best...

    Best of luck to you  :-)

  • Make a list of positive aspects about your mom that you truly believe and another list of positive aspects about your one of those that you want to, that you truly believe. 

    Do this every day.  It's ok to add other lists of positive aspects and so interchange working on one or another or a few every day.  The main thing is to write positive aspects that you believe.  And don't sit down to write these lists when you are in a bad mood or upset about something.

    Probably best in the morning after meditation.

    Also you can look up Abraham-Hicks processes and pick other ones that resonate with you. 

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