• Random chattering to self regarding this journey!

    Action step one: identify what having gobs of money would FEEL like and find ways to feel that in related or unrelated ways. 

    Feels like: having choices, having plenty of money, having fun purchasing things, feeling delighted to try new things and move on to the next thing easily. Feels like freedom to buy something just to see if it's wanted and if not wanted after all, it's a non-issue financially and it was fun exploring. Feels like easily acquiring wanted things; buying a nice steak at the grocery or some fresh grapes and relishing the money's availability for this lovely treat (even if it's a daily treat it's still a treat cause it's yummy!) Feels like easily moving from wanting to having and evaluating if it's still that process is the most natural normal expected thing. 

    This whole philosophy is really just about finding the feeling and feeling it as often as possible with or without "props from reality" and noticing the results that manifest in even (maybe even especially) the subtlest of ways...and then, most importantly...knowing and relishing that I "did that"...I summoned and allowed those results in that simple process...and that's what I am here to do......that's creating my own reality.

    A special point  I love remembering: the process of creation starts with  the "contrast" or "variety"...also known as "manifest reality" provoking a desire that we aren't familiar to feeling the satisfaction of. That's important to note...initially we aren't familiar with the feeling of the solution of this desire. And the process of vibrating is that we habitually vibrate what we've been vibrating. We vibrate (have been vibrating and are vibrating now) based on what we believe right now, so if we can internalize that one point: that a desire has been provoked from us and we aren't familiar with the feeling of the satisfaction of that desire...and yet FINDING the feeling of that satisfaction is the we know always, no matter the desire..the ACTION STEP to take is to find the feeling.

    One point overlooked often is that finding the feeling of wanted is very often more about identifying when we are feeling "in opposition to" what we are wanting and seeking a different and better feeling instead in that moment is the ever important beginning stage of building new habits of feeling consciously and independently of reality. Finding new habits of feeling begins with identifying when we are not feeling in harmony with our desire and celebrating that identification rather than self-scolding or judging. To know we feel bad and to know that we want to feel better all on our own is powerful knowledge, not an indicator that we are doing anything wrong and are due a self scolding. 

    Having the choice to ignore this post and pay attention to others is a nice feeling...the knowing and appreciating the freedom to choose is a genuine feeling vibration that is in harmony with having money. Having the freedom to choose sprite over cocacola or water over either or hhhhmmm, how about a cup of coffee?....feeling that freedom and relishing it is vibrating in harmony with freedom to choose..which is vibrating in harmony with "freedom of choice"...which is a vibrational component of "gobs of money". 

    In any given moment regarding any given desire it's all about feeling intentionally (independently) and/or noticing and celebrating any feeling we catch ourselves in that feels in harmony with what we are wanting and deliberately feeling differently when we catch ourselves feeling the opposite of what we are wanting to be living. Whether we catch ourselves feeling good or bad...just the emotional attention and deliberate action of celebrating the feeling or reaching for another...either way we are exercising our power to be, do and have whatever we are wanting. 

    Questions to ourselves that feel good are awesome tools to use in seeking feelings. Questions like: What things in our lives right now feel like a piece of what we are wanting? What do we think it might feel like to another that we see living what we are wanting to be living? And how important is it that we do have a desire to move towards anyway? (Answer: it's vitally important because without desire we are not summoning the life force that animates our body, nor are we setting into motion new creation that keeps our manifest reality going collectively. Desire is the mechanism of eternity, hence the inevitability and benevolence of the fact that manifest reality is perpetually provoking new desire with solutions that are at first foreign feeling.)

    Unsolicited suggestion (by the way)...the emotional grid process is the easiest and most comprehensive and fastest way to change vibration and therefor reality  that I've yet seen. 

    Cheering (and chattering) for an enjoyable journey...and my goodness but these fan stands are comfy! (ha ha ha hee hee)

  • Congratulations natalie!  What a fun desire to align with. 

    Enjoy the journey.

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