how to 'magnetize' things to return to u?

  how do you magentise something to come to you that was meant for u

but got lost in mail or something...


really wanting to attract a blood test result taken a few years ago,)


has to be somewhere, landfill?

  it was mailed...

  It would be so incredible to somehow attract this into my life

  we all hear stories of 'lost items, jewerly, and even dogs returning

   to the original owner years prior.

  I would like to magnetize this enevelope, contents

   I think it would be so just incredible to have it my hands

    kind of like neat proof that things are not truly lost...

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  • Lost Test

    Well is it the test you want or the results?  Or the validation from the school that you did do the work you say you did?  And in that case if it's the schools approval you are looking for I have a suspicion that abe would say you think you need the schools approval or society's approval to validate your worthiness but that's not true.

    You are worthy, no matter what.  The only validation or approval you need is your approval and validation from you:)   

    If you needed the test results for a job say, or to get a raise or something like that then you might find a way to take another test.  Is this for the completion of a college or high school degree?  There are online courses available now that you can sign up for if you wish.  

    Having said that if you want the original of anything lost in the mail, you think it, you feel it, you visual it and then you get off topic.  Feel good and it shows up:) 

    Have some fun with it.  Think about how you'll laugh and call your friends and say "guess what just came in the mail?!" 

    Think about the school calling and saying "Oh wow, this test you took in 2009 just showed up and we've scored it.  You got an A.  Now you should re sign up for the class online right now so we can put your grade in and your combined grade for class work and this test is an A."  

    Or whatever feels like a fun dialogue around the subject to you.

    It really is about feeling good around any given subject so if there is anything around these lost articles that feels sad or bad then those feelings may keep the lost articles lost.   

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